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Buzz Factor (Fall Back Issue 2011)

Written by A.D. the General


So I first meet Ju The UnKnown in Kc Missouri April 28 2011 through the affiliation of my V.P Msfefe (N.A.B.), I was in KC for the week to promote The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program’s Grand Opening at Balancas Pyro Room. Ju accompanied N.A.B. as our personal paparazzi to 90.1 Fm while we kicked it with Radio Personality “Kool Wayne” who also is an advocate for the unsigned community in KC. And we were able to chop it up a bit and discuss his role in his community as a Hip Hop advocate and Entrepreneur. We talk about KC artists embracing the Hip hop Essence and the importance of embracing the internet. So in keeping with the reputation of N.A.B. we introduce to you “Ju The UnKnown”.

N.A.B.: Ju the unknown? Where did the name come about?

JU: I came up with my name because I was trying to make it in the game as a producer for years. I have numerous production credits under my belt, but know one really knew of me.

N.A.B.: So you are a native of “The show me state” known as #kcmo. Tell me how growing up in KC has influenced you as producer and you the entrepreneur?

JU: Being from the middle of the map it has been a long journey trying to get on in the game. Kanye will even tell you, "He had to move to NYC to get on". I am a go getter and music is my 1st love, but I also think outside the box when it comes to taking on a new business venture. I have owned everything from a production company, plumbing company & most recently, my performing arts center, media co. & website . The West coast has influenced KC music for years, all the way back to NWA' "cruizn down the street in my 64". Me personally being a true musician I have always listened to all types off music such as clapton, prince, marley etc. Even tho I listen to everything Rap is my 1st love. I'm from the generation who started this thing!

N.A.B.: Do u remember the 1st beat you created? Was it hot or lame?

JU: I sure do! It was my senior year in high school. That's when I really told myself that I wanted to try to do this. I made a track for my guy named Sir..(Back then) now he is known as Xtacy. He used it for our high school talent show. I used my cousins esonic (I think that's the name) keyboard. I took that track & 2 more tracks down to Jackson State University so I can demo my skills and link up with peeps down there that fall.

N.A.B.: I see you have been running your own label independently for a while now. Why create your own label and not just continue to produce artists?

JU: Well I'm not doing the label thing anymore. I found out that it takes REAL money to be successful in marketing an underground artist. To answer your question, I started my label by running into several TALENTED artists that I was freelance producing for. It was 2 in particular that made we want to help get them out here & noticed. My guy till this day "J-Beezly" & the homie "lil Reg" (RIP)

N.A.B.: How does music from KC differ from NYC?

JU: Well NYC is always going to be the Mecca for Rap/Hip Hop. Anyone who say’s different ain’t being real with themselves or the game. KC flavor has always been cousins with the bay area type flavor music. The bay area gets heavy play here so naturally we gravitate to that west coast mob style. I have seen a change in the later years with the explosion of southern hip hop. KC style is now like a fusion of west coast & the south. We do still have our back packers here but they are the minority. The one thing I have to say about the east cost, the beats are now more mass appeal friendly. The production was the major factor when it came down to comparing the sounds, but since the launching of the neptunes they kind of opened up the east coast flavor.

N.A.B.: Who are KC’s top 5 unsigned?

JU: That's a hard one, lol...let me know if u talking in my town or in the country...

N.A.B.: Tell me more about and its services and how an artist can get involved?

JU: The idea came from me 1st always trying to think of a way for me to work for myself & secondly doing something that I love. I was just riding in my car one day and it just popped in my head "how hard would it be to start an iTunes for the underground" with a twist of the source/wshp. So I researched it, proposed it to my childhood friends for investment support and they bought into it. But like most things it was some drama with one of my boys. The site was originally called but since we parted from the original group of people myself and new partnership decided to change the name to what's now known as It was just the natural venture to do for me, specially the way that the music industry is highly dictated by the internet.

N.A.B.: You have recently started shooting loads of music video and trailers of the hottest events in kc. which do u love more, producing or directing and editing?

