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Loose Cannon Rolls up & Keeps it 100

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you?

(7:26pm Loose is driving in the car down the New Jersey Turnpike Headed into New York he is driving fast and looks a little nervous it's New Year's Eve he's trying to make it back home to his Family before the ball drops it's tradition for him to be with his family when the new year comes in, to miss it would mean a cursed year. As he approaches the George Washington Bridge He uses his voice text option on his iPhone to answer the first question)

Loose Cannon: What's good Damn near everything. And life is treating me so well that I'm afraid for it to get any better Because I don't want to lose any of the wonderful things that I have been granted recently.

Royalty Magazine: Before we talk about the New Year, let's reflect back a little on 2012. What do you think you will remember most about 2012 as an artist? What were some of your greatest moments or accomplishments?

(3:41am Loose is calm and relaxed in the basement of his Princeton New Jersey home in a room in the back of his basement he sits in "the man cave" a place where he spends the majority of his creative time this is where the next Catalog of creative Ideas Will occur . Sitting at his writing table we see a bottle of water two open entourage vanilla blunts Three blunts rolled and some tobacco loosely sitting on the digital vapor instruction book.The digital vapor that he purchased today as a Valentines Present to himself as he lights the first cigar and says to himself" I just brought a vaporizer why the hell am I still smoking blunts" he presses the voice option on his iPhone and speaks)

Loose Cannon: Okay when I first got the message from my manager I'd be doing this interview with Royalty magazine I was excited and I still am, but the day I got the email I said "I have two whole weeks I'm going to kill this, I can take my time and really focus on the questions". So my manager hits me a few hours ago and says did you Do the questions for Royalty magazine and I'm like oh shit!!! Mad as hell at myself because I like to take time to answer questions as detailed and entertaining as possible, Now I feel like I'm back in high school or college when you knew you had the test two weeks ago and here It is hours before you have to turn in the work or take the test and you're studying or doing the paper at the last minute, damn some things don't change Lol

Well what I remember most about being an artist in 2012 was my catalog. Every year I do a series of songs and every year it seems to get better and better but this year was a total exception because not only did my catalog get better but I was able to take my voice places I never thought or imagined I could go. I went places that I was afraid to go Thinking the people might not accept where I was going but not only have they accepted them, they have embraced them as well.

Some of my great accomplishments were one getting one of the top three records in college radio. People don't realize the importance and the value of college radio. Big ups to Nasty Nes out there on the West Coast and the wonder Twins those guys got college radio on lock and they put a lot of ears on to my music I thank them for that. Another great accomplishment was doing my deal with LRT In Grooves, It was crazy how it happened long story short after Lisa Thomas heard about my record buzzing on college radio she contacted an associate of mine and he contacted me after her talking to my attorney and us working out the parameters of the deal she sends me a picture of her I sent her one back and she recognizes me from 10 years ago. She explained to me that she met me 10 years ago when I was on tour would Roughriders in California she said I rhymed for her and she thought I was extremely talented. She also mentioned that some of the Roughrider guys were making her feel uncomfortable they were talking about how they would break her back out and things as such I can only imagine, when I was on tour with Roughriders it was called the Wolfpack no female was safe around at that time I don't mean not safe as in they would be assaulted or raped, they would just be hounded. But she said I was the perfect gentleman and if she had a label she would sign me low and behold close to a decade later here we are her with the label and me as one of her artist. That's how my whole career has been a movie- like array of situations and opportunities from Jam Master Jay telling me on the phone that he did it for Onyx he did it for 50 and that I was next to him being killed the next day to me spending the day with Chris Lighty, him taking me on a tour of his New Jersey mansion and telling me I'll have five homes like this soon,and securing a deal with Violator and three minutes after I leave his office with him on the phone with my lawyer he is assaulted by DMX punched right in the face in front of me that's only the tip of the iceberg only a scratch on the surface my book that I will be releasing this summer will tell all. I have one of the illest most exciting heart wrenching jaw clinching, make you laugh, make u you cry stories ever told and Hip-Hop. I can't wait to share it with you guys and the world, if you're fan of Hip-Hop you going to love this.

