Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crunk Star Beatz (Buzz Factor) Summer Grind Issue 2012


Devonte Cooper (artist alias Prittie Boi D, producer alias CrunkstarzBeatz) hails from Charleston, SC. He has involved in music for almost 10 years, playing drums and learning to play the piano at an early age. He has been producing for 8 years. Even though he is only 19, he has a focus and determination to be heard and recognized in the music industry. Learn more about this young producer on the rise.
E.H.M.P: Which comes easier to you, being an artist or a producer? Why?

CRUNK STAR: Being a producer comes easier because its like second nature to me and its what I’ve Mastered. I can create a great sounding production on any piece of musical equipment or software that you put in front of me so I’m not limited to any particular software or workstation.

E.H.M.P: Who are your biggest influences when it comes to your production?

CRUNK STAR: My biggest influences are Lil Jon, Timberland, Shawty Redd, Polow The Don, Dj Tomp, and my Favorite of all, Drumma Boy who is my Biggest Influence and also kind of a mentor for me to me though my later years of producing.

E.H.M.P: What is your process and how long does it take you to make a beat?

CRUNK STAR: If I don't already have drums in mind I usually start with chords from the Piano or any instrument to lay down the foundation of my production. From there I go on to add other melodic sounds such as synths, bells, brass, or what ever I find that I like. Then Most of the times I like to add an Arpeggio in the same chords as the foundation to give the beat a fuller melody. Then I add my percussion. I always start with cymbals and hi hats first then Snares and Claps Then Kicks, 808s (Usually Distorted), or bass. Then I lay down the lead instrument which is usually a synth then Wala! A Crunkstarz Track is born. This process can take anywhere from 30mins-4hrs depending on the complexity.

E.H.M.P: How has your production evolved since you first started?

CRUNK STAR: My production skills have gotten way more versatile and my mixes a whole lot clearer. When I first started all my production sounded crunk or hype. Now I do all kinds of productions for many genres such as Pop, Dance, Club, Hyphy, Down South, East coast, Trap, ect.

E.H.M.P: Where do you see yourself in the music industry 5 years from now?

CRUNK STAR: I know this sounds a bit cocky but 5yrs from now I’m kind of certain that I will be one of the main super Producers in the music industry creating platinum hits.

E.H.M.P: Who (indie/mainstream) artist would you like to work with?

CRUNK STAR: I would Love to work with Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tech N9ne, Rick Ross, and Tyga, but basically I’m willing to work with any artist that can contribute to my sound.

E.H.M.P: Where can people go to hear your work?

CRUNK STAR: You can Go To Datpiff.com and Search CrunkstarzBeatz.

Written by Ife Ekpenuma


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