JU: Yessszziiirr! JuJu Media spawned from my website. We live in a very visual seduced society, so u must have video in order to help market your brand. The videos came about by the lack of $$$. Instead of paying for advertisement I decided that it would be smart to go around to all the events and do FREE video interviews and have everybody shout out the site. It was a win, win . The artist got free shine and our brand got free commercials so to speak. It’s been a success, we have generated a light buzz, but we are not done by any means. On top of that we have launched out digital film division that specializes in music videos. It’s starting to take off also, production or film? Well It’s the matter of where I'm at in my life (father, husband, 36). Music is my love but being creative is how my brain is wired, I can draw, music & now I proven myself to be able to produce/direct some pretty cool videos. So as long as I'm feeding creative appetite then I'm cool! The one thing that I have accepted is that the music game is a young mans game, so I am really putting my energy into film/website and behind the scenes thing.

N.A.B.: What do u think the unsigned artists in KC need to do to stand out from all the others?

JU: KC artists need to embrace the music heritage that the KC music scene has embedded in its DNA. We are from the city that at least 5 historical artist from James Brown to Michael Jackson has song about. KC artists need to up there game and get on there cyber hustle and utilize the internet. Get out of that "selling out the back of the trunk" mentality and get into the digital media scene. Yeah we are not in LA or NYC but with the power of the internet we can go there with the click of a button!

N.A.B.: Where can folk interested in your production and site hit you?

JU: Follow me @jutheunknown, facebook I'm Ju Rou, or you can txt me or call me direct 816 382 1765 I aint hard to find, ya boy "Ju The Unknown"

Written by: A.D. The General Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011


Philadelphia artists have always impressed me, I mean from the legendary Roots, to Jill Scott to Beanie and Freeway to newcomer Meek Mills. In keeping with this tradition of super weights, I have run across an artist and movement that might very well be the next run for Philly in Hip Hop. As if I wasn’t already impressed with there swag and stage performance at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program artist’s competition Aug 17, 2011 in New York City’s prime nightclub for unsigned artists, Club Pyramid. Here comes Non- Fiction to Da Cypha Radio show hosted by Mr 13 & Mr Legacy broadcasted out in Brooklyn, NY and demolishes the freestyle cipher section of his interview. I mean bar after bar, to the point where all the artists in the building had to pay there respect where respect is due. Non-fiction and BME are nominated for a Top Ten Artists of the Year Award 2011 and scheduled to rock Atl Sept24 @utmstudios. This is a must read, enjoy this and remember who told you first about this incredibly well rounded artists.


E.H.M.P.: Where did you get your name Non-fiction and what does it signify?

N.A.B.: The name Nonfiction came from my style of writing music. I’ve always been known for telling true stories based on real life experiences through music that listeners are able to visualize and relate to.

E.H.M.P.:  Tell the concept to your newest single “whip it to the oil”?

N.A.B.: The newest hit single Whip It 2 the Oils is actually a song by a label mate IRS that myself, Ro, and AK were featured on. The single is controversial as the phrase was previously used in the streets to describe cooking drugs; we gave it a positive spin and a catchy dance that everyone is doing from Philly all the way to Atlanta. Whip It 2 the oils now means going hard at whatever it is you do to make a living and better yourself. As a team Blood Money Ent and Pure Punishment Records wakes up every morning just to whip it to the oils!

E.H.M.P.: Are u originally from Philly? And how do you separate your self from the average Philly rapper?

N.A.B.:  I am originally from Philly, however I spent 12 years in Atlanta where I learned to rap and developed a unique style mixing the north with the south. I started rapping in Montell Homes Projects, the former home of Cee Lo and Goodie Mob in East Point, GA. I separate myself from the average Philly rapper by not being afraid to try new things and creating a mixture of different styles of music from stories to hood anthems, while still managing to stay relevant and true to myself as a person and an artist.

E.H.M.P.: What would you say you enjoy more performing, recording or the writing of the lyrics and or creation of the concept?

N.A.B.: Well I’m a writer primarily. I write books, poems, songs, movies, and plays. So naturally, I enjoy the creation of the concept and the whole writing process. However, I do enjoy performing and recording almost just as much.

E.H.M.P.: How do you feel about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and the opportunities given to the unsigned artists through out globe? And do you feel about your recent nomination at Top Ten Artists of The Year Awards 2011?