Royalty Magazine: What will you remember most about the world in 2012? As a country, how do you think we can prevent some of the same mistakes that happened in 2012 from happening again? What will you do as an individual or artist to help with that change or stand up for what you believe in

(4:19pm Two cigars have disappeared into thin air one is left as loose begins to roll his next cigar he looks energized and really looks intensely at the next question. )

Loose Cannon: What I remember most about the world in 2012 was me coming to the realization that the damage we've done to our planet and to ourselves as a society is showing more than ever. I mean everything from global warming being so relevant that we now have to fear earthquakes and killer hurricanes on the East Coast. I urge everyone the most powerful television or programming you can watch are documentaries you can find them on the net or on Netflix and for $8.99 a month there are documentaries on there that will literally change your life. What makes me a great writer is pain I feel the pain of others very deeply, And when I see any innocent human being suffer unnecessary the pain at first saddens me then enrages me. I watched a documentary called "Burzynski " it's about a doctor in Texas who has been curing cancer and having remission in patients since the early 1970s through a Treatment called Antineoplastons

(Loose is cut off by his phone as it rings he stops talking and looks at the phone it says Nick Mystro he is one of the main producers at 65 a talented young producer from Delaware Loose brags on him saying that he's worked with the likes of Swiss beats Rockwilder Dame Grease P Killer and a slew of others and he said this kid can stand up with the best of them Loose yells into the speaker intercom "Yo I'm doing an interview for Royalty Magazine I should be done in about an hour or so send me some heat I want to write after I'm done with this interview come on man some hot shit send me some heat" We hear Mystro laugh in the background Lol He answers "0k I got you". Loose goes back to the notepad in his iPhone and continues the interview)

Loose Cannon: Okay where were we? Oh yeah...the pain I feel when I see innocent people go through unnecessary pain, I watch the documentary called "Burzynski" he has been curing and putting cancer into remission since the early 70s through a form of treatment called "Antineoplastons" His treatment showed a very high success rate in curing and fighting cancer because he owned all the patents the FDA went on all out assault on this man. I watched as grieving mothers stood in front of the Supreme Court begging that their kids treatment not be taken away and not be stopped and for Dr.Burzynski not be jailed. One young mother in particular could barely get through her speech she was in tears pleading for them not to stop the doctor from giving her son this treatment, she explained to them that they only gave her son six months to live, but he been now living for two years. This was in the 80s they showed a picture of her son now, he is 24 years old and has never had a sign of cancer since. Thinking about all of the love ones I've lost to this terrible disease and thinking of everyone suffering in the world right now and all of us knowing that this war on cancer is bullshit it saddened me I was told the man is not supposed to cry So I don't but when I watch this senseless suffering I feel a wave of sadness and in order to counter-act the sorrow I fill my soul with anger and this is when the problem occurs. If there is not an outlet for me to release like the studio to record it this wave of anger usually results in me punching the walls or smashing a table feeling frustrated that I cannot help these people.( Yeah y'all the Cannon has anger issues) From finding out that milk actually causes an acidity in your bloodstream that that attacks your bones( I always said why the fuck are we drinking milk from another species) to Learning that only 3% of the nations money is an actual currency like coins and bills the rest the other 97% is nothing but digital numbers. This year I have seen so much deception on all levels as an artist it is my obligation and my duty to warn inform and educate our community. Unfortunately you can't awake everyone, some people will just stay sleep. But for those who are awake or wake up and want to stand and evoke change then these are the people that I speak too. At this point in time please don't let this sound arrogant there is a thin line between arrogance and confidence but If the people don't get to hear me then the hip-hop community is being deprived of something necessary and great. That's the thing about me versatility a friend of mine mentioned that no one's doing songs like self-destruction anymore Remember that. And I told him in these times people want to party and that's what they're being injected with if you're going to deliver a positive message you must be extremely entertaining and Cunning. People know how bad it is so we don't want to hear another sad story I know I don't if you're going to teach me or deliver me a positive message don't be corny about it and that's what I'm able to do well deliver those positive messages but at the same time keep you entertained And having fun. I don't want to hear other emcees talk about they don't want to be political bullshit that's what hip-hop was based on a culture that stood and demanded change for the better do your history. I recently read That there was a fifth element of hip-hop I knew one was breakdancing one was the art of them seeing another was the art of DJing and the final one I thought was the art of graffiti did you know that there was a fifth element of hip-hop I am ashamed of myself just finding this out this year but at the same time so very happy I did to reinforce what I already felt and believed about this culture just in case you didn't know what that fifth element was its "knowledge". So to increase your knowledge he are some documentaries that for the love of hip hop I urge you to watch as soon as possible

