Wednesday, November 13, 2013

E-Moe...Smoke out with Mob Marley

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's everything on your end?

E-Moe: Same hustle on my end. I’m just trying my best to step it up and keep my name out here. Thanks for asking.

Royalty Magazine: How are you feeling about 2013 so far? Is it what you expected? Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?

E-Moe: So far, 2013 has been just what expected. Times are getting harder just as predicted by conspiracy theorist if you ask me. A lot of people fell off, and a lot of things have changed. As most people don’t know, things will keep changing at a fast paste, so my motto has been to gain as much knowledge as I can, while I can. 

But I have been able to accomplish what I've set out to accomplish this year which was to try my best to stay in school, and to buy new video & photo equipment. I've also released a bunch of music this year such as FREE mixtapes on by 80 West & Da Tykoon, Mo Betta, Charlie Muscle, Troc, Super HK4, Don Blanco, and my last and final FREE mixtape, “No Filterz” Vol. 7 that I released on 4/20/2013. This year I wanted to show people that I could put out music like a record label should on an independent level. Since mixtapes are the hot thing right now, I figured I’d help a few artist get there name out there along with showing my work. You can’t work with everyone, but those are a few projects I was able to complete all in one year.

Royalty Magazine: 2014 is a few months away. What are your predictions about the upcoming year? Do you see the economy getting better or worse? Why or why not?

E-Moe: Well I don’t like to say what will happen because life can take a turn out of nowhere. But as for me, I plan to take my business to the next level. The main reason that has to happen is because of the future economy! Even though, I feel that’s a mental distraction to make us believe it’s getting worst. But the truth is, a lot of people are making a lot of money if that’s what they really want to do. 

The future will not be about racism anymore. It will be more about class-ism. Meaning the haves and have-nots; the rich vs. the poor. So my mission is to have more than not! And that means to have access to knowledge, even if I don’t have the possession of certain needs. In the future, I believe in the need to have an education or some sort of assets to be considered a productive citizen. Otherwise be a slave for the people who run things even more than we are now! Knowledge is power more than most people think and that’s why the use of media and music can be great to get the message out to others now days.

Royalty Magazine: In 2013 the envelope has continued to be pushed. Reality shows are getting wilder, men entertainers have start wearing skirts, more and more people are talking about the "illuminati", etc. What are your thoughts about these issues?

E-Moe: Well like I mentioned, these are events that people have said would happen 2 to 3 years ago. A friend of mines turned me on to a bunch of information about 3 years ago that really opened my eyes. This then lead me to Youtube to what else might be out there. It’s out there if you really want to know, but most people don’t want to know. Most people are scared more than they like to admit, but I believe knowing is much better than not knowing. Yes, I believe a lot of things are going on to run the world behind closed doors, but I also believe everything happens for a reason. I surely can’t see a reason for most of the things going on, but eventually, it’ll all have to come to some sort of an end. How could so much evil go on and nothing happen? The karma from such damage is inedible if you ask me. Like I said before, the media has always been a tool to help dictate the way people should act. Commercials dictate what we should buy, the news dictates what you should believe, and the government keeps slapping us in the face with nonsense like it’s a game now. So all I can do is worry about me and those that who are concerned about my well being. Because I truly believe that we as humans are just another social security number until you do some worth noticing. That’s when they treat you like you matter even though you never will.

Royalty Magazine:  On a lighter note, what can we expect to see or hear from you later this year or early next year? Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?

E-Moe: All I can expect is to keep trying my best. I've been spending a lot time searching for the right distribution citation so that I can get my music out there a bit more. I know that the digital world is a great outlet, but there’s always money to get out there on the streets. The game is watered down now with social networks running things, but I try to keep some of the realness alive. Releasing music isn't a soundcloud upload. Why record a song and put online tomorrow for FREE? I've always kept my good music on my hard drive so I can have it mixed and mastered right before I release it to the public because I know how that helps your music get heard right. I take my time to think about how I would like my album cover to look like instead of taking a picture with my cell phone and hoping people will like it. So expect for me to keep it coming. Expect for me to take my label and companies to a corporate level. Once that happens, I’ll feel a bit more confident about saying what you should expect. 

But of course I have a few projects slated for 2014 release, but my mission is to take things to another level before that happens. Over that last few years, I've released 7 FREE mixtapes so I do not have any plans to give away my own music in the future. My last and final mixtape “No Filterz” did well; now it’s time to release some official music for sale.

Royalty Magazine: Tell us about Sir E-Moe. What are some of your goals in life and what are you trying to accomplish?  If you had the world’s attention at this very moment, what would you say?

E-Moe: That’s a good question because all $ir E-Moe wants is the world’s attention for a minute so that they could see there is another option in life. E-Moe wants black men to see that they don’t have to sell drugs, kill everybody, or even do drugs to be a rapper. E-Moe wants to show people that a record label isn't a gang but a business, and that we can make money using only pure talent if we believe in self.

A lot of people think that all it takes is a good video with girls walking around with they’re asses out is the image that’ll get it done. To me, that type of image is boring and overused in Hip Hop. I want to add a little change and keep some of the old school alive. My label will be a company that stands for music in every way! From Hip Hop, to R&B, to Rock, To Latin music, to Folk and Country music, I want Pay$tyle Music to be a label that does it all.

