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Say Hello to Meghan Marcroft - I AM ROYALTY

Name: Meghan Marcroft
That’s a good question, I am not sure, haha.
Hair Color: 
Eye Color:
Hobbies: Audio mixing, pin up modeling, attending car shows, and graphic design.

Royalty Magazine: So how are you? What are some of your goals or plans for 2013? Tell us one thing you will do differently than previous years before?

Meghan: I am good. My plans for 2013 are to raise more money for a non profit organization called the Pilchuck Hot Rod Academy. I hope to finish my AA degree and hopefully find myself a rewarding career path.

Royalty Magazine: What sparked your interest in modeling? How did you get started and what were some of the first steps you took to turn your dream or interest into a reality?

Meghan: I heard about an adventure park in Monroe, WA that needed promo girls. I “auditioned” via my first photo shoot and became a Mud Girl. After that gig, I created an account on and met up with some photographers.

Royalty Magazine: What are some of your accomplishments and/or greatest moments so far as a model?

Meghan: My favorite moment so far as a model would have to be when I organized a Hot Rod Pin Up 2013 Calendar photoshoot for the Pilchuck Hot Rod Academy. Searching for different models and photographers to help raise money for the academy made me feel amazing!

Royalty Magazine: Who would you say inspires you to do this and why?

Meghan: My main inspiration is my man. He challenged me to take on modeling even though I had never pictured myself doing so. He is amazing and he keeps me going in life.

Royalty Magazine: Society and media have a certain standard they uphold in order to be considered beautiful or successful. These standards are a lot of times unrealistic and don't always portray your everyday average individual. Yet people are developing eating disorders, getting plastic surgery and dying just to live up to these non realistic standards. How do you feel about that and have you yourself ever struggled with any of these issues? What is considered beautiful and/or successful in your eyes?

Meghan: I think that altering yourself in a dramatic way is DISGUSTING. Why can’t you just be happy with who and how you are?

Someone who is beautiful and successful is someone who accepts themselves and strives to encourage/help others. If you are insecure about yourself and you take it out on other people, you are NOT beautiful in my eyes by any means.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to anyone who feels that they need to sacrifice who they are just to be what the world considers "beautiful"?

Meghan: My advice would be to find your passion and stick with it. You can feel beautiful being a Veterinarian or a Police Officer; beauty is not limited to modeling. If you are doing what you love and are helping others, then you are an incredibly attractive person. Don’t get plastic surgery – that makes you FAKE. People want to see real people. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to feel secure about yourself. You just need to be confident in what you do in order to succeed.

Royalty Magazine: How will you use your beauty and/or talents to make a difference in this industry? What is one thing you would want the world to always remember about you?

Meghan: I want to make an impression on people. I like to make people think. I am a huge goofball and I am incredibly odd – I just want people to remember how strange yet caring I am. I want to help others and motivated them. I want to help more than just myself succeed in life.

Royalty Magazine: Congrats on placing second in the Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest. What motivated you to enter this model search and how do you feel about your win so far? Did you know at the time you entered you would end up being a winner? Was there any point & time when you felt like you wouldn't win?

Meghan: I was motivated by the fact that I could be in your magazine, haha. I feel great about this! I had no idea I would place and honestly didn’t think that I would.

Royalty Magazine: How did you stay motivated when it came to getting your peeps to vote for you? Why is it equally if not more important to do self promoting in this business versus just posting up a pic and hoping to get results?

Meghan: I stayed motivated when others actually “liked” my photo. It was a great feeling. It’s important to promote yourself because how else would people know about you??? They wouldn’t.

Royalty Magazine: What has your fan/support response been since you've won? How do you feel movements like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help talent gain exposure? Would you recommend our Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest to other models or artists looking to increase their exposure and/or to build brand visibility?

Meghan: They have been very happy that I placed. I love the fact that this magazine is dedicated to talent exposure, ESPECIALLY music exposure. I would recommend this contest to anyone who is looking to get a step ahead in life. I f you want something, you’d better go for it.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already?

Meghan: I’d just like to say thank you very much for holding this competition!

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written by
TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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