Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SPEED AUTOBAHN (Buzz Factor) Summer Grind Issue 2012

N.A.B.: I will start off by asking, what brought about the name change? Most of us know you as Fardaru, now it's Speed AUTOBAGHN?

SPEED: Well actually "Speed " has always been my name, going back from a kid growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens. When I initially started my music career, I choose the name Fardaru because it’s a known slang name and a symbolic reference to where I’m from, "Far Rockaway". So in a way it was a way for me to give homage and respect for my Hood. But I renamed (2012) my artist name to “Speed Autobahn”. Due to the fact that I felt I came to a point in my music career, were I felt I evolved to my own brand and image. That broke away from the local hood name, Fardaru. I feel the name Speed Autobahn describes my unique style & innovative approach to music, which is high energy, and a collaboration of hip hop, pop/rock and electric dance music.

N.A.B.: During my research I noticed you've attended Alabama State University. What was your field of study? Are you participating in that field presently?

SPEED: Yes I attended at A.S.U and studied psychology, it was definitely a different experience from growing up in NYC to spending time in Alabama. But, I value not only the education, but the chance to experience and view life in a different prospective. Currently right now in addition to my perusing music career, I work for a nonprofit social services organization in a public speaking position. It’s not quite psychology, but it pays the bills for now.

N.A.B: You consider yourself an "Educated Hood Representative". Why? Explain how you go about educating the hood?

SPEED: When I say "I'm an Educated Hood rep", I feel it’s an obvious statement. I grew up in the Hood and utilized my God given gifts and talents to further educate myself. But still stayed true to my roots and in a way I have integrated both aspects in my life. I think my approach to life shows that you don't have to be one dimensional and can embrace the street side of you and still be intelligent and professional.

N.A.B.: Tell us about BGF (Babylon Get Fresh) and the creation?

SPEED: Well, that's a long story!! LOL. But to make it short, Babylon was the name of my crew growing up in Ocean Village, Far Rockaway, queens. Later we took adopted the name Get Fresh, so once I started my musical career It only made sense to combine both names (Babylon Get Fresh) to represent my movement.

N.A.B.: "Pounds" is one of your latest single's I've come across. Give us insight on that.

SPEED: Yea, "Pounds" is one of latest singles from my new mixtape INNOVATIVE MUSIC 2, ( no release date scheduled yet). It's a song that was inspired by one of my fellow Babylon Get Fresh members, "POP". We was chilling in my crib one day listening to music and he was like "yo Speed, you need to make a song that is hood and gritty." At the same time incorporating ya own creative style and unique flow & metaphors." Once I found the right beat and had the motivation, the rest is history. So overall, this song was made more for the gritty street audience and turned out to be a very popular song.

N.A.B.: Your next video shoot "SPEED AUTOBAHN THE DOCUMENTARY" and will be directed by Anthony Sylvester. When is the shoot? Anything exciting we can expect?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: Right now I'm planning on shooting this documentary mid-June. This project is a chance for my fans and viewers to get a glimpse into my life and get a better understanding of "who is Speed Autobahn the artist". This project is more personal and will show where I'm from, introduce other members of my team, showcase my creativity & work ethic in the studio and the talented production team that I work with daily. So I expect my fans and views to enjoy this project and connect with me on a personal level.

N.A.B.: You will be recording your new E.P., SPEED AUTOBAHN: NO LIMIT TO SUCCESS , produced by Danny Switchblade. What's the 411?

SPEED: I'm really excited about this project and expect it to be the biggest so far of my career. It's shows my growth as a artist over the years and will fully showcase my evolution from a one dimensional Hip Hop artist, to my current diverse artistic style. This project will show my unique and innovative musical style of blending Hip Hop, pop, rock and electronic dance genre's. I worked extremely hard on this E.P and worked with a crazy talented team (R&B vocalist Ezo & Mimi Sanders, executive producer Danny Switchblade and engineer David Lavine). With this E.P, expect nothing but hit singles! My whole focus was creating high energy music that could be played on the radio and clubs in America, Europe and anywhere in the world. This project is really targeting a broad and diverse global audience. I guarantee this E.P will be fire!!!!

N.A.B.: Tell us about your run with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How did you become involved?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: I actually have known about E.H.M.P for a long time. I say around the same time I started taking my music career to heart, in 2007. I was introduced to A.D. The General by a mutual friend/Artist. My initial impression of E.H.M.P was that it was a cool program and gave artist a way to display their skills. But over the years I have watch the program, grow to a powerful musical media, marketing, networking tool and overall an successful movement.

N.A.B.: Any closing words and/or shout outs?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: Anyone can follow me at my website, BABYLONGETFRESH.INFO, twitter: @BGF_SPEED and FB: Speed Autobahn

I want to give a shout out to NYC, Queens, Far Rockaway, Ocean Village, ED & Lee at Jam Box Studios, Graphic arts designer Michael Lowe & thinkprowess.com, Producer/ Artist Danny Switch Blade, media Guru Lila Polite, Da Cave Radio, Manager Cypher, Hypeman Toast, IOTA PHI THETA, Ezo, Mimi Sanders, Young Phish, P-RIch and the rest of my Babylon Get Fresh Team. Also special thanks to A.D. The General, Miss FEFE, SpecialGift and the rest of the N.A.N & N.A.B team. 1



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