Thursday, May 9, 2013

Real Talk w/ E-Moe

Real Talk With E-Moe

What's good everyone?  I hope all is well and you're still on the mission to come up as I will always be.  But anyway, every month for some time now, I've tried to pass on what I've learned from being in the industry for so many years.  And some may say that I haven't really made it yet, but I think there's a time for everything as I learn more from hands on experience.  I also feel the time it has taken has been just perfect because now I can say that I've learned a few things to watch for. 

Such as music publishing!
A lot of artist hear certain words and instantly repeat them without knowing the meaning.  So I like to do my investigations to see what things mean.  And what I've found through research is that publishing is a very important part of making money from your music or any entertainment for that matter.  Publishing is a system put in place to track how much your entertainment has been seen and by who? It is also involves a royalty that you get paid for your work being published to the public.  It can be in a book, audio, video, show performance, and now days, you can even get paid for online streaming. 

Basically, anytime your provide entertainment to the public, you can be paid!  So, let's say your music gets played on the radio and you get maybeeee...0.6 cents a every time your song is played?  And your record has been played on 50 radio stations on in the country a 100 times on each station.  That would mean that you could receive a check for $3,000.  The hard part is getting your music to be played on that many stations to even receive a royalty.
I've always looked at it as, all money is good money!  And if there's a way for me to add a few dollars up to make $1,000, then that's more than what I had yesterday.  Some people, myself included, could be owed money from things that we've already published.  YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, ReverbNation, SoundClound, and millions of online outlets can be registered and tracked to see who's watching or playing your music.  That would mean that every time some ones presses play even if just to sample your product, you can receive money for that play.

So look it up and Google things like "Publishing Royalties", "How To Publish" and so on. ASCAP and BMI are amongst the top publishing houses that provide the service, but there are a lot more for your to choose from.  I just recommend looking into it if you plan to make money as an artist.  It also gives you a sense of protection because once you register the song or whatever product you decide to publish, it now has an official date of when the song was registered for publishing.
I never claim to know it all, but I do believe that if people only knew certain things, it may help someone into the right direction.  Being that this is "Real Talk with E-Moe", I always try to give valuable and well needed information while keeping it real,  Why not make money when the people who are playing your music or videos are making money? are entitled to your portion of entertainment you may have provided or uploaded. 

That's why writing this section for every issue has actually become like a job and a task that I take serious.  I would like to look back and see what I have written has helped even me along the way,  Sort of a reminder of what I should do if I'm telling others to do it!

Thanks again for reading "Real Talk with E-Moe" as we take it through another Summer with more well needed information.  Check out my latest mixtape #NOFILTERZ on at: and my latest musiv video "Some Day" at:

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E-Moe for Royalty Magazine

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