Wednesday, November 7, 2012

City Boyy (Town Bizness) Stand Up or Fall Back Issue

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you?

City Boyy: It's going good. I've been promoting my new single. It's an R & B single. So it's going good.

Royalty Magazine: Well 2012 crept in, out and is dam near gone! What are some of your greatest accomplishments or memories from this year?

City Boyy: The greatest accomplishments of this year would be putting out the album like I said I would. Like on this single, I'm three days earlier than I said I would release it. I like how I have been keeping to what I said I would do and making music that sounds like something. I take my time with it, wondering if she's going to like. I really write for the people.

Royalty Magazine: What can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects or tracks we should be checking for? What projects are you working on now?

City Boyy: 2013 is the beginning of something that the Lord already blessed me with. I've been singing so I've been doing a lot of R & B on people's tracks. But I'm thirty-three. I'm old, they say. People call me an old rapper but I'm still tighter than a lot of these younger cats out here. But we'll say I'm too old to rap. I was going to give myself five more years before I switched over to blues or R & B anyway. After dropping the single, people like it which opens me up for another ten years or more in this music. So 2013 is the beginning of new.

Check YouTube for the new single "Look At Your Body". I've sold over two hundred CDs and got a good buzz on YouTube. This track came about in one day, from recording to packaging. So far most of the feedback has been good.

As far as projects I'm working on Don't Count Him Out, which is the rap album. Play With It is the R &B side. I'm working with an artist on this one named Moet. For the R & B side I'm just working with females. I might get Taz to come through. No dudes.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypha, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?

City Boyy: If I was to get on the BET Cypha I would want to collaborate with Master P. I want to bring Master P back. There are so many people out there popping right now but I have to speak from my heart. I've been rapping for twenty years so I would start with Master P. If P wasn't there, I'd fuck with Jermaine Dupri. I'd rhyme with Mary J. Blige or YoYo as long as they were accepting of my craft.

Royalty Magazine: How do you feel about the Northwest hiphop scene? Why do you think its so slept on up here talent wise? How will you broadcast your message to the world?

City Boyy: I like the Northwest hip-hop scene but there's no support. What I've noticed is that talent is here but it's not connected. No one is willing to expose each other and give each other a chance to spit, to shine. I feel like they count out people up here. That's what I hate. That and it's mosatly talk and people just saying stuff like, "You tight..." but never get the chance to display that. Mainstream rappers are cool but I would like to see local artists given the opportunity. Right now I know talented rappers who have no exposure. None. We can't make if no one is willing to help so we can all make it.

Royalty Magazine: You not only can spit but you also got vocal skills. How important is the relationship between the verse and the hook? Describe your style and type of fire you bring to the booth?

City Boyy: The hook is everything. I've been rapping so many years that it should be the last thing a person has to practice. But the hook changes daily. You have to be able to adapt and move with it.

I love the energy of the booth. I'm on it. I'll listen to the beat and make the hook. Not to brag but it'll take four to nine minutes to write it. Once I get the beat I talk to the beat, vibe with the beat. I freestyle in one flow, off the mental.

Royalty Magazine: Which era of music (past or present) has affected you the most or has had the most impact on you as an artist? How would you describe your style as an artist? What makes City Boyy stand out from the rest? Please elaborate.

City Boyy: Probably old school R & B like Brian McKnight. Old school Prince, Michael Jackson. The rapping came a little later for me. No Krush Groove, no Wu Tang because of how we were raised. I grew on Earth, Wind, and Fire, Marvin Gaye and the classics. 

I describe my style as raw. Not to be cocky but that's the best way I could describe it. When the beat hits I go in. On the singing side I say creativity. Because my style isn't like like Brian McKnight. That translates to what makes me stand out. When I step on stage, based solely on how I dressed with a tie and the durag, people never know what to expect. Am I going to sing or rap? You never know.

Royalty Magazine: How do you feel about movements like Royalty Magazine & Street Thoughts? How do you feel they help artists gain exposure or worldwide recognition?

City Boyy: That's a good thing to reach out and give an artist some airplay. Like with this interview I was anxiously waiting for it. It's good when magazines, movements, etc. reach out and help people get that exposure they need or deserve.  They could have made it all about them, but they didn't. 

Also shot out to TazDatMC who taught me how to record.  I tell everybody that a girl taught me to record lol.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shout outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already?

City Boyy: I just want to thank y'all for the opportunity. It's really appreciated. I also want to say that people need to stop counting City Boyy out. I feel like if you see me in the street and you appreciate the music, give me the chance to rock the show with you. Also get the Don't Count Him Out album. And check for the R & B album.

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music? What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?

City Boyy:, Twitter @city773, Facebook James Headd with two D's.  Talent is what I do. It's what I deal with. That's what I'm on.

Royalty Magazine: Much Love & Respect.

*Interview Courtesy of TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine
Transcribed & edited by Lucius Black

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