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From Icarus to Icadon

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you?

IcadonLife's treating me good. I wouldn't trade my life for nobody's. God has blessed me and continue to bless me. I'm gucci.

Royalty Magazine: Before we talk about the New Year, let's reflect back a little on 2012. What do you think you will remember most about 2012 as an artist? What were some of your greatest moments or accomplishments?

IcadonAs an artist what I'll remember most is the crazy Album that I just recorded "Amer-Ica The Great - The AudioBiography Of Neil Phillips" & Working with Super Producer & Grammy Award Winning Producer Rockwilder & D Block Producer Vinny Idol as well as other hot producers. Even Redman produced one of the tracks on there. Also getting violated by my PO for leaving NYC & smoking weed & being placed back in jail for 8 months, but I did write some more fire in there so i plan to capitalize off that. My greatest moment was going to the poconos with 3 of my goons & recording out there in my boy Rich Lake House with his new artist Thrush and racing rented Ferraris up and down the highway. That was fun. My greatest accomplishment would have to be finishing the album, hooking up with my boy Rich Nice again & getting back on good terms with my mentor Redman. We was not communicating to well for a minute but we're back on track. We're both Aries so we tend to bump heads sometimes being that I'm hard headed & he's a professional and when that happens we give each other space because we love each other too much to argue.

Royalty Magazine: What will you remember most about the world in 2012? As a country, how do you think we can prevent some of the same mistakes that happened in 2012 from happening again? What will you do as an individual or artist to help with that change or stand up for what you believe in?

IcadonWhat I will remember most is Hurricane Sandy. As a country I'm not sure if we can prevent something like that. Just be prepared for anything because anything can happen at anytime. As an individual artist all I can do is make people aware that they have to be prepared and not get to comfortable. Another thing I will remember is the new Barclays Arena that Jay-Z Brought to my hometown Brooklyn. That shit is amazing!

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of the world, a lot of people are lost, making bad decisions, going crazy, hooked on drugs and just confused about what's right & what's wrong. If you had a chance to speak with someone who was on the verge of snapping or just being consumed by the wicked ways of the world, what would you say? How would you use your voice to try to breakthrough?

IcadonI'd tell them to smoke some haze & sit they ass down. Nothing is worth stressing over. I can't tell no one what's right or wrong because I'm not the creator. Whats right for me can be wrong for someone else. All I can tell them is to relax, smoke sum loud & take it slow. Especially since Bloomberg just passed the law stating if you get caught with a lil weed it's just a desk appearance & not a night in jail anymore. Lol.

Royalty Magazine: Have you yourself ever struggled with any of these issues? If so, what was the end result and/or what was your breakthrough point?

IcadonYeah of course. I almost snapped in 2009 when my pops died. I didn't want to live no more, but I got over it. A little recklessly I might ad but I pulled through. I smoked a lot of sour & stepped away from my career for 2 years. I needed time to myself because I really almost lost it. I was trying to get dudes to kill me. Starting fights with groups of people, popping too much ex & molly when I was & wasn't partying, not being a good person to the people that love me, just pure reckless.

Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing that you will do differently this year than previous years before?

IcadonOne thing that I will do different this year is be more humble & calculate every move I make precisely.

Royalty Magazine: What can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects, tours or tracks that we should be looking out for? Anything that you are promoting now?

IcadonWell you can definitely expect me to drop my new "Ic Flywalker" mixtape & my new album. Also I'm going to be doing a lot of features. I'm going to be all over the place. I just came home from prison on the 12th of Feb. so I had a late start but that's cool. I perform better under pressure.

Royalty Magazine: You are known by many also as Icarus and got well known for your previous work with Redman. How did you hook up with Red and what are a a few of your favorite collaboration tracks to date?

IcadonWhen I first met Redman I was dating the top model in nyc (cannot disclose name) & she was invited to a big Tommy Hilfiger party. She didn't wanna go so she said Ic you go. So I went & the shit was poppin! Every hot rapper was there. Lil Kim, Jay-z, Busta, Diddy Everyone! Everyone shinning... I chilled 4 a minute... Smoked a L with Black Rob, watched Jay-Z escort a model to the bathroom. I sipped some of Diddy's Cristal after he bought almost all of them & then I jetted... I get outside & I see Busta & Redman caught in a deep convo... I'm looking like wow. So I jetted to the parking lot, pulled the benz out & drove around to the front of the party where Redman & Busta was at. I hopped out the car & just leaned on it until they were finished talking... Soon as Redman gave Busta the pound I walked up to him like what's up? Red started reaching 4 his gun (he later told me he thought i was tryn to stick him), I was like "Wuddup Red I Rhyme". He saw I was serious & relaxed... He said, "Spit something". So I spit a verse for him... He grabs me in a headlock & pulls me over to his truck where Rockwilder is sitting listening to tracks. He taps Rockwilder & says "you gotta hear this lil nigga"... He looks at me & says, "spit another verse".. I spit another one & Rock looked at me & say welcome to the team... Then Red said give me your number nigga..." I gave him my cell & he gave me a pound... He said "I gotta jet"... He hopped in his truck & jetted... I hopped in the benz & jetted... About 2 days later he called me, "Yo wuddup nigga where you at?" he said. "I'm in Flatbush Brooklyn" I said. "Well pack a bag. We gotta show in Buffalo tonight & Miami tomorrow" he said, "A car service is going to call you when I hang up. Give them your address" and he hung up. That was the beginning... SInce I've been on 5 Tours with him... Was featured on his last 2 albums "Malpractice" & "Red Gone Wild" & a gang of other shit...

