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Ear Hustlin' (Summer 2011 Issue)

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Per Seattle Weekly News, former University of Washington Player Venoy Overton, has been recently charged with allegedly promoting prostitution.  The accusation comes from a woman who says that she is Overton's girlfriend and that Venoy pushed her to start selling her body on "the track" (pacific highway area in Seattle).  The woman (whose name is being withheld by police and prosecutors) reportedly says that it went down on May 18.  She called Overton on May 18th crying because she wasn't making enough money at her job.  Allegedly, she had been giving Overton half her earnings because he had promised to "take care of her once he made it to the NBA".  
venoy-overton-hardwood-hustla.jpgEric Devericks
Anyways, on the night of the 18th...the woman says that Overton drove her to a Chevron station and then allegedly started schooling her on the in's/out's of prostitution.  The woman said that she was "scared shitless", but went along with it anyway because Overton reassured her it would be okay once she got the first trick out the way!

Crazy right?  To me it sounds like a page out of the book "Whoreson", by Donald Goines!  Anyways...the story gets juicier.  Find out what happens when police get solicited by Overton's girlfriend "on the track".  Also find out what happens when Overton is investigated by police for allegedly sexting his 15 year old cousin.  What happens next?  What is his response?  Click here to read full story or visit  
To view video, click here

Venoy Overton played alongside teammates Isaiah Thomas, Justin Holiday and Matthew Bryan-Amaning, possibly have a chance of getting picked in Thursday's NBA Draft.  Would Overton have made it to the NBA?  You be the judge, check out the full story here. 

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous...Doggy Style Edition!  Check it out below....


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This is a new section that I like to call Blackout Mode.  I will feature music, videos, etc from two of my favorite rappers "Redman" & "Methodman".  I don't think they get the props or credit they deserve so with me being a fan & a media outlet to the underground, I am giving respect where respect is due!  If you haven't copped that Blackout II yet, please make sure you do...don't sleep!  Hiphop at its finest!!!!!!!!

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