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Town Bizness (Summer Issue 2011)

Highlighting Talented Artists From the Great NorthWest!

Keith Wilson aka J-Blak was born and raised in Seattle Washington. A graduate from Franklin High School Keith realized he wanted to be a rapper at the age of fifteen when he first heard Gangsta Nutt’s album “Save Me”. Hearing this album inspired Keith and made him realize that he wanted to pursue rap at an early age. Coming up with the moniker J-Blak he recorded his first song with his cousin who happened to be another rapper on the rise by the name of Aquino. Shortly thereafter J-Blak found a home with Len Kapone who was an aspiring rapper whose street credibility mixed with his music instantly made him a local favorite. The pairing would be short lived for J-Blak as Len Kapone was killed before the label could get itself off the ground. Many were devastated by the loss including J-Blak who was back at square one with his music and basically had to start from scratch.After J-Blak finished high school he decided to take music serious once again but his life in the streets didn’t place him in the right path to become the artist he dreamed of being. In 2007 with refined focus he released his first mixtape “Tha Blak Tape”. The release would allow him to meet others who shared his passion including an artist by the name of Hershey. The two became friends and hooked up for a slew of mixtapes releasing four volumes to date. Wanting to expand past strictly music the two put their collaborative efforts together and hosted the first hood car show in Skyway The event was sponsored by Ezell’s chicken. Starting small but thinking big J-Blak started his own graphics company (JBlak Designz) and released his second mixtape with J.10 entitled “G.P.S.A. (Ghetto Public Service Announcement).” The future only holds more as J-Blak plans on starting work on his debut solo album tentatively titled “Manul Labor” as well as opening a portrait studio. Humbled J-Blaks goal is hopes of getting recognition and added to a list of great artists that have come from Seattle in the past.

Urban Seeds is ready to burst out from the underground to the forefront of urban music and Bullz Eye Entertainment is unwavering in its commitment to ensure their success.
The  group’s mixture of musical influences, such as Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap, a  dash of Jazz, and real-life lyrics, distinguish this band from others on  the music scene.
Urban Seeds Bio
Based in Seattle, Urban Seeds is an innovative and unique R&B/Soul/Hip Hop group that consists of four talented artists very capable of working independently but drawn together by nothing  more than fate! Their paths and journeys have all been nothing less than  blood, sweat, and tears. The band is mostly known for its strong reggae  influence, conscience lyrics, and live instrumentation.

Urban Seeds is composed of B.U.D. (MC, singer, songwriter), Joe Reyes (lead guitar, singer, songwriter), Andrew Stauffer (keys, bass, harmonies, songwriter), and Justin Hills (drums, songwriter).

The hip hop group made their first appearance in early 2010. Shortly after, it began  performing at all the upscale venues in Washington, earning themselves a  respectable and fast growing fan base.

Fred Bennett Jr. aka B.U.D (Front Man):
Born and raised in Seattle, B.U.D. is a rapper/singer/songwriter that released his Chronic Illness solo LP in April 2010. The release was featured on the cover of Royalty Magazine and received Rave reviews from fans at all his performances. B.U.D.’s broad experience in the music industry for the last 15 years has led him now to release his first group project, Urban Seeds! B.U.D. also attended the Recording Workshop in Ohio, where he became certified as a studio engineer/music producer. His music has already reached over 240, 000 downloads! Fred Bennett Jr. aka B.U.D. has also collaborated with artists such as Californian rapper C-Bo, and AP9 of Mobb Figgaz. He’s also been fortunate to have met other artists such as Mary J Blige, Keith Sweat, and MC Hammer. His lyrics, delivery, and songwriting can be compared with the best of the best!

Joe Reyes (Guitar/singer):
Born and raised in Seattle, Joe Reyes is also a singer/songwriter that sings lead on various songs while also  performing backup effortlessly! He plays drums, bass, keyboards, and  guitar as well! In addition to that, Joe Reyes also possesses 15 years of experience in the music industry. During these years he has been able to perform for different bands and collaborate with several independent artists as a studio musician for Ramos Records and Emerald City Records. He’s not from Jamaica but his family is from the Islands where reggae rules the air waves! He and B.U.D. always write amazing hooks together.

Andrew Stauffer (bass player):
Born in Philadelphia, Andrew Stauffer is an amazing talent that can't be replaced! He plays the bass with his left hand on one keyboard, while playing keys on another! He also plays the drums and guitar. Andrew Stauffer attended the New England Conservatory of Music for over four years. He’s been able to perform in Africa, the U.K., France, and other countries as a musician for hire. To him, reggae is a very important element in his style of songwriting. Andrew Stauffer also co-engineers Urban Seeds’ recorded sessions.

Justin Hills (drummer):
Born in Seattle, Justin Hills is a world class drummer. He also plays the role of the band’s official studio engineer! Justin Hills attended the Seattle Drum School for over five years. He was able to study every style of music from latin, rock, jazz, R&B/Soul, hip hop, reggae, among others. Justin Hills now possesses 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and is very fluent in latin and reggae beats. He plays his full drum set during their normal performances and the hand drums during their unplugged set! Like any of the other members of Urban Seeds, Mr. Hill cannot be replaced!
Urban seeds possesses numerous styles that are mixed in their music. The competition is currently much lower in the alternative hip hop genre than the strict hip hop. Each member in the band does more than one thing very well!

Their debut album Grow will be released independently and distributed locally.

The album includes no samples and was recorded live at their personal studios giving it that extra touch! Their HOT singles: Shady people, We can get it on, and others are already on demand and growing in several college markets! Several fans at the shows have even classified their music as Ska-ish which is ironic, as Sublime is one of their favorite bands!

With Urban Seeds’  outstanding performances and rapidly growing local fan base you should  be hearing about these guys a lot real soon! People from ages 9-60 have  danced their butts off to their music at their shows!

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Town Bizness

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