Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mar-Q (E.H.M.P.) Stand Up or Fall Back Issue


Brooklyn born and raised, Mar-q began rapping at age 14. By the age of 18 he began to take it seriously, being one of the founding members of a group called O.T.V. now known as S.C.F. (Soul City Family). After a while he began working with a Brooklyn producer by the name of Atlaz Drama. While still associated with his former allies, Mar-q plans to take his musical career to the next step. Now moving forward with a "wall street" attitude and a "street" style. Coming up in the 90's era of hip hop, but aware of hip-hop's current state, Mar-q plans to make whatever music he wants while still making music that people like.

E.H.M.P: How are you doing today? Tell the readers who may not have yet to become acquainted, who Mar-q is?

Mar-Q: I'm doing alright just chillin, grindin but still chill. As far as whom Mar-q is, I'm a laid back dude with some unsavory opinions. I'm real cool and easy to get along with however my true thoughts are not meant for a general audience. When It comes to me as an artist your going to get a cynic, sarcastic jerk, with creative concepts and one of the craziest flows ever. I make a couple "radio style" songs but for the most part I love to decimate beats.

E.H.M.P: As a striving artist how would you explain your journey as an artist once you decided that music was what you wanted to pursue?

Mar-Q: It's crazy because I went from having 2 producers, 2 studios, and 2 teams to having nothing. I think having everything in place made me relax and take it easy, but when I no longer could just call some one up to give me a beat or studio time, that's when I had to get serious. Not having any type of support makes you sit down and really decide do you want to do this. Knowing that I'm going to be at shows by myself, promote by myself, and create all my own opportunities, really tested how serious I am. So I knew I wanted to pursue it because I was going to be rapping whether it was professionally or casually. One more thing that really Inspired me to keep at this was the fact that there was a point I was working in corporate America and not really rapping at all, but my homeboy called me late one night and said, "my bad for callin you so late but I just heard that song about your aborted child.....that shit was deep son.....the world has to hear your music".

E.H.M.P: What is the motivation behind the music and how has past experience prepared you for where you are at now?

Mar_Q: Damn, I kind of answered this already but let me get more in depth. I always loved to create complex or catchy rhythms that could not be done by most rappers. The fact that I could just take some words and paint a picture, induce a feeling or just create a clever punch line is too much fun . Nothing is better than making some Ill song or verses and people having that genuine, "OH SHIT" reaction. I also like to bring a more "human" element to my music. I like to speak about regular things that everyday people go through, just with a creative twist. Simply put the artistic side of this rap thing is what pushes me. Oh yeah..... It's also the fact that I completely maul and destroy beats but people love to act like I'm not killin it. Something about the fact that I feel soooo fronted on makes me want to keep pushing. I want to reach a point where it becomes impossible to pretend that I'm not murdering it.

E.H.M.P: Tell us what your latest project and the concept behind your music?

Mar-Q: Well my last project was "Underground vs Commercial", the whole concept behind it was to have every odd song be something commercial and every even song something deep. If you listen to one song, I'm talking about what if rap was like a supermarket. Listen to another song and I'm just talking about how I love to get drunk. I wanted to capture fans of both underground and commercial rap. I also want to speak about a video I just put out called "Mash freestyle", that's got me a little love and people talking, quite simply cause I killed it. Since the "Mash freestyle" got so much love I decided to make a mixtape called "Beats Bodied By Bars", that will have the same style and approach. I will be working closely and exclusively with 2 producers so this project should be crazy.

E.H.M.P: How would you say your up bringing and environment influenced your music and how do you use that to separate yourself from other artists?

Mar-Q: Well honestly, my upbringing only has slight influence on my music. You may hear me reference to drug dealing, scams, and gun play but for the most part I dont really speak on it. I always thought out side of the box, just because something surrounds me does'nt mean I have to mess with it. I'm really anti- tradition so my upbringing also plays little part in my music, and thats not to say that none of my experience goes into my music. I definitly will express my pain, joy and journey but at the end of the day I choose who I want to be; the same way I choose what my music is about.

E.H.M.P: Now I have to say congrats to winning Team N.A.N Award at the Elegant Hoodness Showcase event in NY Aug 15th. What was the experience like and would you refer this program to other artists?

Mar-Q: Thank you kindly, and I would definitely tell other artists to get down with the get down. It's funny because I wasn't going to go because of the rain. A.D. actually made fun of me for that when I won, I thought there would not be a good turn out due to the rain. Magazines, radio stations, known artist, distribution deals, prizes and more, it doesn't make sense to not be apart of this if you're an upcoming artist.

E.H.M.P: Please let the readers know where they can connect with you and your music, where artist can hit you up for collabs, and lastly any shouts?
Mar-Q:  For blogs, pictures, new music, contact info, and everything Mar-q go to LegendarySage.blogspot.com    and I gotta shout out T Boye from Majority Stake ENT, Soul City Family, Atlaz Drama and Jamia for putting me on to this. 
Courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program
Written by: Jamia Parks/GlobalShyne INC

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