Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Topp Secret (Buzz Factor) Summer Grind Issue 2012


A.D. THE GENERAL:  Break down why you guys call your selves “Topp Secret” and how many members do you have?

TOPP SECRET: We call it Topp Secret because, we all had a lil taste of the industry, but fill like we did not reach our goal as a artist. so we decided 2 go @it again because we love what we do & love the way our fans enjoys our work! 

A.D. THE GENERAL: You guys are all very talented solo artists. What made y'all decide to become a group and separates “Top Secret” from the average group in Hip Hop?

TOPP SECRET: Because it has to be done. Music is so watered down and it like we loosen touch with our people, The root of it all, Groups like Run DMC to the lox. We wanted to do something different, Cause that what the game need now, a Hero !!!
A.D. THE GENERAL: Dre I know you’ve been on tour and have had some experience in acting, Torrey worked with Missy Eliot. But what are you guys trying to accomplish as a collective now?

TOPP SECRET: I want people to remember who DreBanks, Torrey Carter & Tommy Swade was, we want our music to be relevant when were dead & gone!!! I'm a strong believer of work hard to follow your dreams & believe in yourself, you will win!!!
A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers listen to your music?

TOPP SECRET: U can check us out on youtube, under drebanks & http://www.reverbnation.com/ search box drebanks !!! 

A.D. THE GENERAL: If you had a choice between singing to a major that would give you a million for promo and marketing but wanted creative control and a indie that could only give you a hundred thousand for promo and marketing and allow you creative control, which contract would you take?

TOPP SECRET: I would have to take the indie rout, because i can work on the mill off the promo and have the creative control side of it. That's always a better deal. shit look at Bad Boy, Murder Ink ect.

A.D. THE GENERAL:  Where will you be a year from now?

TOPP SECRET: I hope n everybody ring tones & cd"s & mp3 players going ham with my camp !

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you and or shout outs?

TOPP SECRET: I would love to thank God, my Moms dukes, my friends & all my family for sticking it out with me and most of all, my peeps n the gun ru 616 area lets goooo !!! 



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