Monday, July 25, 2011

Real Talk w/ E-Moe (Summer Issue 2011)

Chillin Live via Sacramento, Cali
Real Talk!

What's good Royalty Magazine readers?  Another year has gone by, and we're still here! So I would like yo take this time to thank all the loyal supporters. We see you out there, so the time is much appreciated!!!

Moving right along, the "Real Talk with E-Moe" Radio show on Streetz Radio is back by popular demand!  The request for me to bring the show back was overwhelming! So you know I had to keep it going. So tune in Monday nights to hear what I have to say about it all? Live interviews, good new music, and great conversations about any and everything!  Call (646) 478-3243 to listen on over the phone and press 1 to join the conversation, or log on to:

Since the last episode, I started a filming company to pick up some extra money called EMOE TVEE. With just my little hand held camera, I decided I would take my music video directing to the next level!  I had done a few of my own videos before, but I felt I had to get the look of different people to show what I could really do.  So I came up with a plan to get my work out there faster. I didn't want to do a bunch of videos for myself, so I called up 10-15 artist and offered them a FREE video on me. My plan was to do those videos, which would help me get my skills up, while at the same time making it look like a lot of people were getting videos done by me all of a sudden?

My plan worked perfectly, and now I'm considered 1 of the top 5 directors to call if u want a video in Sacramento, California. But it took a lot of work to get there!  Remember I said that I had called over 10 people to do a FREE video for, and at least 10 artist took me up on the offer!  So there was a lot of work to do for FREE!

Now I had to put in work to back up my claim. Within 2 mouths or so in the of 2010, my name was all over the place for doing those FREE videos. Next thing you know, the phone rang over and over again for me to do videos, graphic design, beats, features, events, studio time, and everything service I offered started to take off!!!

With saying all that, I saw myself rising to another level. Finally my hard work was actually paying off!  So I took a break from the radio show and a few other things to focus on the new business coming in.

Now that I have it some what under control, I felt it was time to get back at it. I can't count how many times people asked me about the show?  So to me, it's all worth it!!!  Shouts at to Tazzy, Streetz Radio, and Royalty Mag for having me. It's an honor to work with people who work hard like me.

And O yeah, I was also working on a few projects that needed my attention at the time. Now available on and is the new album we release 1-11-11 by a female rapper by the name if Spittlez. Her album is called "All About The Hustle" and it's doing pretty good for a local unknown release. Check out the 2 versions of her 1st video for the 1st single "Jerkin Yo Hips" on my YouTube page at or The single is doing pretty good, and the support has been lovely!

On that note, all I can say from experience is to work hard at what you want to do in life. No one will work hard for you! Unless your paying them. But I speak from never having nothing but talent, and I can truly say that I have learned how to pay the bills off my talent alone. Yes I feel bless by a higher power at times, but in the end, I pat myself in the back!  Because I know it was me staying up long night to complete the task at hand!  So with that said, always work hard to make your vision come to reality.  And hit me if you ever need professional help with anything!

Ya boy E-Moe aka Mob Marley

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