1). Burzynski ( Ain't that some shit as I do research to Google the doctor's name to make sure I spell it right the first took him to court back in 1972 and it has been thrown out of court almost every time his last court battle two months ago December 2, 2012 he is George cancer for close to 40 years and they're still trying to shut him down BY THE WAY THE PEOPLE TRYING TO SHUT HIM DOWN OUR, OWN FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION THAT'S THE THINGS I WANT TO HIP-HOP COMMUNITY TO KNOW
2).Ziegiest addendum
3).Collaspe feat Micheal Ruppert
5).Fork over Knives
6).Food Inc
7).Sick Fat and Almost Dead
8).Food Matters
9).The Union
10).Conspiracy to take over the world

(5:18am Loose has one cigar left he attempts to savor it because it is his last and he will have to make a run to the store but he wants to finish the interview before he leaves still energized he's excited and anxious to express his views on this next question)

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of the world, a lot of people are lost, making bad decisions, going crazy, hooked on drugs and just confused about what's right & what's wrong. If you had a chance to speak with someone who was on the verge of snapping or just being consumed by the wicked ways of the world, what would you say? How would you use your voice to try to breakthrough?

Loose Cannon: I would not talk to the person or people that are lost in seem to be making the bad decision in reference to drugs and etc. I would talk to everyone else around them first like me and you, you see I would first tell everyone else to stop Judging. One thing I learned this year is that no one has the right to judge it makes me happy within my soul to know I am such a nonjudgmental person I don't care what you do I don't care what drugs you do , I don't care what religion you follow I don't care what gender you are, I don't care what race you are, I don't care where you're from, I don't care if you're available on the street, or if you sell your body, Or if you sell drugs none of these things make you a bad person and that's all I'm concerned about good and bad people. And who is anybody to judge I know guys that do hard drugs for years and are totally functional won't break into your house or Rob you and some are even quite successful millionaires actually and then I know guys that drink malt liquor Every day and have literally become drunken bombs so you ask yourself what's worse beer or hard drugs like cocaine I don't know all I know is don't judge because it's the person not the drug. A prime example is the new gay marriage laws I come from an era in which if a gay man tried to hit on you he would be chased down the street and maybe even assaulted real talk, over the years as more and more people started to come out of the closet seeing the transition for me Was difficult I cannot lie but at the end of today I had to ask myself did I want to be like one of those old white people back in the civil rights movement that didn't want blacks to vote, that's how it made me feel if I didn't except the gay community because the bottom line is they are not hurting anybody, Hey if a man wants to love a man and a woman wants to love a woman hey as long as they're not kidnapping and raping and murdering young children those are the motherfuckers that I want to hunt down. But there is one thing I want to address to the gay community I heard a lot of people saying how gay is the new black and hearing that it first I kind of disagreed with it because I felt that black people struggle should have it's own lane and should not be compared with any other struggle but through my analogy In which I explained me feeling like the old white guy back in the 60s that didn't want people to vote. I can feel the similarities I also hear that in the gay community they don't like the word Fagg and women don't like the word dike well I say to you guys Love and embrace everything they call you ,I mean look the word nigger that word was literally the dirtiest word on the planet to black people and look because of hip-hop and our culture which has a tendency of taking nothing and turning it to something, we took back the word Nigga and made it cool and then forbid racist whites to use the word. Just think about it I have white friends that I am very close with They will hear me call my friends Nigga but out of respect they would never call me one even when I've given them permission to. So if they call you a Fag or they call you a dike take that shit it's only negative if that's what you believe it is.

Have I ever struggled with any of these issues let me just say this when you are born into this world one of your main fights and life will be against some sort of addiction whether gambling drugs, sex, power, money, food And I've learned no addiction is worse than the other the person addicted to food will die of a heart attack and overweight in their mid-30s and the Herion junky will live to be 60 trust me I've seen it, I deal with several different addictions every day of my life and have been since at least I was 10 Years old And I've become addicted to handling and suppressing my addictions!!!

(5:36am Loses still savoring the last cigar he looks around for some previously smoked cigars so he doesn't have to like the last one he sees a small one lights it and begins the next question)

Royalty Magazine: In your opinion, how did the world become so dark? How did a country that is supposedly about freedom, become prisoners of wicked ways, confusion and a bad economy? Do you think we as a country will ever bounce back and implement this so called change that everybody is screaming about?

Loose Cannon: Actually believe it or not I don't see it that way I actually don't see our world as that dark anymore I can see the light over the horizon, I can see people waking up even in the hood black men can talk to one another again something that was lost, I mean shit everywhere I go the girls are usually the ones fighting. Lol Brothers are changing man I can feel us uniting like never before, We are sitting down and conducting business with one another I believe that change is upon us.

