Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DJ Zeta Barber....Town Bizness....

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's everything on your end?

DJ Zeta Barber:  Peace. I'm good. Keeping busy over here.

Royalty Magazine: How are you feeling about 2013 so far? Is it what you expected? 
Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?

DJ Zeta Barber: It's been a good year so far, there's only so much time & it always 

seems like I ain't doin enough...but looking back on it, I HAVE been pretty productive 
so I can't complain. I dropped 3 AllCityChop Mixtapes & one personal project 
"Stones X Flame" on Care Package Music so far.

Nobody expected The Heist but I'm glad it happened!

Royalty Magazine: 2014 is a few months away. What are your predictions about the 
upcoming year?  Do you see the economy getting better or worse? Why or why not?

DJ Zeta Barber:  Dammmm is it that close?? Imma try & stop time for these last 

days of 2007 or so & make more moves...! Next year predictions? Someone else from 
Seattle will probably hit the big screen as did Macklemore this year.  I see Seattle's 
music & entertainment economy getting a boost, based on the attention M&RL have 
gotten, & the people they've brought into the spotlight w/ them. 

Economy otherwise, no comment.

Royalty Magazine: In 2013 the envelope has continued to be pushed. Reality shows 
are getting wilder, men entertainers have start wearing skirts, more and more people are 
talking about the "illuminati", etc. What are your thoughts about these issues?

DJ Zeta Barber:  Yea it's a shift happening.. Gays are getting free to be outlandish, 
ehhhh...reality shows & TV in general is way more excepting of lude sh*t that wouldn't 
have been allowed a few years ago.., but that's evolution, that's what happens. Illuminati 
is gone mainstream, people don't know WHAT to think of it...If I hear one more person 
say Kanye & Jay-Z sold they soul...gtfo! We ARE GODS. "In His likeness", "faith of a 
mustard seed", "in you", etc...don't make me go to church here...

Royalty Magazine:  On a lighter note, what can we expect to see or hear from you 
later this year or early next year? Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?

DJ Zeta Barber: Yes a lighter note.

"Lord Willing", another edition of AllCityChop Mixtapes, a follow up to the last "Heavy In 
My City", the next one is "Hella Heavy". Also a follow up to my 1st solo production 
"SoundBody", will be "Sound Mind". And Paintings, look for my paintings. And apparel. 
Buy them. Lol (really tho).

Royalty Magazine: How do you feel about hiphop today? What are your predictions for 
the future?  Is it changing for the better or for worse?

DJ Zeta Barber: HipHop is Alive! Fu## that. I'm all about evolution & new styles. 
Be it over-simplified or complex, just as long as people keep being born w/ brains 
in there head, there will always be new sounds as well as biters & carbon copies. 
I look for the original ones. To each his own.

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of hiphop, describe your role in it and what you do 
as an contributor to help keep it alive?

DJ Zeta Barber: I'm trying to make people see & support the talent these local 

artists' have. When I started these mixtapes in '08 I was sick of hearing the "local 
rappers are weak" talk...when they only heard a couple cats! I want people to 
acknowledge & follow local artists like they do MTV, KUBE 93, & all that. So 
when I DJ out, I always throw in something local.

Besides the mixtapes, I'm also one of 4 hosts for 206 Zulu's "Zulu Radio" which 
airs on 91.3 FM (KBCS) each Saturday night at 10p-Midnite. I play about an 
hour of local music & an hour of national music. (I'm on every 3rd Saturday).

Royalty Magazine: What are some of our greatest accomplishments to date 
so far music wise and why?  Tell us one thing that you will do differently next 
year than you've done previous years before?

DJ Zeta Barber: Uhhhhmmm... I'd say my general consistency & the fact that 
I'm on my 10th All City mixtape. I've been doing them for 5 years & I ain't going 
away or stopping soon.

Also getting onto the actual FM radio & having about the best Monday night 
weekly party in town. (THE:NEW:HIGH)

Differently? Bigger & More. More public awareness, you'll be seeing more 
"BumpLOCAL" //ACC ads in odd places, & more cds flooding the general public. 
I mostly give away my mixtapes  at music events & stores, so more of that, since 
I'm in a better place to do so now compared to say 2011-12.

I don't wanna say much about things in my head un-seen, but there's more to come.

Royalty Magazine: Any last thoughts or comments?  Anything you want to touch 
basis on that we haven't already?

DJ Zeta Barber:  Ummmm not really... just Thank You for reaching out to me & 

don't stop what your doing!

Royalty Magazine:  
Any peeps you want to shot out?  How can people keep up 

with you or check  out some of your work?

DJ Zeta Barber:  Shot out to NW artists & fans who go to there shows & buy 
there merch!! Spread the word!!

Check out | | |

written by TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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