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The Showcase (Summer 2011)

And the light shines on...

Seven Davis Jr.

Singer Producer Seven Davis jr a.k.a Sam Seven has retired from the music game. For those who don't know this artist dont feel left out. This artist keeps a low profile.

Sevens been behind the international scenes of both the underground and mainstream industries doing his own thing, helping new artists off the ground and assisting established artists in the rejuvination of their musical careers for years.

Seven was raised in the gospel industry, groomed for the mainstream industry but matured in the underground/indie industry.

Seven has worked with and performed on the same bill with artists like Mc Hammer, Traxamillion, Dwele, Slum Village,  Lyrics Born, Juvenile, Platinum Pied Pipers, Mc Invincible, Jennifer Johns, Kim Hill, Myka Nine, Dave Dub, DJ Architech, Peace of Freestyle Fellowship, Cherie Johnson (actress), J. Mitchell, Erik Rico and most recently Shafiq Husayn of Sa Ra Creative Partners.

So one might ask, why would an artist that would seem to have so much possibility retire?  The answer is "life". Seven feels he's been doing music for so long that he wants to focus on other things.

"I'm not only an artist or musician. There are other callings i want to answer now. Im not famous or anything but i've had some great accomplishments, memories, got to meet all my favorites, im good for now" - Seven Davis jr

Technically Seven has not officially retired. Currently he's an inhouse producer for long time comarade Dave Dubs record label ISOLATED WAX a division of Myka Nine's M9 Entertainment and he still produces for friends that are currently "still in the game" here and there.
Most recently he worked on MC Shamako Nobles of Hip Hop Congress's "Sword Of The West" mixtapes and produced Oaklands own actor/mc/singer Duane Johnsons upcoming debut album. (Duane is known for his staring role in the film Town Biz).

"This may not be the end, i may do another album but for now i gotta go on my journey to something else, im real spiritual like that" says Seven.
Most of Sevens music has been criticized for being too raw, called drug music or said is "too left field".  While most who listen to it can relate it's definately not for the close minded.

"I listen to everything but live lo fi weirdo music myself and that comes out in the stuff i make fir myself. My solo stuff is me just trying be as creatively honest with myself as possible. Working with other artists, alot of times they request to recreate something from sonething. I've never been into sampling. Anyways, If i ever do another album i'll do it in Hd for the fans and critics lol". - Seven

Though most of his time in the industry has been spent helping other artists, he's had to deal with contriversial politics, rumors that he is mentally unstable, speculation over his sexuality, accusations of living a hard drug lifestyle and other artists flat out jacking his style for their own.

"The industry is filled with alot if beautifly broken individuals and things get crazy when you put all that creativity/imagination together. If you dont know how to play the game the players will gang up and try to play you lol. I used to take it personal when fools would sleep on me but borrow my influence at the same time, now im just glad to contribute and inspire. At the end of the day what matters is that you played your part weither its good or bad. We'll all have a part we must know when to play. I feel like i played mine in music for what it was now i've got other roles. Can't say its the end if my solo music though, i don't know that answer but for now it seems so". - Seven

To listen to the 3 albums Seven Davis Jr has made visit: or google his name to hear collaborations.

S Tha Mogul was brought up in the projects of the South Bronx and considers himself a very diverse MC. He has the versatility to handle any track imaginable from lyrical underground hip-hop to catchy club tracks. His musical resume backs that up. From 2004 to now he has released no less then 30 mix-tapes independently, and in 2009 his first retail album Destroy & Rebuild. He music also have been on mixtape by the likes of DJ Whiteowl, Biggy Wiggy, DJ War, Mike 40 and many others. In December of 2010 he released his latest project Section 8 The Mix-tape which received great critical praise.