N.A.B.: I feel honored to be awarded the opportunity to work with Elegant Hoodness. Luis Toledo from True Unity Productions and Fiya from Airitout Radio referred me to A.D. the General and the rest was history. The amount of exposure that was awarded as a result of my performance was well worth the drive to New York. My team is very excited to be nominated amongst the top 10 artists of the year! Win or lose, it’s a great opportunity for our careers.

E.H.M.P.:  When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?

N.A.B.: I fell in love with hip hop when I was about 8 years old listening to Tupac “I Get Around”. I memorized the whole song with my siblings and started writing my own songs. Since then, I’ve been writing and pursuing the dream of touching the world through song.
E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself in a year?

N.A.B.: In a year, I see myself with a better buzz, a few deals on the table, and hopefully being distributed as an independent label “Pure Punishment Records” with “Blood Money Ent”. In the meantime, I’m doing shows and events from LA, to Philly and giving the people good music.

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers and fans download or listen to your music? And where can we reach you?

N.A.B.:,follow me @BumpyNonson and you can download my newest single “When You Come Home” on itunes, rhapsody and amazon. If you go to youtube and type in Whip It 2 The Oils, you can see the official video directed by movie director Kevin Townley along with several hot radio appearances and live shows.

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shout out’s?

N.A.B.:  Thanks and s/o to God, Bloodmoney and Pure Punishment Records, True Unity Productions, Urban Xpressions,Airitout Radio, Batcave and 2.0, Epik Promotions, Honest Phire and OC, Vicious, and all of the supporters in Philly, DC, and Atl helping us rise to the top!



Bahamian native rapper, Quentin Glover better known as R.A.P.P. QUELLE,
is soaring higher than the clouds. He's no stranger to poverty and hardships
and he is musically expressing them through his music. With his notable radio hit,
"80's Back" and "The Ten Cent Hustle" (Group project) and "Gorilla in Tims" under his belt, he's already in the studio, mixing and cooking his next
mix tape titled, "Abstract Art." His music is like Hurricane Katrina, it's going
to take millions by storm. He came down to Miami June 25 to celebrate Super promoter A.D. The General’s B day and compete in her infamous Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Hip hop Showcase at The White Law Hotel. He completely put the rumors and stereotypes on Bohemian rappers. He dominated his stage performance and his lyrics and beat were so HOT! N.A.B. sits down with the E.H.M.P. newest winner. We introduce R.A.P.P. QUELLE.

N.A.B.: Hello, Rap! It's a pleasure to have you here. How's life treating you?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Hey, it’s a pleasure to be here honestly. I’m enjoying all of the beautiful things this life has to offer.

N.A.B.: How long have you been writing rhymes and performing them?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE:  Well I’ve been writing since I was about 12 years old and performing since I was a kid ( for family parties and my grandmother ) ..But professionally I’ve been in the business for about 7 years now.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your latest projects?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well most recently I’ve been in the diamond city studio in Miami working on the second installment of my Abstract Art series. This one will be titled: Tenacity & Perseverance.  Before this project we released two other projects, After the Art: We Are Up and Abstract Art: Quelle’s World Vol.1. All available online.

N.A.B.: What is your experience like with A.D. The General, I heard she's very good what she does. :-)

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Honestly it has been really good. She has a hustle about her, but far more than that her genuine interest in advancing the culture and indie artist is remarkable.

N.A.B.: What else do you do besides write and perform music?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well I spend most of my time with my passion, but when I’m just hanging I’m pretty much watching a movie or reading. I’m really into technology and history so I watch old movies and play video games.

N.A.B.: How did you come up with your name?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well one day I decided that I would have a name that no one else would have and I did some research on the Letter “Q” and found it to be a source letter used to describe the common source information in Matthew and Luke in the bible. It stood for the “Quelle”, German word meaning “source”. The “R.A.P.P.” stands for Revered Automatic Powerful Poet.

N.A.B.: What's next for you?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: There are a few avenues opening for me as I join forces with the Diamond In The Rough and Cardi Clothing Family. At the moment we are working on giving you really good music and fresh expressions of the things we believe in and enjoy. In the future I plan on using all of this to spread this joy for Hip Hop even further.

