Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Good Omen..(Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

The phrase ‘good omen’ is usually said to describe a sign that tends to show and/or lead to something that can be seen as a blessing. By calling this article ‘A Good Omen’ I imagine I’m either commenting on the mixtape or I’m commending rapper/producer Omen (@Omen) on his skills by using an interesting if not slightly ironic play on words.

Let’s just say I’m doing both.

I’ve heard Omen before on J. Cole mixtapes, the two I’m mostly thinking of being The Warm-Up (“The Badness”)  and Any Given Sunday #1 (“Pity”). I downloaded his mixtape Black Super Hero Musick based off the strength of those collaborations with J. Cole.

I kept listening based on his lyrical strength.

The first song that I fell in love with was “A Pimp Told Me”. It begins with an old school pimp disseminating the essentials of his craft to an up and comer. It also found it clever that my favorite track from the tape is playing in the background of the conversation (“Falling Leaves”). On this fast paced track he features Nickelus F, A.P, Naturel, A.R.N.D, Damani and Skeme. Quite a roster (or a stable given the subject matter).

My perusal then brought me to “HomeComing”. Right from the beginning I was reminded of Young Jeezy’s “Go Crazy” by the boisterous and highly instrumental start. But that was where the similarities really stop. This is an epic sort of track. This feels like the kind of track that the Miami Heat should have played as they rode through those Florida streets with their brand new championship. It’s that kind of track.

Now on to my favorite track of the mixtape.

Falling Leaves

The vibe here is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Lame, I know. But it fits this one so well. The hook is buttery smooth and well delivered. Here Omen is assisted by Chase N. Cashe, Ashton Travis, and TS Rose. The piano breakdown at the end fits so well here that I cannot accurately describe it words great enough. I’ve been listening to this song at least twice an hour since I first heard it.

Luv Me Tomorrow” is geared towards the ladies with a pretty pointed message in the hook. What’s that message?
If you love me tomorrow, it’s too late/If you love me tomorrow, I won’t stay.

Having gone through that one I can relate. This song features Karina Pasian, Mashonda, The Force, and Amanda Seales. Amazing on top of amazing, really.

This mixtape makes me truly upset that I didn’t listen to his first mixtape. But more than that this mixtape makes me continue my love affair with Lady Hip-Hop.

A good omen, really.

*Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for @RoyaltyMagazine

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