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Out the Box (Fall Back Issue) October

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The Story:

The first public appearance of the band under the name "No Evidence" took place on 4th October, 2009 at the Tribute to Scorpions Festival. This date could be considered as the oficial band's date of birth.

However, the most amount of songs that further were included to the 1st album were written long before - in 1999. At that time a band with a strange name Tearful Juice was founded by the guitarist Dima Petrov and drummer Serge Zarudny. It was funny, but Serge impressed Dima 1st of all as a singer, but not a drummer)). - "Oh, as I can see you like David Coverdale too!", asked Dima once when Serge was experimenting with a microphone. The answer was "Who is that?"


The guys wrote some songs and began to play live concerts together with other musicians (Mike Kolesnik, the current No Evidence's guitar player, was among them for some time). Unfortunately, they stopped their activity in couple of years and decided to develop their careers in separate ways not connected with the music.

But the love of rock music was so strong and life without it was so poor that some time after Dima and Serge began to look around to recommence the music career. And in 2006 it was happened - it was the TJ's reunion with Dima, Serge and Mike. The guys engaged Serge's childhood friend Max Shahura (bass) and Fedor Popov (drums).

Starting from 2008 the band (No Evidence) consists of the following members:

Dima Petrov

 Serge Zarudny

Mike Kolesnik

Max Shahura

Dima "Vincent" Vinnikov


In May 2010 the band has supported Swiss hard rockers Gotthard at their Moscow show. It should be noted, that Gotthard musicians had listened to No Evidence music by themselves to approve the band to enter the show.

In August 2010 No Evidence became a participant of rock festival "Rock Wave 2010" at the coast of the Black Sea (Crimea, Ukraine). There the band has played on the same stage with the well-known Russian and Ukranian rockers — Slot, Mavrin, Tracktor Bowling, Role Model, etc.
Currently, the band is working at the studio on the material for the 2nd album that is expected to be even more powerful, energetic and diverse. One of the reasons is  that the band members Mike Kolesnik and Max Shashura and a soundengineer Dan Krasnikov will appear as the authors of some new songs.

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Silvina is a Latin/Spanish, singer songwriter, whose main past influence has been her Spanish Rock band background.Her musical sound is an electronic/acoustic blend of a variety of instruments, resulting in a very rich, authentic fusion of many different elements.

Her intellectual lyrics and melodic sound are musically surprising and gritty, light though profund, capable of stirring people's souls into action.

Her lyrics are empowering, compelling, and non comformist; her topics range from social issues, to love gone wrong, to deep personal ones.

Her story is that one of an immigrant coming to the USA at a  young age. Her battles had been those of survival, personal self discovery,  failure and glory. Never forgetting her Argentinian roots, she sets off on a musical journey that speaks of her life-long vision : expressing her soul's desires through music.Click Here for Silvina's facebook page.

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