The internet has been very good to S Tha Mogul. He is a featured artist on many prominent music blogs such as,,, and countless others. These sites have been very important to him circulating his music. Currently he has over 20 pages of searches on him via Google. He also has his own blog where he showcases other unsigned talent which is

S Tha Mogul is a member of Conglomerate Fam which consists of Krank, DS. Marv Dash, and Slayback. He has also collaborated with artist by the name of Scarr, Big S.I.N., & R&B singer Gina Rose. In 2011 he’s looking to solidify his place in the rap game by putting out consistent high quality music along with gaining the respect of his peers.



DJ Damian whose music is heralded by The New York Times as “Spunky Pop” (Sept. 16th 2009), proudly announces the release of his 2nd EP, ELECTROLV.

Now available on indabamusic and itunes.

Channeling the energy of Manhattan nightclubs from the Roaring 90’s, DJ Damian draws on broad influences ranging from Techno and Electronica to Dancehall Reggae. He transmits a sound that’s familiar yet fresh by collaborating with the hottest indie artists on the East coast! Showcasing rappers Hakim Ali, K.TANA, STYA FIYA, P.f.p and singers Meghan Taylor (GIFTSHOP), DIan S., & Toshana Ali. he sows the seeds for a highly marketable musical package wrapped up with a club-beats bow. Radio ready pop gems 'Let's Be Clear' and 'Wrong song' stick with the listener after the first few bars, while 'Chillwave' with its haunting downbeat or the jovial hip hop stomper 'Smaack Smack (Bootie Bootie)' could be dropped straight into a film or television soundtrack.

DJ Damian is working on his 3rd EP ...The Charm Mixtape! Featuring brand new stars: Mandrike DA ATM, Pluto, Monikker, and many more. Droppin' Spring 2011!



The wordsmiths Gentleman J and The Dirt Merchant met in film school at Full Sail University. After a couple drunken freestyles at parties the dynamic duo decided to attempt writing songs, which never happened. It wasn’t until chance put them in the same house, aptly dubbed “The Stronghold”, where the Hip Hop magic began.

If every aspect of hip hop were in a digital picture, then Not Them! uses every single pixel in the frame.

They are an uber imaginative, poetically inclined, trail mix of soliloquies that are just as fun to hang out with, as they are to listen to.

After all, they are just trying to make friends…. with the world in mind.

Phantom Soul - BIOGRAPHY

Phantom Soul was born Jamison Wallen in Cleveland, OH. The youngest of three, he grew up with two older sisters and a single mother. As a child his home was filled with all types of music from the Beatles to opera, courtesy of his stepfather, as well as folk singers and songwriters like James Taylor and Carol King. Cleveland’s cultural diversity played a major role in exposing him at an early age to a wide variety of music. Due to the fact that his friends primarily listened to hip-hop, he quickly discovered the album the “Great Adventures of Slick Rick” and it was then that his love of hip-hop truly began. He soon came to find that while he had an appreciation for all forms of music there was one style that spoke to him on a personal level, rhythm and blues.  While there were many singers that had an effect on him it was the first Boyz II Men album that really led him to the realization that he loved to sing. Even though he was broadening his fondness for music, hip-hop was always there as the most powerful influence which is why, though the style may change, there are often elements of hip-hop floating just beneath the surface of every project. He is often quoted as saying, “I sing R&B, but I do it with a hip-hop heart.”

In his teenage years he spent time in choirs and collaborated with other singers solely for fun.  This ultimately led to the casual joining of forces with some friends who were excited about the prospect of making music. Before long a regular group of producers, rappers and singers had banded together to create a very talented crew. They made some excellent music and put out a mixtape but the lack of vision and direction led the members in different directions. He then began singing around his house and creating his own song ideas. His first recorded song idea as an individual artist was, “My Version of the Blues”.

After high school, Phantom moved to Queens, New York to pursue a work opportunity, as well as work on his music. He spent time in home studios throughout Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx collaborating with other like minded musicians and was able to assist in a few projects.  Working with experienced producers allowed him to sharpen his skills however he wasn’t quite
ready to chase the dream.

He now lives and creates in Tampa, FL. He’s finally ready.

Want to see must peep Videos, music and/or projects?  Make sure you check out "The Music Tunnel" by clicking here...

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