Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Say Hello to Kenneth Bowen - Mr. Royalty

Streetz: What’s good?  How are things on your end?

Kenneth Bowen: YO YO!!! whats going on?? Me just chilling staying busy on the modeling and acting scene. Things are going pretty good. 

Streetz: You recently won the title of Royalty Magazine’s Mr/Mz Royalty.  Tell us what does it feel like to win? 

Kenneth Bowen: Well it feels great i have never won anything before and now that i have and not just something simple but as as big as Mr. Royalty it really feels good and shows that if you want something that bad you will go to all ends in doing so. such as self promoting and networking with other models.

Streetz: How will you use your title to help brand Royalty Magazine as well as advance in your own career? 

Kenneth Bowen:  I will use my title to show not only do I model or think I have what it takes but it also shows that other people think and know I have what it takes as well.

Streetz: What were your initial feelings behind entering the contest?  Did you think that you would win?

Kenneth Bowen: My initial feelings behind entering the contest were hey why not whats the worst that could happen??  But as time went by and seeing the votes going up, that kinda encouraged me to keep pushing and promoting myself. Did I think I would win I would have to say at first no because I was so far behind when I first entered.

Streetz: What did you think about your competition during Royalty’s contest?  Is there anyone that you felt you had to worry about as far as giving you some competition?  Why or why not?

Kenneth Bowen: First i would like to say it was a very close race between me and mark til the end of the voting and it was kinda fun going back and forth. His votes were going up pretty fast and i definitely had my eye on him as a competitor.

Streetz: So what do you have popping now?  Are there any projects that you are working on now or in the near future?  How can people check out some of your work and/or portfolio?

Kenneth Bowen:  Yes, I am actually working with a production team now and we are working on films and both to directing and acting. We definitely have projects in the works cant really speak on them at this time though. we are working on a website to show what we have put together in the mean time.

Streetz: What are some of your future goals?  Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Kenneth Bowen: I would say my future goals are to continue to pursue in modeling and getting the exposure needed to take myself to the next level. and to get the right representation on my side.

Streetz: How do you feel  communities like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help upcoming talent gain exposure? 
Would you recommend their Mr. & Mz. Royalty contest to other models or artists?  Why or why not?

Kenneth Bowen: For this to be my first time entering a contest or competition I was very satisfied with Street Thoughts and Royalty Magazine because they were and are very interactive with the competitors and that shows that they not only care about what they are doing but also about doing what they said they are going to do and that is giving there talent exposure. I would without a doubt recommend the contest to other models and artists. because i know they will push you to want to work harder.

Streetz: Tell us one thing or an interesting fact that you learned about the Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine during the competition?  What do you think about the community as a whole?

Kenneth Bowen: I would have to say i didn't think Street Thoughts and Reality Magazine was as large as they are with there websites and twitter accounts. they are really pushing the winners and helping them gain the right exposure.

Streetz: Any advice to upcoming models trying to get in the game?  Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t spoke about already?

Kenneth Bowen: I would say if you want to pursue anything in life whether its modeling or acting get out and grab life by the horns only you can make a change in your life.

Streetz: Any last comments/shot outs?  Any special message to your family, friends & supporters who voted for you?  

Kenneth Bowen: I would first like to thank god for all of my accomplishments. shout outs to my loving mom and very supportive brothers that keep me grounded. my friends thanks a lot for the votes i couldn't have done it without you guys votes.

written by
Courtesy of Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine

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