Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Legend

John Legend is altogether amazing. I say this because I have loved his voice and his skill on the piano since “Used To Love You” and “Ordinary People”. Even as I type this I remember that fantastic hook and it takes me back in time.

Since his first album I have been a lifelong fan. His features on other songs have been a varied group of greatness. Hearing him on tracks like Rick Ross’ “Rich Forever” or Kanye West’s “Blame Game” was a welcome surprise. I nearly lost my mind when I heard his voice on the controversial Django Unchained. Thankfully I remembered that I was in a movie theater and losing one’s marbles in public is heavily frowned upon.

Love In The Future is Legend’s fourth album and a wonderful one at that.

But what makes the album such? Allow me to explain.

On Love In The Future, Legend presents us with what feels to me like an intimate set of songs that he was performing for a small crowd. The only thing you hear are the crispness of the instruments and the smooth timbre of his {Legend’s] voice. It’s one those albums that transports you to a front row seat inside the mind of a musical genius. I also appreciated the fact that it wasn’t too encumbered by features. A grand total of two are on the whole project.

All Of Me” is a simple song. The piano is a beautiful counterpoint to Legend’s pleas and/or admissions of the most perfect love. In this track Legend speaks of the most direct rules to loving someone: being able to give someone all of yourself in exchange for the same. It is the standard of long that we all should aim for.

Hold On Longer” gives me the same sort of feel I would expect to get from that old Oleta Adams song “Get Here”. As I listen to it I am reminded of the acrobatics that the singer proposed her lover use to get to her. Here Legend merely asks her to hold on which, all things considered, isn’t always the easiest task.

My favorite track has to be “We Loved It”. What first made me love the track was the featured artist being Seal. I love Seal and everything he has done ever, even being married to Heidi Klum. This is a song of absolute heartbreak and both voices carry that sentiment well. The main theme is being in love with someone you may not have a future with and realizing some hard truths. One truth is that it may be difficult to love again after such a relationship and such a betrayal. That second truth is a bitter pill as well. Legend implies that even though they both wasted their precious time in a doomed relationship, there is a certain part of them that loved it all the same.

Aim High” is cool jazz at its best.  Legend sings about loving his lady and aiming high, taking her away from all the stresses of this world. When you hear those horns you can truly believe that he [Legend] will take her away from everything else.  Oddly enough this track and a nice glass of wine can take you away.

I would also suggest “Save The Night”, “Who Do You Think You Are” with a feature from Rick Ross, and “Dreams” to listen to first.

John Legend has given us love in the present with Love In The Future as well as a cool groove for you and the one you love. Enjoy. Because we loved it, after all.

written by Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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