Thursday, May 9, 2013

Godfather Part III

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you?

Godfather: Pretty good. Blessed and I can’t complain.

Royalty Magazine: Before we talk about the New Year, let's reflect back a little on 2012. What do you think you will remember most about 2012 as an artist?

Godfather: Putting out my first solo album.

Royalty Magazine: As a country, how do you think we can prevent some of the same that happened in 2012 from happening again? What will you do as an individual or artist to help with that change or stand up for what you believe in?

Godfather: Honestly, we're on the way towards becoming a third world country.

Royalty Magazine: How would you use your voice to try to breakthrough?

Godfather: By passing along a message that would be both inspirational and a blessing to whoever hears it.

Royalty Magazine: Have you yourself ever struggled with any of these issues? If so, what was the end result and/or what was your breakthrough point?

Godfather: I think we all go through difficult times, myself included. I think the key is to be strong enough to weather the storms that life throws our way.

Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing that you will do differently this year than previous years before.

GodfatherWhat I plan to do differently in 2013 is bring life to my record company backed by a major record company like Sony. I'd like to do this because my international presence is on high octane across the globe. As such, I'm ready to bring a new unique chapter to the music industry. I'm trying to get my voice heard from Sao Paulo to Europe and from Japan to the Middle East.

Royalty Magazine: What can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects, tours, or tracks that we should be looking out for? Anything that you are promoting now?

Godfather: I have my second solo album coming out on my birthday (April 26th) called Mobb Life. I have a track on there featuring Solomon called "I'm Not Superman" that is crazy. I also have a EP that I'm releasing called Chemical Imbalance. It's being executive produced by M7 from France and were working on the new Infamous Mobb LP for 2013. I have another album coming out featuring Roi Heenok from Canada called Calico Muzik. That will be out sometime this year on G & G Records. I should be touring in South America in a couple of months and also throughout Europe coming this spring. I wil keep y'all posted on my Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Royalty Magazine: So what is the focus for the New Year and your music?

Godfather: Extending my brand worldwide, mostly.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypha, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?

Godfather: My BET Cypher would be MC Eiht, Nas, B Real, Jadakiss, Rakim, Young Jeezy, and Trick Daddy. (laughs) Crack, right?

Royalty Magazine: There is a lot of controversy behind Free Masons and artists being affiliated or products of the Illuminati? How do you feel about this and do you believe that the Illuminati exists?

Godfather: The boy Jay-Z said it the best and I quote, "It's a secret society/All we ask is trust". I put my first album out called The Medicine Man in 2012. I have a track there talking about the Illuminati and this secret society shit called "The Time Is Now". I think y'all should check it out so the people can understand my point of view on the New World Order this government is working towards.

Royalty Magazine: Having industry connections, have you yourself seen or heard anything that can confirm any of these controversies?

Godfather: Not really.

Royalty Magazine: Major label or independent? What would your choice be and why?

Godfather: Either works. It just depends on which works for you particular style as an artist.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming artists trying to break into the industry but don't have the support of a label or major backing?

Godfather: Hustle hard and sell yourself like you are selling a product. Also, speak on your reality.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shout outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already? What do you want to say to those who don't respect the veterans in hip-hop and/or may criticize you, saying you're too old to be doing this?

Godfather: To rap is what I love. Because of that I'll do it until I want to stop. My shit stays official regardless. I can take you either direction, business or the streets. Right now I'm doing this for the pleasure. Don't forget that I'm from the most talented place in the world. Queensbridge, New York! I'm managing a group called Aldaeri from Queensbridge. Their origins are Yemeni. It's a group of five brothers from the same DNA, aged from eighteen to twenty-six. All of them are spitting that QB fire. I'm executive producing so look forward to the new QB.

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music? What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?

Godfather: If you want to check out my music, you can go to,,, or

Royalty Magazine: Much love and respect. Thank you for your time!

Godfather: Thanks to you, Royalty Magazine, for the interview.

written by
TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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