Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marty McFly


LUCIUS: What's good? How's life treating you?
MCFLY: What's good, bro? I'm glad you asked. Life is on point right now with everything that is going on with me as a individual and my music. I'm enjoying every bit of it right now because it doesn't come twice.

LUCIUS: Although we are well into the New Year, let's reflect back a little on 2012.  What do you think you will remember most about 2012 as an artist?  What were some of your greatest moments or accomplishments?
MCFLY: Yeah, I can sure can reflect back to 2012 because that was when I actually started to record my music and got a lot more in the studio. The studio has been my home ever since. I actually was put on a couple of websites so that was a BIG accomplishment for me. As an artist in 2012 I think I will be remembered most with bringing back the Golden Age of Hip-Hop! I'm just tired of all this hype music in the ATL!

LUCIUS: Give me a bit of background on the stage name.
MCFLY: My stage name basically comes from the fictional character Marty Mcfly. I'm sure everyone has seen Back To The Future, right? Well, that's where my stage name came about. I believe even though that character is fictional I can relate very well to Marty Mcfly.

LUCIUS: So who or what inspired you to start doing music?
MCFLY: The person who inspired me to start making music was actually my older cousin Adi. We used to have this group called RTS where we all just freestyled and shit. That was when I discovered that I had a talent for music. We would Represent The South (RTS). (laughs) It brings back a lot of memories.

LUCIUS: Describe yourself as an artist.
MCFLY: The way I see myself as an artist is very different from all these other mainstream artists. I say that because I have a different delivery to the game. I don't say that just because I have a dope ass flow, though. I say that because I study the game and actually put a lot of effort into my lyrics. Hip-hop is coming back at last.

LUCIUS: How would you use your voice to try to breakthrough?
MCFLY: Very simple: be yourself!

LUCIUS: Along the way have you yourself ever struggled with any issues?  If so, what was the end result and/or what was your breakthrough point?
MCFLY: I guess you can say I have with not having anywhere to record and shit like that. The end of the result was very good because I waited for my moment and NOW it's finally here.

LUCIUS: In your opinion, what makes your music unique or a cut above the rest?
MCFLY: My lyrics

LUCIUS: Is there a verse of yours that stands out?
MCFLY: In my latest song "World Domination", I said: My flow efficiency, is an emission of potency/The cogency dismissing rappers who act phony/So I  Kraft the flow just like macaroni

LUCIUS: Is there a verse from any rapper that makes you truly excited about your music and music in general?
MCFLY: Yes, Logic recently had this one verse where he said, "My ex hit me talkin bout she wanna make up/But on the real, I got no time for cover girl/Music is my main bitch, no time for other girls".

LUCIUS: What can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects, tours or tracks that we should be checking for?
MCFLY: You can expect my first mixtape to drop. That's coming real soon so be on the look out for that. I hope to work with many artists who are not apart of the mainstream and some who are. Also, I should be doing a couple of shows and radio interviews which would be pretty dope. So I shall keep pushing myself to achieve these goals.

LUCIUS: Tell me one thing that you will do differently this year than previous years before?
MCFLY: Work even harder than I've worked before. I'll just be shooting for the stars because I want that Grammy!

LUCIUS: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypher, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?
MCFLY: If I ever got the chance I would probably team up with Joey Bada$$, Big Krit, Logic, Wiz Khalifa and many more. Except Eminem because he'd probably diss my ass. (laughs). Shout out to Eminem. That's a fucking legend!

LUCIUS: Tell me a little bit about your team.
MCFLY: I don't have a team. I have a family. Honestly these are the ones who've been down with me since day one.

LUCIUS: Are there any producers and/or artists you hope to work with?
MCFLY: It doesn't matter to me. I'm willing to work with any producer at any time. I really want to work with DJ Premier, though.

LUCIUS: So there is a lot of controversy behind Free Masons & artists being affiliated with or products of the Illuminati?  How do you feel about this and do you believe that the Illuminati exists?
MCFLY: I feel like that shit isn't a joke. This is actually a reality so I believe that the Illuminati really does exist.

LUCIUS: What do you hope to gain from your music both personally and professionally?
MCFLY: I want to be remembered as the only Bosnian to make it into the industry. That's from a personal view. As a profession I want a HUGE fan base because without your fans, you're nothing.

LUCIUS: Any last words, comments or shout outs? Anything you want to touch bases on that we haven't already?  Any misconceptions that you would like to clear up?
MCFLY: I really appreciate this interview! This was my first one and hopefully not my last. Shout out to my family though for keeping me on track and making me stay on top of my grind 24/7.

LUCIUS: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music. What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?
MCFLY: Right now people can keep up with my music on Soon I will be putting out videos onto YouTube so make sure to look out for those. I'll be all over the sites and hopefully on couple of radio stations.

written by Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine.

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