Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Behold The ‘Wrath’!! (Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

If you’re a student of Greek mythology you are well aware of a few things. You know of Aphrodite’s beauty (and the desires they inspired), the wisdom of grey eyed Athena, or even the power of Poseidon’s waters.

But above all else you learn of Zeus. You learn of his birth, his freeing his siblings, and his leading them into the war with the Titans. Hell, you even learn about Zeus and his philandering ways. Yet above all else you learn of the wrath of Zeus.

In another way I did the same way.

I’ve been listening to the indie hip-hop scene as of late and amid my travels I discovered Buggs Tha Rocka (@ROCKABOY). The title of his mixtape is The Wrath of Zeus, which is the reason for that wonderful introduction. As you’d expect given the subject matter there is the occasion crash of thunder within certain tracks. So let’s get down to the business of the review.

The Wrath of Zeus is a sonic wonder in my opinion. My ears were treated to good sounds and well thought out punch lines. Even his voice is different, not so much deep but perfect for what it is he’s saying.

Night of the Living Dead” is an amazing beginning to this effort. The hook is handled well by vocalist Koren Love. Her voice collides with his verses in an effortless sort of way, almost as if they’ve been doing this forever. I loved it and it’s probably one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape.

Then there was the title track. “The Wrath of Zeus” starts with that aforementioned thunder and an introduction about the title named Greek god. From there we enter a world of really good hip-hop. Something in that delivery over that beat makes me believe he will be amazing if given the opportunity.

Hold Me Back” was without a doubt my favorite. The refrain is the title spoken in a high pitched repetition that does something to you. Listen to it for a minute or two. It’s a guaranteed head nodding track. Trust me on this. I’m listening to it and I’m nodding right now.

Other tracks you should check out include “Rap Upgraded”, “Stephanie’s Song”, “Chicken Soup 4 Tha Soul” and “Rebel Music”.

In closing I have never seen a wrath that is so well done.

Even if it belongs to Zeus. 

*Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for @RoyaltyMagazine

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