Tuesday, November 6, 2012

R.O.D. (Below the Radar) Stand Up or Fall Back Issue


So, what are you willing to “Ride or Die” for? Love, Loyalty, Respect, or all of the above? R.O.D. has set out to show the world that they are willing to ride or die for all of the above, especially their music. Hailing from Alabama, Wii2 and Rimmy formed the group R.O.D. because of their passion for music. Young and talented, they knew they had a purpose to speak for those that didn’t have a voice. They wanted to represent for the youth of their city, their community, and Alabama as a whole to show and prove that Hip Hop does reside in the South. With their country swag and charm, R.O.D. is not only reppin for the fella’s, but they are a definitely a hit with the ladies. They will give you that southern hospitality. Now Seniors in High School, as they get ready to walk across that big stage they also prepare themselves to rock every other big stage in this music game. Ready for the big leagues. Ready for prime time. R.O.D. is definitely ready to RIDE OR DIE! Sit back and Face The Muzik.

Ms. FeFe: For those that don’t know, what does R.O.D. signify?

R.O.D.: R.O.D. signifies loyalty, love, and working hard for this music we love. Basically we gone "RIDE OR DIE" for this music we love.

Ms. FeFe: A lot of people use the term “Ride or Die” for whatever reasons in their everyday life. What does “Ride or Die” mean to you when it comes to your music and your careers?

R.O.D.: When it comes to music and our careers "Ride or Die" means to be consistent. There are a lot of "one hit wonders" and we are not going to be one of those. Our C.E.O Trosky Long makes us put quality and energy into our craft. We are very passionate when it comes to our music. In this industry you have to continuously work to keep your name buzzing and to be successful. If you don't your Career will die therefore the term "RIDE OR DIE".

Ms. FeFe: How long have you guys been doing music, solo and as a group?

R.O.D.: (Rimmy) Basically we been doing this music for about a year and a half, as a group we been together for 6 months.

(Wii2) I've been music for about a year just doing my own mix tapes and that's how me and Rimmy hooked up.

Ms. FeFe: How did your deal with Face The Muzik Ent. come about?

R.O.D.: (Rimmy) Trosky Long, C.E.O. of Face the Muzik Entertainment went to school with my stepfather, Marlon Hunt. When my stepfather found out about me rapping, he called Trosky and got me an audition. I went over his house and rapped for him and this was before he started the label or anything. Soon after that I was signed to FtM.

(Wii2) Basically I met our C.E.O. Trosky Long through Rimmy because we were apart of a group called Trackstarz which consisted of another member from our high school by the name of Quantez. Quantez was a year ahead of me & Rimmy so by the time we both signed the deal, Quantez couldn't be apart of the group. I signed my deal first and Rimmy signed soon after and here we are known to the world as R.O.D.

Ms. FeFe: You guys represent Alabama, a state that rarely gets any recognition as far has Hip Hop goes. How is the music scene in Alabama and why do you think your state is so slept on?

R.O.D.: For starters, nobody expects anybody with hip hop sense to come out the state of Alabama because people consider this state "Country" or "slow". Anybody who has came out of Alabama hasn't been diverse enough to blast off and takeover the mainstream like MC's from other southern states. Alabama is full of talent from top to bottom and its our time to be heard by the world.

Ms. FeFe: Who or what are some of your inspirations when it comes to music?

R.O.D.: (Rimmy) My Grandfather is a big influence in my life. He's always talking
motivation in my ear which inspires me to go harder and be relentless in whatever I do.

(Wii2) Mine are the great MC's who came before me like The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. The way they made music will probably never be duplicated but that inspires me to be the greatest MC that I can because I want to revolutionize the game. My favorite MC's out now are Wale & Tyga whom I respect to the fullest in this rap game.

Ms. FeFe: Where can your fans get your music and  keep informed on everything R.O.D.?

R.O.D.: Fans can download the R.O.D. App available on Android & iPhone smartphones absolutely free to everybody. Also checkout our website Facethemuzikent.com for our latest videos, webisodes, and vlogs. Last but not least check us out on Reverbnation, Facebook & Twitter.

(Rimmy) Follow me on Twitter @kingrimmy & on Facebook "Radrequez Williams"

(Wii2) Follow me on Twitter @Wii2tho & on Facebook "WiiWii Spitfire"

Ms. FeFe: You two will be graduating High School soon. It is always a plus to have a backup plan if music doesn’t pan out. What are some of your life goals beyond this music business?

R.O.D.: (Rimmy) I plan to start college at Alabama A&M next fall. I don't know exactly what I want to major in but I'll know before the time comes. I want to stress to you and all our fans that we will not be denied when it comes to the music "RIDE OR DIE".

(Wii2) All I know is that music has my heart and its my passion and when we say we gone "RIDE OR DIE" for our music thats exactly what I plan to do. If you got a plan B that means you think plan A is going to fail!

Ms. FeFe: When it’s all said and done, how do you want the world to remember R.O.D.?

R.O.D.: We want people to remember us as innovators, MC's who changed the game for the better. We will never fit in just to do so because when its all said and done R.O.D. will go down as one of the greatest rap group/duo ever. Most importantly we want to be known as "Good People" who built up their community and state instead of tearing it down.

Ms. FeFe: Any last words or shout outs?

R.O.D.: (Rimmy) I gotta send a shout to God, my entire family, and my C.E.O. Trosky Long who took a chance and believed in me. Special shout out to my label mate Soopa L. Y'all look out for this cat, he's been a big asset to my career.

(Wii2) I also would like to thank God, my family for their love and support, also our C.E.O. Trosky Long for believing in me and R.O.D. Also I gotta send a shout out to my hood "L TOWN" for having my back. I told y'all I was gonna bring it home. FACE THE MUZIK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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