Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Say Hello to Anastazia Nichole - Mz. Royalty

Streetz: What’s good?  How are things on your end?

Anastazia: I'm great. Just going to school and modeling between classes.

Streetz: You recently won the title of Royalty Magazine’s Mr/Mz Royalty.  Tell us what does it feel like to win?

Anastazia: It felt AMAZING! It's the first contest I ever won (the only contest I ever entered ha.)

Streetz: How will you use your title to help brand Royalty Magazine as well as advance in your own career?

Anastazia: This is definitely going on my modeling resume, so that's a big help! I've already helped Royal by posting their site all over the place to get votes, I'll continue sending my friends the link as well.

Streetz: What were your initial feelings behind entering the contest?  Did you think that you would win?

Anastazia: I was bored one day and figured I'd try. I honestly didn't believe I'd win, I don't have a whole lot of luck backing me up!

Streetz: What did you think about your competition during Royalty’s contest?  Is there anyone that you felt you had to worry about as far as giving you some competition?  Why or why not?

Anastazia: I was a little worried about 2 other women at first, but once I obliterated the contest with over 800 votes, I knew there was no competition :) A woman I know who hates me, entered the contest to try and beat me, but failed miserably. That's always fun.

Streetz: So what do you have popping now?  Are there any projects that you are working on now or in the near future?  How can people check out some of your work and/or portfolio?

Anastazia: I will be featured in another magazine soon, I'm currently working on a music video, I'm doing fashion shows out in Seattle, and other side work here and there for fun. The site I use the most is facebook, so they can type my name in "Anastazia" for my like page, and if they want to be my friend, type in "Anastazia Nichole."

Streetz: What are some of your future goals?  Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Anastazia: I would LOVE to travel! My goal for now AND the future is to get work out in L.A, New York, or wherever they need talent. I want to show them what I have!

Streetz: How do you feel  communities like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help upcoming talent gain exposure?  Would you recommend their Mr. & Mz. Royalty contest to other models or artists?  Why or why not?

Anastazia: They will take any model that works hard enough for the exposure and throw their name around all over the internet, magazines, and their sites to help them out. I would definitely recommend the contest to friends, it isn't a popularity or "who can be the biggest whore" contest like most. It has to do with how many friends have your back and will vote for you, your networking abilities, and how badly you want to win.

Streetz: Tell us one thing or an interesting fact that you learned about the Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine during the competition?  What do you think about the community as a whole?

Anastazia: I learned that networking can get you a LONG way! I started a little late in the contest and ended up winning about a month before it was even over! Everybody I've been in contact with through the magazine has been awesome so far. Nobody 

Streetz: Any advice to upcoming models trying to get in the game?  Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t spoke about already? 

Anastazia: I AM an upcoming model still. Network, network, network! Do as many shoots, events, and gigs as you can! The more you have in your portfolio, the more you have in your resume, the more people will respect you and want you!

Streetz: Any last comments/shot outs?  Any special message to your family, friends & supporters who voted for you?

Anastazia: Penumbra Productions/ my boyfriend. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I love you! You are the one who got me started in modeling and helped me win the crown, and I am so thankful for that!

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Courtesy of Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine

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