Tuesday, November 6, 2012

‘Yellow’ and an Apology (Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

I’m first going to apologize to you all. It’s odd to do at the beginning of a review but I thought it was necessary. Why? Because I, in my preoccupation with everything else I looked past California rapper Dom Kennedy. It was a grievous mistake, one that I hope you all can forgive me for.
What made me feel the need for this?

Dom’s mixtape Yellow Album.

In my personal experiences albums with colored (I hope no one was offended here) titles have been rather legendary in comparison to other. Let’s take three examples here: Jay-Z’s The Black Album, The Game’s The R.E.D. Album, and The Beatles’ The White Album. Just based on this precedence I was expected much of the same from Dom Kennedy.

He doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a collection of cool sounds and even cooler flows. Dom Kennedy truly evokes the soul of great West Coast legends before him.

I saw this on numerous tracks. And as you’ve come to expect I’ll share with you which ones. Let’s begin.

 My Type Of Party” sounds like a good ass party, to be completely honest. More to the point it sounds like that scene in the club where you break off from your boys and try to talk to that sexy girl you’ve all been eyeing across the dance floor. Listen to it and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

Don’t Call Me” is pure West Coast with a touch of something that sounds like Jodeci or 36 Mafia. I can’t really tell at this point between the two extremes but it works wonderfully. The sounds of Too $hort makes this track ooze that California vibe that Dr. Dre, Snoop, and the aforementioned $hort have perfected. Dom adds his lot in with those legends.

5.0 | Conversations” hits like a weed induced daydream or a slowed down lyrical Quaalude that binds you within slow grooves and pounding bass. It’s probably a hit or two more addictive than marijuana.

Of all the tracks mine would have to be the Rick Ross assisted “Gold Alpinas”. It’s a beautiful piece of hip-hop. I enjoy Dom’s repetitive and highly rhymed delivery on this one. Ross’ guttural grunt and his voice add to the ethereal cool of this whole song. The female vocalist who sings behind the beat is amazing as well. Everything here works.

Dom, readers, I apologize. This is a masterpiece, one that make you rethink yellow as the color of a coward. 

*Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for @RoyaltyMagazine

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