Royalty Magazine: From music to graphics to videos, you've been doing your thang for a while now. Your always grinding as well as improving yourself consistently.  What keeps you motivated to keep pushing?  What are some do's & don'ts you have learned throughout your years?

E-Moe: What motivates me is my history in the game. When I look back and notice all I have done, I become a fan of my own work. It shows me that I haven’t needed anyone through it all, but I've been able to help others like I wish people would've help me coming up! So I’m proud of everything I've been able to accomplish. Now it’s about calling on the right people in order to take it much further. My vision has always been to do what I have done. I haven’t even begun to do what I’m capable of, so all of this has been to prove to myself that I’m worthy. I am a good example of how practice makes perfect and how consistency can stand out just as much as having big money behind you. I’m only one person doing all of this, so just imagine how it will be when my company becomes big enough to hire a staff. That’s why I've learned everything hands on so that I’ll know how things should be done from experience. I’ll know how to hire proper graphic designers, studio engineers, song writers, producers, street teams, managers, receptionist, or promoters because I've spent a lot of time learning about each position as much as possible. They key is to not think that you know it all and always be open to learn.

Royalty Magazine: How do you feel about Hip Hop today? What are your predictions for the future?  Is it changing for the better or for worse?

E-Moe: Hip Hop is a joke if you ask me! I can’t believe some of the things rappers are able to get away with these days! Back in the day, MC Hammer did a Taco Bell commercial and cartoons, and everyone called him a sellout. He was taking Hip Hop to a Michel Jackson level if you asked me, but everybody turned their backs on him because he did what all rappers are doing now. But at least he was entertainment with the dancing. These rappers now days aren't doing anything but walking across the stage yelling on the mic. No creativity at all. The only artist that has pushed the line is Kanye, or maybe a Kendrick Lamar. And now they’re knocking them for being talented and taking their talents as far as possible. But if we walk around rapping like we don’t have any sense, or party our lives way, then it’s ok. I don’t know where the future of Hip Hop is headed, but I plan to do my part until I can’t anymore!!! I believe we have a chance to bring back the good feeling we once had in Hip Hop. We just have to do something about it instead of waiting for the powers that be to make it to happen.

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of Hip Hop, describe your role in it and what you do as a contributor to help keep it alive?

E-Moe: In my area, I’m known as a person that you can come to for answers. If I don’t know the answer, I’m good at using common sense to find a solution. I never want to be that person who comes up and changes when I make it happen. Even though most things have to change when you become much busier, but I’ll never turn my back on my people when they need me the most. When I think of any person I aim to follow, it would be Russell Simmons. I see myself as such a person for the next wave of Hip Hop. Most of today’s executives only handle a few things in their positions and tell others what to do, but I’m more hands on with in all aspects. So to me, I believe that my contribution to Hip Hop music will be, and has been enormous. I know that a lot of people on this planet have been inspired by what I've done which has given me the reason to do the same for many more.

Royalty Magazine:  What are some of your greatest accomplishments to date so far music wise and why?  Tell us one thing that you will do differently next year than you've done previous years before?

E-Moe: To date, I would say my greatest musical accomplishment would be being a part of Brotha Lynch Hung’s indie record label, Siccmade Muzicc. Since then, my greatest accomplishment has been keeping my name and my own vision alive. My EMOE TVEE production video company has made great progress, so I've been figuring out how to capitalize of that momentum also. I've done a great job on my own without any big name or money behind me, and that to me is a great accomplishment in these days of co-signs. I've learned never to wait on anyone, and that money talks better than anything. But I've also learned that all money isn't good money. A lot of people just want to be a part of the fad, and sometimes the hype going on can be just that – hype! Here today, gone tomorrow. This has prepared me for so called fame more than ever knowing that most people only want to spend money with you because you’re hot at the time.

Royalty Magazine: Any last thoughts or comments?  Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already?

E-Moe: I just want to inspire people to keep it pushing though it all. Good times can be found even through the bad times. The key is to stay productive. The more you accomplish the more power you obtain. Knowledge is just as good as money because it can be used to make some money. Use what you have, to get what you want in life. No one will give it to you; you have to earn it. Stop giving your music away for FREE and take time to create original ideas that will bring in money. Get your paper work together and copy write your music which will help you get paid for those views and plays. Don’t be a microwave artist like everyone else; let your meal (music) cook slowly in the oven!

Royalty Magazine:  Any peeps you want to shot out?  How can people keep up with you or check out some of your work?

E-Moe: Shout out to Taz, Streetz Radio, and Royalty Magazine, I am proud that our relationship has come this far. You have supported me since day one and I really appreciate it to the fullest. Shout out to my peoples from around my way who have supported E-Moe, PayStyle Music, Simple Art Graph-X and Photography, The Red C Recording Studio, and EMOE TVEE over the years; shout out E.Klips Da Hustla, 80 West, Don Blanco, Mo Betta, Lace Leno, Art B., Big Hollis, Prez and my UGS family. Also to everyone who have helped EMOE TVEE reach over 1 million views so far. 

Shout to everyone who has ever spent a dollar with me for any of my services, I will continue to grow with attempts to bring better service at all times. To find me log on to:
twitter: @emoe3000
intsagram: emoe3000, and don’t forget to log on to and to check out the movements and entertainment. 

I can also be reached by email at:

Thanks again for having me on the cover once again! Royalty!

written by TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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