N.A.B.:  What is your advice to other artists who are on the rise?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE:  I will pass on some words that I got from a wise man. Be true to your craft and love.



Hafa Adai, (Hello) let's go in to the world of Tatiano. With a distintive language and culture, Tatiano breeds soulful music. He than moved to Oklahoma with his family. Being in Oklahoma he has acquainted moreso with r&b which became the foundation of Tatiano. His first single "Can't Let It Go" bought forth great effort and feedback. "I'm all about making relatable soulful music that comes from the heart" is how Tatiano puts it. SpecialGift was blown when she heard it for the first time. As the track lead off it was so soothing and enlightening. Tatiano let his soulful sound go with the flow very much accordingly. As it was of course time to come again, here goes "Game Over". Omgness, dope track its from the heart and soul all the way. Today it's very much hard to find a true r&b artist. Immacuately on point with every tune, this is a rare breed of an artist. Much success will come for Tatiano due to the grace of his  artistry. Take a moment with N.A.B. and find out more about Tatiano, his 1st place win at Elegant Hoodness and where he plans to go from here.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Taitano, where did you get that name? Who is Taitano?

TAITANO:  I’m from the island of Guam. Taitano is a very popular, very strong last name on the island. My mom’s maiden name is Taitano, she made that my middle name, and I made that my stage name to, in a way, dedicate all my music and any success to my mom since she made me who I am.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Your very first single “Can’t let it go” is an amazing track. Tell us what inspired you to develop this single.

TAITANO:  I was in this relationship a few years back that fell apart.  I moved on and so did she, but I wondered how I would feel if I was still in love with her and couldn’t get over her. So, I wrote how I would feel in that situation. My feeling would be that “I just can’t let it go.”

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think makes your music different from other r&b artists of this time?

TAITANO:  Well, there are a handful of artists that are keeping R&B where it’s been. On the other hand, there are a lot of artists I feel that aren’t keeping R&B where it should be. What makes me different from some of those artists is that I’m trying to keep the love and that soulful feeling in R&B. I want to keep it raw as far as material, and I want R&B music to keep giving people the same goose bumps I used to get with R&B music in the past. That’s my mission.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Will you elaborate on your experience with A.D. the General and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

TAITANO: A.D. is a sweetheart. She’s thug, but she’s sweet. lol It was a real honor to meet her. As far as the program, I really enjoyed being a part of the program. It’s funny to me because I didn’t even know we were competing! I just thought we were performing to have a good time and have something positive going on. My adviser really didn't tell me that it was a competition. I really didn't know it was until they started calling out winners, and I happened to take 1st place!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: If you were able to acquaint other artist with Elegant Hoodness, what would you say?

TAITANO: The Elegant Hoodness network gives independent artists like myself an outlet for their music to be heard!  My music has been exposed to other regions across the United States that I may not have been able to reach because of the opportunities that they provide.  They are very professional and consistent I'm happy that I am affiliated with them, if you are not familiar with them you need to become acquainted.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I’m sure there’s a lot in the making Taitano, give us a heads up on something you haven’t expressed to your fans as of yet. What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

TAITANO: First off, I want my fans to know that I’m doing what I do for them. I make music for them to enjoy.  There’s no point in entertaining when there’s no one to be entertained by it. Lol I also want to thank them for appreciating my craft and all that. When they listen to my music, they should not only enjoy it, I also want them to relate to it and reminisce. They can even consider some of my music as almost therapeutic in their life.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Soulful is the best way to describe Tatiano’s music. Who has inspired you thus far? Please elaborate.

TAITANO: By far, Michael Jackson inspired me. Even though I would listen to different music, I bought only Michael Jackson music until the end of my 6th grade year. Then I got into Dru Hill which is a big inspiration, Usher, and Ginuwine. Nowadays, I look at what Ne-Yo does as far as a writer, Trey Songz and Chris Brown as far as swag and where they take their music to.
SPECIALGIFTNAB: What should we be expecting of you next?

TAITANO: I’m working on mix tape material, just to give away and let spread as far as I can get my material to spread.  I’ll be working on a new album pretty soon. Right now, I’m focusing on getting the name TaitanO and Northwest Arkansas out there, since that’s where I reside. I’m performing a lot as well.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Taitano?

