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Below The Radar (Fall Back Issue 2011)

Below the Radar with...
G3Mz & Ms FeFe!


On December 28, 1982 Ricarion Nelson was born and raised in Kc Missouri He’s now also known as Baby Nelson. Growing up his father was a musician and mother was in tuned as well, with the hip hop scene. Baby has grown to love hip hop since the beginning of his time. By the age 17 he has had the chance to see Kurrupt from Dogg Pound (Daz & Kurrupt), while living in Vegas. At that moment Baby Nelson knew it was his time to shine. Hip Hop became clearly what he’s envisioned and understand. Performing all over Missouri even Texas from the American Pub, club Red, club Rain, club Freelons, Pm Crown after hours, Balancas and many more. That’s not even the half, which means he’s definitely on his grind. Baby has opened up for several artists as well such as, the G.E. family in Minneapolis, MN, Slick City, Dj Statz and counting. “Cover Me” which is Baby Nelson’s first mix tape presented by BG Bulletwoundz was released February 14, 2010. As he says “All work no play” while on tour, rocking shows and keeping up with his studies. One of his present singles out “Move”, has been shaking the crowd. He has also put a video out you can explore on youtube. Bay Nelson definitely has his own idiomatic style. We will now get further acquainted with Baby Nelson.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Being raised in Kansa City, Missouri who has been your biggest influences as you grew into the hip hop game?

BABY NELSON: My biggest influence was my family. A lot of em was already into hip hop (Slick City, BG Bulletwound). I’ve just always had a vibe for music but Kutt Kalhund showed me how to format my rhymes.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What are your major strengths when incorporating your lyrics to your tracks of choice?

BABY NELSON: Living life. I just speak on everyday life terms for young men coming up.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Give us some insight on your newest single out? Elaborate about the songwriting and recording process. Would you consider this single different from your other work or in the same aspect?

BABY NELSON: All my music is different. As far as my single, I wanted a song that will make people want to move, as well as relate to my vibe.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: You just did a showcase at Balancas in Kansas City, August 27, 2011. What is the name of that showcase and how did you come to know about it? Is there anyone you would highlight as far as putting the show together?

BABY NELSON: Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. Much love to A.D. THE GENERAL for linking me in.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: How was your adjustment at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? Would you suggest other up n coming artist to get on board?

BABY NELSON: Yea, Elegant Hoodness helps us artist with talent and not the muscle.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Since you’ve been in the hip hop game, what have you learned that can help the next artist?

BABY NELSON: Keep your focus and also learn how to invest in yourself. Watch what you except!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us about your future plans and upcoming releases and tours?

BABY NELSON: Well, I’m on the Mid-West Exp tour and my album not mix tape will be done by Dec. I’m also looking for artists that want to get under the Nelsonary LLC umbrella.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we go hear your music and stay updated with your future achievements? Any sites, etc. Also, last but not least shout outs you may have.

BABY NELSON: God 1st off. or Google Baby Nelson, I’m everywhere. Shout outs to my home Kansas City and Shaddyville for supporting me. Last but not least, the Nelson Fam.



The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program highlights Kansas Cities own D.I.S.E., “The Show Me State” and home of Tech 9ine. We discuss the ups and downs of life and the elevation of hip-hop through out the globe. The importance of lyrics over flow and why the Mid West is still unrated. Make sure to come out and check out D.I.S.E in Kc Mo performing at The Elegant Hoondess Musical Program kc in Nov.

N.A.B.: Tell me where you got the name Dice and what it means?

D.I.S.E: I’ve had that alias since high school; it came from nothing but being in the school bathrooms shooting Dice for our lunch money, lol. The alias stuck to me and I just ran with it, for years. Everything from life experience, to copyright issues has brought me to recently ditch the “Dice” alias and replace it with “D.I.S.E”. My issues with addiction, depression, and other factors forced me to reevaluate who I was and really dig deep to find my true self and purpose, for the sake of improvement, hence the acronym D.I.S.E (Dice Influenced Self Enhancement). My story and approach at this point fits the acronym perfectly, it’s the new and overly improved me.

N.A.B.: You were born in KC MO? Tell me a story about growing up in KC and when you 1st fell in Love with Hip-hop?

D.I.S.E: Born and raised in Kansas City. My story is a long and tumultuous one filled with the usual, poverty, growing up in bad environments, hanging wit a bad crowd, law issues, culture clashes, etc. Hip Hop was my escape from a world that at that time, I didn’t understand. I was 9 years old playing wit my Rapman Casio keyboard. My life, my therapy, my own world was nothing but headphones and tapes/cd’s, I put out my first tape in 1996 with a high school friend, after a few years I broke off to do my own solo thing, I signed with a production company in 99′ and put out my debut solo project in 2000, released a remixed version of the same project in 02′. I later recorded an album with a label that went belly up before it was even released; it became a downhill spiral from there. I got in the lab from time to time, but overall, my mind got lost and I lost my way. Which brings me to today, I found that way again.

N.A.B.: What would you say your rap style is? And who would you say influenced your style if any?

D.I.S.E: My journey with Hip Hop has been a long and eclectic one, touching all sub genres within our music so I can’t put a finger on any one influence. I am from the Midwest and we tend to be known for that rapid fire fast spit, which I’ll work into what I do, but no direct influence. My focus is to have my own style. My rap style has to be D.I.S.E, it has to transcend sub genre labels. When you think of Eminem, you don’t think of west coast, east coast, crunk, hyphe, and backpacker, none of that, he is Eminem, he is his own entity, that is my objective.

