Saturday, September 10, 2011

Town Bizness (Fall Back Issue 2011)

Highlighting Talented Artists From the Great NorthWest!

What does the town have brewing at the moment?  Peep Game:

NW Spotlight "Archie Bellz"

 Archie Bellz - BIOGRAPHY

Royalty Magazine: Archie Bellz whuts good?  How has your summer been going?

Archie Bellz:  The summer was great I did alot of shows and my support is crazy right now.

Royalty Magazine: That's wassup!  Tell us the concept behind the name and what prompted the change from Knowledge to Archie?

Archie Bellz:  Knowledge is still my name but I just wanted to have a new fresh start with my music, so like a new beginning so to speak.

Royalty Magazine: I can dig it!  Being from the town (Seattle), who would you say are some local artists to look out for and why?

Archie Bellz:  Well I would say, there talented and they got what it takes:
Juga hill
Jesse James
Fly Boy Jody

Royalty Magazine: Okay, now what makes you stand out as an Artist?  What are some skills you bring to the table?

Archie Bellz:  I'm different!!! My random bars, my energy and my charm. I like being me!  Official baby!

Royalty Magazine: That's what it's all about.  I like being me too lol.  Over the years, Seattle has had its own lil divisions within its own community (such as people claiming the CD or the Southend, Franklin vs Garfield, Seattle or Tacoma)...In your opinion, what would it take to bring us together as a unit or a movement?

Archie Bellz:  Bring us together??? Good fuckin question I must say. Only way this is goin' to happen is if somebody gets known (signed) and gives back. Until then it's just goin' to be a million of us racing for the spot! Gettin No where...

Royalty Magazine: Real talk. I like how you put that.  Nonetheless, there is also a lot of undiscovered talent out here, why do you think we are so slept on?

Archie Bellz:  Somebody gotta have some ballz (like myself) and push the hell outta the music . No holds bars, Seattle is sooo known, we just need a chance (which is coming soon)! I feel it...

Royalty Magazine: Yeah I know what you mean.  I feel like it's only a matter of time.  We will get our time to shine one way or another.  If you could do a collab with your top 3 mainstream artists, who would they be and why?

Archie Bellz:  Nas kuz he's one of the first; LL cool J - Need I say more?; Snoop Dogg feat Archie Bellz (One day)...

Royalty Magazine: That's wassup! What are some projects that you are currently working on and/or released?

Archie Bellz: My new Hustle E.N.T vol 2 hosted by Sean Malik and Hello I'm Archie Bellz hosted by Dj Pegg!

Royalty Magazine: Sounds good...make sure you slide me some music for my radio show!;)  What are a few of your must peep tracks at the moment?

Archie Bellz: Hottest song right now is JOOSED and... Dam!!! I am sooo filthy!

Royalty Magazine: Yeah I heard that I am sooo filthy track, you went off on that lol.  Besides music, what are some of your other talents or hobbies?

Archie Bellz: Really all I do is music music music!!!  Maybe hustlin and then more music!

Royalty Magazine: I can dig it! What is your website info? How can people keep up with you?

Royalty Magazine: What do you want the world to know about Archie Bellz? If you could describe yourself in 5 words or less, what would you say?

Archie Bellz: Handsome & Filthy!!!

Royalty Magazine: I can dig it lol. Any last comments/shot outs?

Archie Bellz: Thank you & taz dat mc need to have my baby, lol

Royalty Magazine:  Well I guess we better start practicing lol.  Thanks for your time fam!  I appreciate it...keep grinding!

Courtesy of TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

Who else is shining in the town?


With the influence of Wu Tang Clan, Tupac, Yukmouth, Joe Budden, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, 717 Click, Swift, T.I., Twista, Bone, Tech N9ne, Souls of Mischief, and many others as well as coming from an area never before seen or heard from on any level (other than basketball)...Happz intends to set his mark on the music industry.

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Another Artist out the 206...Seattle Stand up!

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