Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smokey (Below the Radar) Summer Grind Issue 2012


N.A.B.: In reading your bio I noticed this statement, "Believing that the hip hop industry is ridden with repetition, Smokey seeks only to bring hip hop forward, by being reminiscent of the past". Will you elaborate some on that?
SMOKEY: By bringing back more word play and creativity into music. Not just bubble gum lyrics some artist are getting away with in today's music.  
N.A.B.: What is differentiates Smokey from another hip hop or r&b artist? 
SMOKEY: Different types of quality music that I make from telling music stories that people go through. Or making that type of sound that's sticks in your head and head and you end singing it for no reason.   
N.A.B.: Who have influenced you thus far in the industry? t
SMOKEY: A lot of great's like Wyclef, T.I., Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Outkast, Diddy and list goes on and on. The few artist I just mentioned are the mean ones. I give them the utmost respect because the music they make and being business mined outside of music industry. They live by the same thing that motivation code I live by which is "No Days Off".   
N.A.B.: Tell us some factors about yourself that we should know and understand as far as what your looking to achieve?
SMOKEY: I don't take loosing, failing or the word "NO" lightly, it's always been a dream of mines to continue delivering good music for the world to hear and not just a small community. I'm talking about abusing my passport every chance I get and spending more time outside my house than inside, (that's where "No Days Off" come in to play at).
N.A.B. How did you become acquainted with Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How was the experience? What are the benefits you've noticed?
SMOKEY: Through DJ Tarique and I got admit that event was pretty fun meeting and networking with different people through out that night. 
N.A.B.: Tell us about the latest music you've been making? 
SMOKEY: That would be my latest single which is called "Party Animal", which goes on and talking about educated females/woman who love to party and have a great time, when it comes to the night life. After a long week of working hard and studying all woman want to unleash that inner party animal feeling out and just live life that night after night until it's back to working and school again.
N.A.B.: Which particular track have you bought forth that hits close to home for you, if any? Elaborate some on why.
SMOKEY: "Say a prayer" because growing up as a youth I never had it easy to where I get whatever I wanted and being raised by a single mother making minimum wage. My street life and among other things I've come across in my life. So going through it and seeing better day's now means my blessing are coming and stopping no time soon.   
N.A.B.: Where can we find your music? Any shout out's? 
SMOKEY: Everywhere from Reverbnation, Youtube "SmokeyFanClub" to me posting and keeping my fan dated on twitter, (@Smokey305)


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