TAITANO: You can listen and download my music at as well as . You can find me on Facebook and like me at  , and you can catch all kinds of Taitano videos . I need to tell everyone to check out as well. Just a little plug. lol

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything you would like to leave us with that hasn’t been expressed thus far? Shout Outs? Etc... 

TAITANO: I just want to thank everyone for the love and support. It’s never taken for granted. Stay up to date with TaitanO because I have so much more under my sleeve. Get ready! Lol Shout outs: My TaitanO Exec Team (Earl Shine with Feel It All Productions, Amanda Marie, Twin), tEcH and his Verbal Tapestries movement, KB, Koolaide, Drew, Addott Mitch, Tweezy, Mississipi Menace, My mom, dad and the whole Taitano/Sanchez family, my kids because I work my ass off for them, and last but definitely not least: A.D. the General and her Elegant Hoodness movement.




Kendall Rease aka Hungry, born in NYC, by the age seven knew he would be harlem’s own hip hop artist.  His present mix tape out is called “No Thanx 2 You” hosted by Dj Sus One. Hungry’s singles “All Mine” and the Rick Ross – B.M.F. inspired “Holla @ Me“, this has helped juggernaut his way up. There’s passion in his words and voice. An abundance of appreciation and loyalty you will percieve from this up & coming artist. Hungry has been all over performing from Santos to the Pyramid, Fusion lounge & Sullivan Hall which he considers will be his “best performance yet“. He has also performed at the Jackie Robinson Stadium “The Dome“, which was a Benefit/Peace in the Park concert.  Hungry has been interviewed with This is and Young Jack Thriller “talking about his voice in rap” and much more. “Get it and Go” a single off the “No Thank 2 You” mix tape, spills a flow of being Hungry for his artistry. It’s currently on itunes, go cop that  .  Than there’s “All Mine” already featured on World Star and Hip Hop Weekly. Hungry is in full effect with a tremendous amount of effort put forth. This effort will respectfully open up that door that places him where he wants to be.

“Strength, Loyalty, Focus”