Royalty Magazine: On a lighter note, what can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects, tours or tracks that we should be checking for? Tell us about 6-5 Records. What is your mission and who are some of the other artists involved? How can people check out some of 6-5's work?

(5:49am The Canon is a workhorse knowing he still has to do a writing session for new material after this interview is prepared to pull the all nighter failure to deliver is not an option anywhere The next question gives him a burst of energy)

Loose Cannon: YEEAAAAH NOW YOU TALKING Well you can expect three commercial releases from 65 records LRT one Is a five part mini video series called THE HEROS OF HIP-HOP. THIS SHIT IS ILL dericted by One of the hottest young directors and the business Nimi Hendricks. In this series hip-hop has grown and flourished into that of a spiritual entity giving special abilities to certain individuals, It is my duty as one of the stars of the series to find these special individuals before an evil demonic spirit called THE HATE Finds them. I love writing this series It allows me to fictionally fight the evils of the world by making those evils real so with at same time it's science-fiction we still deliver a message. The second release is my album which we're planning for the summer and then early fall were coming with the 65 copulation album which is a copulation of songs by all different Artist and all different genres get ready to hear everything from Rap to country-western. You can check out all our work on

(6:04am Loose has to pause interview in order to go to the store to grab more cigars he jumps in car and speeds to the store)

(6:26am Looses back in the man cave three entourage cigars strong and continues rolling through)

Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing that you will do differently this year than previous years before? How will you stand out as an artist and/or movement?

Loose Cannon: One thing I will do differently and better this year's delegate. An individual may have many great ideas and plans but as an individual you can't do it alone, you need a team and you need to know your players and where to put them so that they will be most effective. That's what my whole team is learning this year ,that we can't do it alone and we are better identifying where and when we need certain people. I will standout this year simply by being consistent that's what my team is drilling in my ear " LOSE THEIR FEELING YOU NOW YOU HAVE TO STAY CONSISTENT" And I'm having so much fun out here consistency won't be a problem at all.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypha, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?

Loose Cannon: WOW !!! What MC's would I have on a BET cupher? well that depends on what type of cipher you want to see. See to me there is the more softer type of cypher in which I use a style of rap called Display Rap. You see I adopted the Display Rap style of versus when I realized that my talent could actually hinder me rather than help me. I've been in this situation many times in a room full of emcees jockeying for position, and one of these emcees has influence over the powers that be. You guys know a battle can be embarrassing I have a wild imagination and some of the shit I say can be offensive for example if it's a friendly battle and you're standing in front of me and I say

" You ever hear a nigga so wack you wanna beat his ass"
"Cause his FLOW IS WACK and he KNOW HE WACK I'm standing in front of this Motherfucker HOLD ME BACK"

That line was designed for an in your face Cypher Battle. To be honest they have been times I regretted using certain rhymes like that because yes even though the rhyme was hard after two minutes of making a roomful of people laugh at the person standing in front of you and that person standing in front of you can help your career well, there you go, I've been In that situation countless of times. So I adopted a more laid-back approach in cyphers in which gave birth to the Display Rap. Display rhymes would be verses that would not threaten but would entertain I would not speak of someone directly maybe more so joking about myself and Current social events that were hot at the time, this way I would never seem like I was really coming directly at a person. And then there's the no holds barred you seen them on YouTube where guys go do their research and prepare lines strictly for you. So if we were in a display cypher my emcees would be:

Kendall Clark
Rodney Cee
Do It All Kelly
Method Man
Rah Digga
Kayne West
Lil Wayne
Govna Mattic
Bussa Buss
Lauryn Hill

Now for the no holds barred chop your head off session my picks would be:


(7:22am About to get his son up for school The last question really has Loose intrigued he begins to break up some tobacco for his cigar the next question brings back memories)

Royalty Magazine: You used to be signed to DMX's label (Bloodline Records). What was that experience like and what was the chain of events that led up to you signing to the label? What songs or projects did you appear on while being part of Bloodline? What was one of your most memorable moments?

Loose Cannon: The experience that led up to me signing with the label had started back really when he and I first met.

