Tuesday, July 10, 2012

St Lou (Below the Radar) Summer Grind Issue 2012

E.H.M.P: Tell the reader's something that may not know about St. Lou the artist?
St. Lou: I'm a young rapper from South Jamaica Queens, background is Jamaican, My favorite rapper isFabulous, I love working on music and making people laugh
E.H.M.P: What and or who influenced you to pursue a career in music?
St. Lou: Being around my cousin Dj Monumental a lot made me to do music, he always took me along with him when he was Dj'n at clubs or shows and it made me want to get involved.
E.H.M.P: How can you say you have grown as an artist from the age of 13 when you started to now?
St. Lou: I matured and my lyrics has more meaning to them. When I was rapping at 13, I was rapping about a bunch of non sense but it sounded good to a lot of people. Now I do songs based on experience or what people can relate to
E.H.M.P: What has St. Lou been up to since the “No Time To Waste” Mix tape Series and what can the fans expect in the near future?
St. Lou: I just been making songs left and right, doing a lot of shows and trying to get my buzz up. I feel like I'm a young talented artist. I just need the right push to really make it big. In the future most likely give the fans/supporters another "No Time To Waste" Mix tape. Plenty of  great songs, shows and videos so look out for that.
E.H.M.P: How did you become acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and how has it benefited you thus far?
St. Lou: Dawn Ellison, I gotta love her. She told me "Baby you gotta do this show, I know u gonna do good" 1st performance, I came in 3rd as a new act. Second time I performed I got theTeam NAN award. Shows the crowd really feel my songs and how I perform. It benefited me a lot, So many radio interviews it felt so good. I can tell all the radio interviews I did, people like me and see that I'm a humble kid trying to make it with good concept/lyrical music.
E.H.M.P: What has been the best advice you have been given by anyone and who? Lastly, do you have any shout outs and tell the people where they can link up with you and your music?
St. Lou: My Mom, Grandma, Aunts, Cousins, Dawn Ellison & Supporters all tell me the same thing. "Keep working hard and being humble, believe and in God and take your time. Your going to get to where you need to be soon because you got potential." I'm living by that. Shout outs to my team $Livin Rich$, Dope Society, My bro Breezy, South Side Jamaica Queens, My Cousin Dj Monumental, Dawn Ellison, A.D. and Elegant Hoodness, My Family, and My Supporters that always be rocking out wit me.

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Written By: Jamia Parks (courtesy Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012

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