HUNGRY_HD: Hungry originated honestly from a song I wrote playing around in class one day. It was a parody of the song Method Man, where I replaced all the lyrics with food related things.  Long story short, It wound up being hilarious. Damn near the entire school heard it. One of my homies would call me that all the time and it stuck. It really started to take shape permanently though because I was always that super focused dude. Due to what I’ve learned and witnessed early in life, I knew if I wanted to become anything other than what was around me, I had to make it happen. I was that kid when every one else was on a team, or just hanging around doing nothing after school or the weekends, I was grinding. Whether with music or nine to five, whatever hustle I had going at the time. I got to a point where I constantly felt like the life I was living absolutely HAD to be temporary. So “Hungry” felt only right because of the relentlessness, determination, focus and belief that a life where I can’t give my dreams the true chance they deserve, is a life I can’t realistically justify as being worthy of anything.
The HD is a lot more simple lol. I wound up putting “Da Don” on the end of my name just to give it a little extra ring. I was always really laid back as well and I guess you could say a bit of a ladies man. So it felt right at the time. HD was just an abreviation for Hungry Da Don. My name was HD way before we even knew anything about flat screen tvs and such.  I decided to drop “Da Don” off but of course once people get used to calling you something for years, they’re not going to stop. So, in order to satisfy both and also make it easier for me to be googled lol, I made it Hungry HD.  Plus my cousin told me that’s how my bars are, like I paint a super clear, vivid picture. He told me I spit in 1080. So he started calling me 1080 and at that point, I felt there was no escaping the “HD“.
SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where does your hunger for hip hop stem from? What are some of the highlights you’ve enhanced so far in your career?
HUNGRY_HD:  My hunger for hip hop stems from love. Nothing ever moved me like music, hip hop specifically. I just listened to Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, NWA then people like A Tribe Called Quest, Wu, Jay, Nas, Big etc. I wanted so much to be like them. Not like the average person or kid though because people usually want the life and the persona. I wanted to be referred lyrically and creatively like those dudes. I wanted to be legendary, musically. Now its a bit different because there is no one out there that moves me in the same way. I’m actually uninspired most times.  Where as I use to turn the radio on and get motivated, I barely can stand listening to that sh*t for more than 10 mins at a time. So now its still the love, instead of hoping to just become a part of the fabric those guys weaved, the motivation is now to try and help bring it back altogether.
As far as highlights, my mixtape “No Thanx 2 You” would be the first. I’ve had so many set backs in life. So to be able to cross the finish line on that alone, was a big deal for me. Than for it to receive the love it has so far is a blessing. The interview would probably be next. We all know how these blogs get down. You only get on there if your making some kind of noise somewhere. That was dope to be recognized in that way. Very close on that list would be this event I have coming up October 9th @ SANTOS.  I got the homies Fred The Godson and DJ Suss-One, who actually hosted my mixtape “On the Bill” as well as a few surprises, I’m hoping line up right. It’s looking like it’s going to be real crazy and probably the largest crowd I’ve performed in front of. So far, so looking forward to that!
SPECIALGIFTNAB: You have done several shows throughout NYC, including Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. After your 1st pl win, how has E.H.M.P. helped you with exposure? Will you elaborate?
HUNGRY_HD:   Yea shout out to A.D. and E.H.M.P got me a lot of much needed web radio promo. After that win and further more, they just put on a cool event, where I could network and grow relationships. I don’t think, well “I KNOW” a lot of people don’t understand one of the most important things in business and life for that fact, is the relationship factor.  Every one loves to talk that “F*ck you pay me” sh*t. Don’t get me twisted, money is great but relationships can get you things and places money can’t. So on the strength of that alone it was a good look.
SPECIALGIFTNAB: “No Thanx 2 You” has finally been released. Tell us about the success of your mix tape so far?
HUNGRY_HD:  Aww man its been great.  We pushing towards 10k downloads.  I get restless and frustrated at times because I feel like it isn’t reaching enough people fast enough.  I always remind myself about the big picture though and I snap out of it.  There are people who have had a mixtape out for yrs and still haven’t hit 1k, so I’m grateful for sure…btw  “No Thanx 2 You” hosted by DJ Suss-One is available @ HUNGRYHD.COM  RIGHT NOW!!!  ITS FREE GO GET THAT!!!! LOL
SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you have planned next for your fans?
HUNGRY: Well like I said the show/party with Fred & Suss @ SANTOS, which depending on how things go there may be a bigger event to follow. I’ve been working with the ‘nPlay Foundation which is a charity that helps fund low income neighborhoods with programs to stop childhood obesity. We are putting together a fund raiser which will be held somewhere in the city, still in the very early stages of that though, so details soon come. I got approached by an Indie entertainment company about being part of a reality show they’re pitching so that’s up in the air. I have the “STAY HUNGRY” T-shirt & Button line which has been doing pretty well, so we are looking to release new styles in the coming months. I have several more videos coming out for joints off the mixtape. I’ve also started working on the next project already but details on that are coming out no time soon because there is no way I’m releasing anything else til I’m satisfied that “No Thanx 2 You” has run its course.
SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us something about Hungry HD no ones been told yet?
HUNGRY_HD:    Wow ummm. Ok I got one…  I used to want to be an olympic swimmer when I was younger. Actually it may have been around the time I decided I wanted to be a rapper.  I probably should of pursed that, on my Micheal Phelps/Big Daddy Kane sh*t!! lmao, I don’t know how good of a look that would’ve been for the hood but I’d have the internet on smash right now!
SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Hungry HD? Who would you like to shout out before we close?
HUNGRY_HD:  HUNGRYHD.COM  You can follow me on Twitter @HUNGRY_HD.  Also check out my blog HUNGRYHD.COM/BLOG its not all bout music I write some pretty random a** sh*t on there from time to time.  Shout to AD, FeFe, NYC, Harlem, Yani, Momma H, Vito, LeanTV, Foundation, TEAM H, Suss One, Dan, Prez & Fred for coming through with the event.  All my people, anyone who is reading this, my supporters & thanx in advance to my future fans.   Anyone I forgot, you know I’m not a real talkative guy lol I’m sorry. NOW GO DOWNLOAD THAT “NO THANX 2 YOU“!!!!

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