In short it began right after I was asked to be released from my first deal at Universal Records. At the time I thought it was a good idea I mean I had been sitting over at Universal for over a year without them putting out an album on me. I should have just sat my ass down stayed on the label another year learned more about the business and developed as an artist. Universal's staff over there was sad to see me go surprisingly. And Contrary to what you have heard that back then I was dropped from Universal records I was not, as a matter of fact there was a "pay or play" clause in my contract. If you've never heard of that young artist out there make sure your lawyer implements that in your deal it basically stipulated that Either they "play" by putting out an album on me or they "pay" by giving me $20,000 and letting me walk away. So for all the rumors out there that I was dropped from the label uh-uh Not only was I not dropped I asked to be released and was given $20,000 upon my release when have you ever walked away from something and got $20,000. The experience on bloodline started off good but I should've known in the beginning, a label started right after DMX was denied part ownership of Rough Riders was not started for the right reasons. It gets touchy man I talk about it more in detail in my book. I appeared on the cradle-to-grave soundtrack as well as three of his LPs. My most memorable moment with bloodline was sitting at Red lobster in Toronto Canada eating dinner with Terrence Howard as Terence was showing us his skills on the guitar I looked over and PK he was drawing a diagram of the bloodline logo that had alluded us for weeks, we couldn't find the right one I ran over and saw what PK was drawing. I looked at it And said that's perfect he'll love it he replied "X won't like this" I snatched it from him went over and showed it to X and he said "that's it PK U did it, X and I sat at the bar and with excitement he explained to me the marketing campaign he would do with me as far as introducing me to the world it all seemed so good then.

Royalty Magazine: Why did you end up leaving Bloodline Records? Are you and DMX still cool today?

Loose Cannon: I wound up leaving Bloodline for many reasons but I guess the main reason was just being fed up. I can't remember who said this to me but they were trying to convince me to jump ship earlier they said " That's not even a real label that's a pacifier given to him by Lyor Cohen and Def Jam just to keep him there and make him happy it will never get off the ground" I said well Lyor has gave a few guys label deals and they've been successful it's all in how you manage it.

Are DMX and I still cool today well to be honest with you I don't know. At first my animosity and hatred towards him was intense I have calmed down over the years From the dis-record I did about him. But still to this day if one of his songs comes on I will turn the station, everyone in my camp knows if a record comes on of his I will not stand to listen to it, at my parties I forbid the DJ to play any of his music. I have two platinum plaques for which I received for being on his albums I have never hung them up. When I was about to sell them the people in my camp told me no those plaques are your accomplishments as well. What I don't want to do is fight the people or the fans I realized that X has a very strong fan base and these are my fans as well most of them gaining knowledge of me through his albums. And you know that Internet some of his diehard fans go in online, and I'm not trying to discredit their favorite artist I'm just telling them about the hearts of men. See X was a stick up kid and I learned that sometimes even when a man's position in life changes his heart does not, and despite coming into millions of dollars his stick up kid Mentality never left him and that's the selfish attitude that he brought into his business. I fucking hate stick up kids or niggas that rob and steal. With all the ways to make money out here anybody that has to rob and steal and do fake shit like that you don't deserve shit I'm sorry. And if you as a fan or so shallow that you except this mentality let me see you except it when that same person with that same mentality runs up on your grandmother and snatches her purse or puts a gun to her ,do you think you'll buy that nigga's album? When we met for the second time after not seeing him for a year I called out to him and said " YO X REMEMBER ME" and he turned around and said " FRIEND OR FOE" I explained to him who I was and where he knew me from and he immediately with excitement knew who I was after not even seeing or speaking to me for a year from that moment on for a while we were inseparable but now when I see him I'll have to ask the same thing he asked me "FRIEND OR FOE".

Royalty Magazine: Who are some other artists/producers you have worked with and/or would like to work with? What other labels or movements have you been apart of?

Loose Cannon: I haven't worked with as many artist as I want to because honestly niggas be on some bullshit LOL But you know the industry redtape and the monies involved I'll just give a shout out to one artist in particular that made the process real and easy Fat Joe we negotiated a great price and he came through without fail and he didn't need me to be a multiplatinum rapper yet to do a song with me he just wanted to make sure that I could ryme and that and the check was good, that was enough for him. Artists I want to work with are really not hip-hop artist. I would love to bring into our genre singers like Michael McDonald and Adele . Other movements and labels I've been a part of aside from Rough Riders are South Jamaica Queens LB fan in my book I write about those times in Jamaica Queens in Glen Faids basement where a lot of my skill developed big ups to Freaky Tah rest his soul And his little cousin J Drama the next generation of LB fam.

