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Chocolate - LB Fam

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you? 

ChocolateI feel very honored to be apart of this interview.

Everything is great. Life is awesome. I have 3 strong, handsome, healthy little kings who are everything to me.

Royalty Magazine:  Before we talk about the New Year, let's reflect back a little on 2012.  What do you think you will remember most about 2012?  What were some of your greatest moments or accomplishments?

Chocolate: I am NOT in the rap group. As far as reflecting on 2012. I am a independent solo artist, emcee/singer as well as songwriter.

Some of my greatest moments for this year...I have been pursuing my acting. I was in a friends movie & pilot I hope gets picked up (fingers crossed). Even though I can not name names at this time because stuff is still in the process of being completed. This is 1 of my biggest accomplishments for 2012.

Royalty Magazine: You were part of the Lost Boyz family, what was your role and how did the LBFAM stand out as a movement?      

Chocolate: Yes I am a female member of Lost Boyz. Since 1989 I started following my brother Raymond Freaky Tah Rogers, trying to be a part of the group. There were no girls allowed pretty much, hence the name Lost Boyz...Lol.  Most of the sisters of all the guy members wanted to be a part of it of course. We never let them stop us girls from being a part of it. Wherever they were we followed.

At the time the message was to become a rap group and the best out of Queens. A strong Brotherhood of friendship, respect, loyalty and climbing the ladder of success as a team of many.

Royalty Magazine:  After Freaky Tah's death in 1999, the Lost Boyz effectively broke up...Can you tell us what where your thoughts during that time?  How did his death impact or affect you by being his brother?

Chocolate: My life has been affected in many ways. I lost a brother, my oldest brother. My heart still hurts because of losing him. He was the first link of our siblings chain.  Losing him made me stop doing everything musically. My brother was the reason why I came to California to pursue my music. He encouraged me. He inspired me and convinced me to come here to do what I need to do for myself as a solo artist. So how could I not continue? With all the support & encouragement that he gave me.

Royalty Magazine: From.Legal Drug Money  Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz...to Lifestyles of the Rich & Shameless...to Love, Peace & Nappiness...to LB IV LIFE, etc the Lost Boyz as a group released several albums/singles from the mid to late 90's.  In your opinion, what would you say was the group's most successful project or single and why?  Did you know that when you first started that the Lost Boyz would gain worldwide recognition, reach Gold status and break into the top 40 on the Billboard hot 100 chart?

Chocolate: I don't want to single out 1 song. Legal Drug Money album was the ''bleep''.  Ain't 1 song that was recorded with my brother in it that I don't love channel zero, 123thousand problems. I still zone out to all the LB songs.

I always knew that Lost Boyz would reach the top of the charts worldwide because they had real, raw talent. A very supportive family & following. People couldn't get enough of them before the record deal, after and still to this day.

Royalty Magazine: What was your reaction to DJ Spigg Nice's 37 year prison sentence?  What was the fans reaction during this time?    

Chocolate: As far as SPIGG. I will just say that its ''BS''.

The fam as well as fans are still pulling for him. Praying for him and his family that the day will come to get him released.

Royalty Magazine:  Tell us a little bit about Tah day and what it represents?  For someone who has never been, briefly tell us what one should expect to see as well as experience?

Chocolate: Tah Day.  A Day organized by my big brother JayBall, which brings our immediate family, longtime friends, neighborhood family and school family as well as our entire community together. Peacefully and willingly coming together in remembrance of my brother. As well as multi cultural unity. It's somewhere his fans can come safely to remember him with us. Remembrance & celebration of his life and legacy. Giving back to our community like they gave to him. Community love, laughter, smiles, tears, music, happy kids...all nationalities. Feeding our community & the community helping out the community. Something people look forward to every year. People travel from all over the world to be apart of this day.

Royalty Magazine: Freaky Tah along with many other great artists’ lives were cut short before their time, how will you use your voice to turn this negative situation into a positive? In your eyes what can the hiphop community do to make change or bring awareness?  What can the fans/supporters do?

Chocolate: The hip hop community could do more things to help. Many do and get no recognition for it. I think funding programs around in their communities, based on helping our troubled youth. Help our young men and women. Growing up in the world where they are poverty stricken & drugs are all around them. Violence, abuse & anger. All of those things would help.

Royalty Magazine: Freaky Kah, Tah’s son is an upcoming rapper.  What advice if any, would you give him coming onto the scene?  What similarities do you see between him and your brother?  How does Kah stand out as an artist and why should people support his music?

Chocolate: My nephew Freaky Kah. The only advice I can give is to stay true to his artistry. He is my brother's twin. He looks exactly like him. I mean he also has his own musical style, but there are similarities. He talks like him...walks like him. He's funny and loving like my brother was. People are going to support what they want but I hope people support what he's doing (if they like what he's doing). 

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming artists or groups who may not have a financial or major backing looking to break into the industry?

Chocolate: My advice to anyone entering this music business is you need to have a thick skin and positive head. Rejection is a big part of this industry. Many doors will close just hope, pray & believe that 1 day a door will open.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs?  Any misconceptions or anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t already?

Chocolate: Shoutouts 2 All our global LB family all over the universe. All my brother's, my sister's,  Jayball, Chace, Jasmin, Curtis, Shawn. All of Tah's fans. R.I.P. TAH We Miss You.

Royalty Magazine: Thanks for your time.  Much Love & Respect.

Chocolate: Thank you - Chocolate Grant

written by TazDatMC

for Royalty Magazine

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