Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Foundation - Tis' the Season to be Grindin'

Founder/Owner/CEO: TazDatMC
Bookings for Magazine Features:


Mailing Address: Royalty Magazine c/o Street Thoughts
PO BOX 21024
Seattle, WA 98111 


Chief Editor/Contributor: TazDatMC
Admin/Editor/Contributor: Lucius Black; Jess Keller
Other Contributors: E-Moe for SiMpLy Art Graph-X & Pay$tyle Music; Elegant Hoodness Musical Program; DJ Sincerce/DRTYBSMNT

Royalty Magazine is brought to you by TazDatMC (courtesy of Street Thoughts). Street Thoughts has been helping artists showcase their skills as well as promote their brand since 2001. From magazine features to radio play to mixtape placements to worldwide promo, Streetz continues to create opportunities to help artists/business professionals take their career to the next level. For more information please visit

Who is Tazzy? She is a female rapper/entrepreneur born and raised in the Seattle area. Influenced by music at an early age, Tazzy picked up her first mic at age 11 and hasn't looked back since. From an array of mixtapes/albums to worldwide collaborations to running her own magazine, radio station and hip-hop music community, Tazzy has proven why she is a force to be reckoned with.

For more on Tazzy and/or to check out her music, please visit or follow her on Twitter @TazDatMC


Royalty Magazine is on a nationwide search to find the next Mr. & Mz. Royalty.  By bringing classy back, Royalty is about showcasing your creativity, not just about exposing your body!  Standing behind the quality in their name, their mission is to bring you original, classy, sexy, tasteful & irreplaceable content.  I AM ROYALTY MODELS will benefit by gaining global exposure, print publication credits and an increase in popularity/network.

Are you an inspiring model or do you possess special skills?  Does your style, skills or personality make you sexy and/or stand out?  Do you light up the room with your million dollar style?  Visit for info on how you can submit to be an I AM ROYALTY MODEL.

Congrats to Kenneth Bowen & Anastazia who are our new Mr. & Mz. Royalty.

 What's Inside:

The Showcase: E-Moe, Young Dirt
Interviews by TazDatMC
Interviews & Write Ups by Lucius Black
Mixtape Reviews
Town Bizness (Northwest Hiphop)
Elegant Hoodness Musical Program
DJ Sincere/Drtybsmnt
And more...

If you would like to be a rep and/or distributor for Royalty, please visit us online at or hit us up on twitter @RoyaltyMagazine
This opportunity is open to businesses, stores, labels, artists, dj's, students and/or anyone looking to support a great cause as well as earn some extra $$$.


Help us expand our issue! Your donation and/or sponsorship of Royalty Magazine will help with the high costs of printing up our magazine. More money = more pages, which in return equals more content as well as opportunities being provided.  Donations are accepted online as well as direct mail.  You can also support just by purchasing a physical copy of Royalty Magazine!

 "Royalty is bringing hiphop back”....

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