(8:16am Loose looks at the clock and surprise that so many hours has passed by his still rolling tobacco he pushes on)

Royalty Magazine: How would you compare music from back when you started to music today? What are some of the positive/negative changes you've witnessed throughout the industry?

Loose Cannon: Some of the old-school heads I hang around are probably going to kill me for saying this LOL but I enjoy the music a little more now I mean granted I think the artist of old-school or more quality than some of the new artist I must admit, but the way the music is we are so much freer. Old-school was more limited, now there are much more places that you can go with your craft and it will be excepted.

The one negative in the industry that is failed to change is the confusing dollar conversion to point system that still exists in many music industry contracts. It really upset me to see how the record label converts dollars into a point system, why would you do that? If you sell a physical copy or download for a certain amount of money why would you convert that amount of money into a point system, these type of practices that are implemented show me that artists are deliberately confused, once again when my book is released I will touch on all these things and explain to you how my attorney at that time a seasoned veteran cannot even decipher the point system correctly and he told me my check would be for $1,600 thanks to a sharp young woman at Universal named Julie Michaels who I have not spoke to in years and hope she reaches out to me, she stayed on the phone with me for hours explaining it to me and my $1600 check that my lawyer thought I was getting was actually $16,000 And if I would've chased it, I would have never got it.

Royalty Magazine: What would you say to those who don’t respect those who did it before us? What message would you send to those who try to criticize and say you are too old to be doing this?

Loose Cannon: If you don't respect those who did this before you then you truly do not deserve to be a part of this culture that's what hip-hop is all about even though it's competitive we still give each other respect and recognize each others' accomplishments. And people that say you're too old to do this are probably either one, someone that's younger than you that's looking for an excuse to weaken you to make themselves look better or two, someone that has given up or ain't doing shit and wants their misery to have some company. Listen there are rappers that are well over 40 years of age And from the way it's going I can see the same guys at 50 still doing it, and if you don't support that and you're just selfish. James Brown performed well into his 60s we are not athletes that can't run as fast or jump as high because we're approaching our 30s or 40s this is music goddamnit and you can do it as long as you're able. I asked a 14-year-old a few weeks ago who was his favorite rapper could you believe he said Easy E now that's love, considering Easy died before this kid was even born. Now that's hip-hop.

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of the industry, there is a lot of controversy behind Free Masons & artists being affiliated or products of the Illuminati? How do you feel about this and do you believe that the Illuminati exists? Having industry connections, have you yourself seen or heard anything that can confirm any of these controversies?

Loose Cannon: Honestly I've learned so much in the past two years I can say that I believe that everything you hear has a certain amount of relevancy. I am very confused about the things that I have learned recently and I am consulting some older wiser men in reference to how I should share this knowledge as an MC. So at this time I wish not to comment on this too deeply all I can say is when I properly learn how to deliver this knowledge it will definitely be life-changing for all.

(8:33am Luces there's only two more questions left he keeps it moving as once again he's on his last cigar)

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already? Any misconceptions that you would like to clear up?

Loose Cannon: Shoutouts to my whole team 65 records LRT roundtable BHN Notty Knots Luther Van Savage Johnny Quest, DJ Devastatin, Kelvin Bigalow, Chico, Renzo Herb Ortiz and the whole Ortiz family Alex Maria and Jasmine Ill assassin Hundred percent Freddy Fred Mystro . Tone Only at Mogulization Management Reek GZ all of the Fleet DJs the Bumb Squad Big Sev ai NI Marketing Amigo medical transportation the whole de la Cruz family And my lovely garden state the place I standby and stand for the place that made me who I ham I love you New Jersey. One thing we didn't touch on that may be a misconception that I must clear 6ix 5ive is not a gang we are a family 6ix 5ive is not a movement this is a campaign, every download I receive is not just a download it's a vote I am campaigning to be the emcee that you choose to have in your music library I am the MC campaigning To not only be an artist that you listen to as parents but to be an artist that can also make songs that you feel comfortable to letting your children hear. This is a tall order and means everything to me I too am a parent and I know that our music can have a strong influence on our lives. I am not just selling you a song I am Obligating myself and taking the responsibility of Entertaining you, educating you and And standing as a strong symbol of inspiration For the dreams of our youth( damn I never said it like that before).

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music? What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?

Loose Cannon: Below is where you can catch all of me and my music and all my upcoming events:

TWITTER : @TheLooseCannon

written by
TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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