N.A.B.: Which is more important to you, your lyrics or your flow?

D.I.S.E: To truly stick out from the other 99% both need to be tight. To focus on one or the other is limiting yourself and your potential.

N.A.B.: Do you prefer performing or recording?

D.I.S.E: My personal preference is recording, the art of making my story come to life in the lab, just me and the engineer. But to truly stick out, every aspect of your package must be tight. Your show is your window to the world, that’s when they discover you in a lot of cases.

N.A.B.: Do you feel the Mid West is under rated and why?

D.I.S.E: I think at one time the Midwest may have been considered underrated, but as of late it seems that Hip Hop is slowly moving away from the territorial aspect of shit (east coast, west coast, down south, etc). Drake is from Canada, and he is platinum. The Midwest has its champions like everyone else so when it really comes down to it, it’s all about the artist, not the address.

N.A.B.: Where can our listeners hear some of your music and reach you?

D.I.S.E: I’m independent so basically the obvious, youtube, myspace, reverbnation, and a few others. I’m in the process of reestablishing a website for my up and coming product.

N.A.B.: Any thank you’s and shout out’s?

D.I.S.E: Thanks and Shouts out to those who saw the Star in me even when I no longer saw it. There are only a few of them, and they know who they are.

Written By: A.D. The General
Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

Young Piff

If hip-hop is dead, bury it where it started. That seems to be the mindset from up and coming BX artist Young Piff aka Quest Cali. After winning the 2010 Hot 97 summer jam freestyle battle he demanded the undivided attention of the underground hip hop movement. Already known for battling and destroying rap ciphers at Theodore Roosevelt high school he’s taken his craft to a whole new level. With his second mix tape “Life’s A Bitch But The Pussy’s Good” covering every corner of the boogie down its obvious he’s going to take over the game one borough at a time.

Growing up the only child with a single mother he was forced to become a leader and the man of the house at a young age. Overcoming personal hardships and tragedies now comes as a positive, influencing the concepts in his reality rap. With a wild imagination, witty word play and an exceptional vocabulary Young Piff is set to raise the bar for spitting bars in a game overwhelmed with gimmicks and no thought raps. With his show performance getting better on a daily basis and footwork similar to presidential campaign, its only a matter of the time before the world knows what a few already know…Young Piff Got Next…

N.A.B: How are you doing? So who is Young Piff this year versus when you first started out?

Young Piff: Everything official can’t complain. I feel like now I see the bigger picture where as before I was stuck on like a widescreen format. I’ve always been nice lyrically but just started realizing it has more to do with hard work than talent. I’m trying to apply that logic to my craft now.

N.A.B: Tell the reader’s, what does your music stand for and how do you separate yourself from other artists?

Young Piff: Its just so me. I don’t try to write shit I think people want to hear, I write whatever I’m feeling or thinking. I have a wild imagination and been threw a lot of shit in my life so it adds up to some creative concepts. I feel like I differ from other artist cause I stay in my lane and stay true to myself. What you see is what you get no artificial ingredients.

N.A.B: How have you benefited from your winning in the 2010 Hot 97 summer jam freestyle battle? How did it influence you to grow musically?

Young Piff: The promotion was priceless. First I got to perform in front of a crowd of at least five thousand people which was crazy. Then I had the opportunity to perform at SOBs opening up for CNN. I performed at B.B kings for the Duck Down 15th anniversary concert. I also received a single deal from Duck Down and was able to be in the booth with the legendary Buc Shot. Not to mention all the producers and other significant music personnel I met at those events.

N.A.B: Now you currently performed at the latest Elegant Hoodness Showcase this August, what was the energy like and how have you benefited from such a platform?

Young Piff: It was my second Elegant Hoodness showcase and the energy is also electrifying. There are always so many producers’ video editors and other artist that you can network with, truly a great event.

N.A.B: What do you think about A.D. The General and the whole Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and what they offer?

Young Piff: That’s my homie right there; she always looked out for the kid so vice versa whenever she needs support I’m there. Elegant Hoodness is definitely the move for up and coming artist trying to increase their buzz in this music industry.

N.A.B: Your latest mix tape “Life’s a Bitch but the Pussy Is Good”…what was the concept of that mix tape? Is there a new project in the works?
What is next?

Young Piff: The Title is a metaphor even though life could be shitty it could always be worst so be grateful for the good parts. I just finished my latest joint “Most Potent vol 1″ which will be downloadable in the middle of September then I’m going to close the year with my next mix tape entitled “The Social Network". It doesn’t stop us working ova here.

N.A.B: Let the reader’s know where they can find more on Young Piff the artist, your mix tapes, events and contact info?

Young Piff: YoungPIff187 on
facebook, twitter youtube, sound cloud, Google, Skype, whatever’s on the internet I’m there. I post all my videos show dates and time. So if u wanna rock out with team P.C I’m easy to get to Ya heard.

N.A.B: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us, wish you continued success. In closing, is there anyone you want to shout out, or give props to?

Young Piff: Thank you the pleasures all mine. Shout out to the whole Team P.C, Poppartoz TV, Stunna loads, A.D. the General and the whole Elegant Hoodness…. BX You feel that…Young PIff Got Next


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