Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Approach Of The Grammys

It’s that time of year again. The season of the Grammys is upon us. As you listen to the efforts of those in the music industry you are enjoying (or despising) what you’re hearing while all the time wondering who among them will be gifted with that gilded gramophone before all their peers.

Sometimes who gets the Grammy is a complete shock to everyone, even the one getting them. But I think that’s the fun of the whole event.

The shock.

The anticipation.

All of it adds up to a wonderful night. I personally can’t wait.

Another aspect that makes this night so special would be the performances. It seems like for one night everything that you know about artists jumps out of the window. Who can forget the night when Eminem, a man gay rights activists had been at war with at the time over what his lyrics had been saying, teams with the legendary (and admitted homosexual) artist Elton John to give us a wonderful performance of “Stan”? I can’t. The same can be said when Beyonce and Prince took the stage together. To me it felt like a perfect collusion of the past and the present, despite my own personal opinions of Miss Knowles.

What I also love about the Grammys is the electricity of the night. You can almost feel it, even sitting at home watching on your TV. For example, last year was a big year for Lady Antebellum. They won a lot of awards that night and you could see that overwhelming them and making them happier even when they first learned that their juggernaut of a song “I Need You Now” was nominated.

Another electric moment was when Lil’ Wayne won his first ever Grammy for Album of the Year. I was over the moon because I was ecstatic for him and for the fact that Tha Carter III had done so well. Plus the fact that he clicked his heels together and jumped in celebration are the moments that are classic and live on forever.

The Grammys are coming soon, folks. I’ve seen some commercials for it and I am excited to see Rihanna perform with Coldplay. Plus I am so curious to see who wins this year. The field is full this year so it promises to be one for the ages. So as it approaches I wait on bated breath and on the edge of my seat.

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