Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T.I. vs. T.I.P. vs. DOC

Scandal and bad choices have been toppling people’s music careers since the very beginning of music. I once spoke of Nelly and his uses for a credit card being his downfall. We all saw how drugs all but destroyed the golden pipes of the beloved Whitney Houston. A few punches gave Chris Brown’s career quite the tumble a few years back as I’m sure you all remember.

Sex scandals and sex tapes don’t always spell doom for careers. On one side you have R. Kelly and his antics which seemingly went unpunished and Mystikal who spent years away in prison for forcing himself on an assistant as hip-hop’s landscape changed under foot. Ray J wasn’t (and still isn’t) popular enough to have been negatively affected by his lackluster sex tape. The only bad thing that came from that would be Kim Kardashian.

Another career defining moment would be prison. Many careers have gone in to never recover. C-Murder’s career was a casualty of lockdown as well as Shyne. To a certain extent Beanie Sigel’s hip-hop aspirations went much the very same way. There are more to be named but I must get to the central topic here.

Like the sex scandals a prison stint does not always lead to ruin. Recently incarcerated rappers such as Gucci Mane and Lil’ Wayne had a wonderfully easy time bouncing back. I suspect that was because of the fans and their love for them. Boosie, who looks like he may be in for a while, is still loved and his career has grown due to the masses teeming that they should “free Boosie”. This also rung true for a legend. I speak of course of the late Pimp C.

But of all the rappers ever incarcerated T.I. seems to be an obvious winner.

Just think about it.

Every time T.I. goes into lock up (which this writer feels is a bit too often), he comes back with an amazing set of songs.

I don’t think you need examples but for the sake of argument and this article I will give them to you.

Urban Legend.


Paper Trail.

These three T.I. albums came when he was either heading off to prison or just getting out of prison. And each one of them is without a doubt amazing. Strong features, great production, memorable lyrics, and great videos surround these efforts.

Knowing this and knowing that T.I. is home from his latest stint there is but one question to ask…

Are you ready for T.I.’s upcoming Trouble Man to come out and are you ready for it to be ANOTHER classic?

I am.

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