Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mz. Roaylty…Anastazia Nichole

Every king needs a queen. I say this as a matter of balance as opposed to anything dealing with succession or other things to that effect.

Very recently we took the time to get to know our current Mr. Royalty Kenneth Bowen a little better. It was an enlightening look into the mindset of this talented young man and where he hops to go professionally. In much the same way we will speak a bit more about his beautiful female counterpart.

I present Mz. Roaylty…Anastazia Nichole.

Aside from the honor of being Mz. Royalty, Miss Nichole has a few goals she’s looking forward to getting to in 2013. For example, she is currently studying to become an editor as well as a journalist and freelance writer. In addition she plans to use her model skills along with her acting talents to promote herself heavily. She [Nichole] hopes this leads to television work (i.e. commercials) and magazine articles.

But where did it all start for Anastazia Nichole?

“When I was 17, people started asking if I had thought about modeling. I never put too much thought into it because I wanted to be an actress. People always told me I had to be six feet tall and I figured I had to be flawless for people to consider me a model. Since I’m only five feet tall and full of flaws, I didn't even try. I was just recently given the chance to do commercial work and modeling with my boyfriend/photographer Wesley Weaver and friend Matthew Boisson. I fell in love with being on camera so I decided to really get into it and see where it takes me.”

My boyfriend found a bunch of gigs on Craigslist for me, I started a portfolio on Model Mayhem, and I instantly got jobs! I just started modeling a week ago and already I've won a contest, have my own modeling page on Facebook, and have done five shoots! I’m very determined to go somewhere big with this now that I know I have what it takes!”

Along the way she has accomplished quite a few things but what does she consider her greatest accomplishment?

Becoming Mz. Royalty, of course.

“My greatest accomplishment so far is winning this contest. I was so excited when I found out that I screamed! I’m working with Charles Valentine, who has had some of his photo’s published in big magazines and he has talked about submitting some of my photos. I would be thrilled if I actually made it into several magazines and started getting more work!”

Anastazia draws inspiration from her boyfriend, an “amazing inspiration" by her own admission.

“He got my portfolio started and has been telling me for years that I could be a model. He’s the one that posted the link to the contest everywhere. He literally messaged all 900 of his friends the link and sent it to a really popular Facebook page called Fap Fap Fap so that I would get all the votes I needed to win. He is pushing me forward and helping me in so many ways! He truly believes in me and has inspired me to take charge and go for my dream.”

Aside from dreams and her own successes, Nichole has advice and guidance for those hoping to find their own paths. Towards beauty and success.

“Only do what you’re comfortable with doing and porn is not the only way to go. I see so many women take their clothes off so that they get attention and I think it’s sad. I have had several photographers ask me to do nudes/semi nudes and I won’t do it! I am not comfortable with being naked and I don’t want that kind of attention. I don’t want my children, family or friends to see me naked or wearing just a bra and underwear. I have some risqué photos but I respect myself and I think more women should too. There is enough porn in this world, I don’t want to add to it!”

As gracious as she is gorgeous, Anastazia  is thankful to many people for where she is now in her career. These people range from her parents, her boyfriend, Penumbra Productions and, of course, her fans.

This and more makes her truly royalty…

…or rather Mz. Royalty.

Written by Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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