Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take Care And Second Chances (Summer Grind Issue 2012)

The more forgiving of us are always willing to forgive follies and failures. I am personally thankful that my mother has been able to forgive both in me because I have made numerous ones. But I guess such is the nature of things.

To forgive.

To give a second chance.

Case in point, Drake.

I can admit that I was one of those people who counted Drake’s Take Care as an epic fail. That was a mistake. I am willing and able to say that.

What inspired that change?

Listening to the whole album. It can be noted that listening to selected tracks or only the singles will yield a skewed view of the actual music. Drake’s sophomore album is rather well put together when you get the chance to fully listen. When I sat there and had a moment to digest it as a whole I was fully impressed. I have like four tracks that stood out to me.

Take Care” starts with the piano playing and Rihanna softly singing out a chorus that feels real rather like a personal indictment from her. Drake is fully on display as the heartbroken good guy, a role that this writer has filled on more occasions than I’d care to admit out loud or in print. This feels like something he probably said once that became a track.

We’ll Be Fine” builds at the beginning and that sound plays throughout the beat as if a refrain. This song speaks in a voice that we love hearing from Drake-that bragging and eloquence laced with clever little punch lines. If I were to pick anything about the track I hated would be Birdman’s “feature”, which is nothing more than him talking nonsense about his usual fare at the end.

Lord Knows” has the epic nature and characteristics of a mass choir. Here Drake addresses something that I feel is well placed given everything that people have been saying of him. There is some strong words given to those doubters as well as those who hate Drake’s music because he shows emotion and feeling in his rhymes. Here is the line that most stands out:

I’m hearing all of the jokes/ I know that they’re trying to push me/I know that showing emotions don’t ever mean I’m a pussy/Know that I don’t make music/For niggas who don’t get pussy/So those are the ones I count on/ To diss me or overlook me

Practice”, a song that I initially hated, has grown on me. Something about hearing the Juvenile classic stripped down and reinterpreted is intriguing. Drake’s delivery is syrupy here, almost as if he’s been sneaking in the Texas rapper medicine cabinet and sipped on the lean.

Drake, this is my formal apology. Take Care is truly you taking care of your fans and loyal supporters…and even your one-time detractors. Thanks.

Courtesy of Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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