My favorite Collabs would have to be:

"Real Niggaz" Redman Ft. Scarface, Treach, Mally G & Icarus -
"Keep It Real" Nate Dogg Ft. Lil Mo, Fabolous & Icarus -
"S.O.D." Eric Sermon Ft. Red Cafe, Sy Scott & Icarus -
"Future Thugz" Redman Ft. Ghostface, Ludacris & Icarus -
"Robot-ic" Icadon & Rockwilder -
"The Message" Funkmaster Flex Ft. Redman & Icarus -
There's 2 many to name. We;ll be here all day.

Royalty Magazine: Who are some other artists that you have worked with and/or would like to work with?

Icadon: I've worked with a lot of Artist. Method Man, Dollamentary, Nature, Fredro Starr, X1 (RIP), German Luger, Ncredible Barz, Ready Roc, Markie A.K.A Mr. Cream, Snaggle Puss (Bounce Squad), Snake Eyes, Inspektah Deck, U-God, Master Killa, Thrush, Kenan Thompson, Jeda K, Kid Novice, Colee Stallone, Runt Dawg, B.U.G R&B etc.

I like a few.. Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, Kanye, Nas, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Ross, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre etc.. Whoever is hot! Unknown hot artists also.

Royalty Magazine: How will you stand out as a solo artist and/or movement? What do you want the world to remember most about Icadon? If you had the world's attention at this very moment, why should they support & listen to your music?

IcadonI stand out because I'm me. My style is unique. There is no other Icadon. What I would like to be remembered for most is my honesty & my ability to hang with anyone on a track. They should listen & support me because I go hard for my listeners, my lyrics inspire people, spark thoughts & ideas for people that may help them suceed if they're listening hard enough, I motivate people & the shit is hot! Lol.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypha, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?

IcadonI really wouldn't do the BET cypher. I'd do collabs tho. Besides I've been on BET plenty of times:

Rap City (The Basement) Big Tigger Ft. Redman, Rockwilder, DJ Twinz, D Don & Icarus -

Redman, Methodman & The team on 106 & Park -

Royalty Magazine: There is a lot of controversy behind Free Masons & artists being affiliated or products of the Illuminati? How do you feel about this and do you believe that the Illuminati exists? Having industry connections, have you yourself seen or heard anything that can confirm any of these controversies?

IcadonI'm not sure about Illuminati, but I'm sure there are many different groups with their own rules & guidelines. To me I only see 2 different groups. Good & Evil & I really think that both is needed to create the natural balance of this universe. Like Negative & Positive. You need both to get current from a battery. Love/Hate, Peace/War, Day/Night, Man/Woman, etc. Keep the scales balanced & we're good. Never lean too much either way.

Royalty Magazine: Major Label or Independent? What would your choice be and why? Any advice to upcoming artists trying to break into the industry, but don't have the support of a label or major backing?

IcadonMy independant Label (Johnny Pump Ent.) on a Major Label.. Lol.. I do want those Billions. Even tho I love this shit I plan to cake off with it. True Story. My advice to an upcoming artist is work hard, write hot shit (if your not sure if it's hot, it's probably not), watch the game & your competition, stay true to yourself, network & get a good lawyer & manager if your the type of person that believes anything people tell you.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already? Any misconceptions that you would like to clear up?

IcadonStay tuned, I'm about to go apeshit! Shout out to everybody who has helped me get this far & everybody that truly love me (yall know who yall are), Haters eat a frank! My name is Icarus, Icadon, Amer-Ica, Ic Digital & everything else you hear me call myself.

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music? What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?

Icadon: Just hit me on my Facebook (Search, Twitter (@Icadon_), Instargram (Icadon) & I'll guide you.
Get Familiar:
MTV - "Mixtape Monday: Icadon" -
MTV - "Icadon Going Wild With Redman" -

Royalty Magazine: Much Love & Respect. Thank you for your time!

written by
TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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