Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sour Power Mixtape Review - GillaHouse

Today's market being as flooded as it is you never really know what to expect when reviewing a mixtape so I approach them all with a slanted eye lol. I went ahead and pressed play and immediately Redman starts booming out the speakers. After seeing that the great Redman was involved I calmed down and began to listen.  

I'm happy to report that the Sour Power Mixtape Vol. 1 by DJ Deadeye is indeed that LOUD! Yes sir some banging original beats along with the industry joints, the production of the mixtape and its sound is tight.
While Redman does his thing, he has plenty of company bringing fire on the mic; Ready Roc, Runt Dawg, Saurkrates, Kirko Bangz and Melanie Rutherford contribute mightily with really tight lyrics and flows.

With a name like Sour Power my smokers will definitely vibe on this mixtape, but even if you don't partake this is some really good Hip-Hop. Expect lots of weed references and comedy on this. No doubt this mixtape is very entertaining.  DJ Deadeye definitely did his thing on this. Shout out to the whole Gilla House team.  Press play on this mixtape I guarantee you wont be mad.  

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