Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DJ Tarique (E.H.M.P.) Stand Up or Fall Back Issue

N.A.B.: So tell us how did your whole DJ career start? What gave you that initial push?

DJ TARIQUE: To be honest DJ Jus. He was a kid like me and standing on milk crates scratching and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

N.A.B.: Are you an emcee as well when you’re doing events?

DJ TARIQUE: Yea, when it’s time to take over the party, I get on the Mic make sure the ladies with me and the fella’s ready to pop them bottles!

N.A.B.: How would you define your style or character?

DJ TARIQUE: As a person, I’m chill, calm and very laid back. Very trendy and cool. As a DJ, I’m confident, fun, funny and swaged out, lol

N.A.B.: How do you motivate the crowd when the atmosphere seem to be dull?

DJ TARIQUE: Let’s get some bottles in the air. The more you drink the better you feel, right? I always play the newest and hottest sh*t.

N.A.B.: What brand of equipment do you use?

DJ TARIQUE: Serato, Pioneer CDJs and Rane or Pioneer mixer is my tool for the club. Mix tapes same thing, Garage Band and Pro-tools

N.A.B.: Within this last year of doing parties, which one has stood out the most?

DJ TARIQUE: Loverance UP” was a movie his first time in South Florida, party was turnt up! Waka and Iguanan was that theory too!

N.A.B.: What genre are you most interested in playing if you could more often?

DJ TARIQUE: R&B, Old School, Hip Hop, really whatever the crowd is there for. I read the audience.

N.A.B: Who do you consider the biggest DJ of the past and present?

DJ TARIQUE: Past - DJ Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, DJ AM, Clue, Funk Master Flex. Present - DJ Khaled, Drama, David Guetta, Prostyle, Camilo.

N.A.B.: How do you get around all the tension that builds around the music business?

DJ TARIQUE: Tension? What’s that? We don’t see know tension!

N.A.B.: Where have you traveled in the past 2 years? Where do you look to do a party that you haven’t done so yet?

DJ TARIQUE: Too many places to name I’ve been. I’m trying to do something in Japan and Africa, haven’t been there yet.

N.A.B.: How would describe the party scene today?


N.A.B.: Are your sets pre planned?

DJ TARIQUE: Nope, real DJ’s play off the cuff!

N.A.B.: Talk about what’s going on in your world presently?

DJ TARIQUE: I’m working on a lot of things outside of DJing, Stay Tuned!

N.A.B.: What type of experience do you seek to give once the party is over?

DJ TARIQUE: I want the crowd to feel like I’m there friend. I want to be there favorite DJ and someone they will always remember!

N.A.B.: What else is it you do other than being a DJ?

DJ TARIQUE: So many things in this music business.

N.A.B.: How do you decide your selection of music?

DJ TARIQUE: The crowd’s reaction. Test records lets me know what direction to go.

N.A.B.: When you’re on the set, do you put on a performance or just make sure you play the best music for that particular event?


N.A.B.: Are you inspired by anyone?

DJ TARIQUE: The DJ’s that came before me and also TJ Chapman TJSDJS (Bob’s Manager) soon you’ll see why!

Written by Special Gift (N.A.B.)

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

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