We are looking for Sponsors & Investors to Help Move the Vision.  Our mission is to help upcoming artists & talented individuals elevate their skills as well as gain exposure.  

Due to limited funds and no financial backingStreetz has survived solely on the grace of God.  If you can help sponsor us or invest in our vision, please select a sponsorship type below.  Proceeds will be put back into the Streetz community so that we can continue to provide creative business opportunities to artists, models & entrepreneurs.  In return we will be able to provide pure, raw & uncut talent to the world!  

Sponsorship Opportunities:

As a Sponsor you will help contribute to our community and/or events.  In return you will receive cross promotion, global exposure, free promo material, networking opportunities & more.  You can sponsor us as many times as you'd like.  

Select one of our "Sponsorship Packages" below:

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Basic Sponsorship:  

  • Your Logo or Banner on our Website(s) 
  • Your Logo or Banner in Upcoming Issue of Royalty Magazine
  • Free issue of Royalty Magazine

Exclusive Sponsorship:

  • Everything in Basic Sponsorship
  • Music or Product Review
  • 2 Week Promotion

VIP Sponsorship:

  • Everything in Exclusive Sponsorship
  • Exclusive Interview or Radio Appearance
  • 4 Week Promotion
  • Eblast/Newsletter
  • 10 Free Issues of Royalty Magazine
  • Free Promo Material

Royalty Sponsorship:

  • Everything in VIP Sponsorship
  • Music or Product Review
  • Catalog Feature
  • Your Logo or Banner Featured on our Mobile App 
  • Mixtape Placement or Advertisement 
  • Digital & Street Team Promotion
  • Cd or Flyer Distribution
  • T-shirt