Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Knucklegame C.C. >>>SnappinNecks Since 2011

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's everything on your end?

Knucklegame: I'm good everything has been great no complaints here.
Royalty Magazine: How are you feeling about 2013 so far? Is it what you expected? Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?
Knucklegame: 2013 has been my best year yet and i definitely accomplished all my goals i set for this year and it's not even over yet i got alot more coming.
Royalty Magazine: 2014 is a few months away. What are your predictions about the upcoming year? Do you see the economy getting better or worse? Why or why not?

Knucklegame: The economy is still fucked up but i think everyone out there adjusted to whats going on in the world and started to really budget there money I believe it's going to just get better for the up coming year.
Royalty Magazine: In 2013 the envelope has continued to be pushed. Reality shows are getting wilder, men entertainers have start wearing skirts, more and more people are talking about the "Illuminati", etc. What are your thoughts about these issues?

Knucklegame: lol i don't know what these entertainers are thinking wearing skirts and shit looking like a fool i'm oldschool i don't like that shit and now with all these reality shows out there thats just the networks trying to get the highest ratings and to make the most money They don't give a shit about those people half of them will be in rehab or in jail in a few years and then they will stick them on Dr. Drew to get more ratings lol  and this whole thing about Illuminati to me is just a bunch of bullshit.
Royalty Magazine: On a lighter note, what can we expect to see or hear from you later this year or early next year? Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?

Knucklegame: I got afew projects already set ready to go for next year and i also got one in talks right now it's not set in stone but hopefully i can get off the ground and make some money.
Royalty Magazine: Not to give too much away but briefly discuss the project(s) you have coming.

Knucklegame: I wish i could talk about them but you know how it goes business can go sour really fast i don't wanna spoil it.
Royalty Magazine: How do you feel about hip-hop today? What are your predictions for the future? Is it changing for the better or for worse?

Knucklegame: I mean it's kinda corny right now but thats not the artists fault they got people all around them telling them what to sound like or to be like they're being treated like puppets But in the past year or so i've seen alot of young talent underground artists with great mic skills that keep the true essence of hip hop and not sounding like evey rapper on the radio or tv So i beleive it's going to get better.
Royalty Magazine: Speaking of hip-hop, describe your role in it and what you do as an contributor to help keep it alive?

Knucklegame: Well i'm not and Mc or a Dj i'm a jeweler my focus is on the underground artist and the older cats that been in the game for 20 years making hits i try to keep they're music alive by posting there music to the younger crowd that might have never heard of some of the artists i grew up listening too.
Royalty Magazine: Is there any one thing that sets you apart as an artist? If so, what is it?

Knucklegame: If your looking for one word it would be "Unique" i might look young and handsome but i'm alittle rough around the edges i'm not perfect and that shows in the work that i do.
Royalty Magazine: Any last thoughts or comments? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already?

Knucklegame: Yes i do Life Is Short stop all the negativity get off your ass and work and stay postive good things happen when you do right.
Royalty Magazine: Any peeps you want to shout out? How can people keep up with you or check out some of your work?

Knucklegame: I can go on for hours with the shout outs But let me give you my contact info first...Email: 
Twitter: @knucklegame401  Instagram: @snappinnecks FaceBook @KnucklegameClayChains or @snappinnecks and @knucklegame or just google KnuckleGameClayChains all one word.

Now for the Shout Outs ! Big thank you to Danielle at GillaHouse S/O to RusteJuxx and OneClickBangand my nephew J-el they been supporting me since the beginning S/O to BankaiFam,BackBlockGang,BlockExchange,BadaBingEnt,The Og BennyHill S/O to RedMan,Treach,JaRule,DefRugs,DefSquad,ErickSerman,MethodMan,Mr.Cheeks S/O to everyone that purchased a custom piece From RhodeIsland to NewYork CrownHeights ,Brooklyn to NewJersey to down south to the WestCoast to france,Canada,New Zealand to all over the world.  I Thank You Very much  and in the words of DroPesci "When I Blow Up Don't Show Up".

written by TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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