Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Doctor Love,

Doctor Love,
Is it cheating when it comes to social networks? Should I get upset if my boyfriend is flirting with numerous half naked hoes on Facebook?
Social Media Killa

Dear Social Media Killa,

This is a question I get a lot and it is almost exclusively asked by females. Let us start by breaking down your question. What cheating is to you may not be to the next person so communication is a must. Is flirting at all considered cheating? If your answer is no then online flirting would obviously be ok too because real life interactions are more likely to well…..become real. Let’s be honest, most men that are in relationships became in that relationship because they “flirted” with their mate in one way or another and the same behavior that attracted you to him or her may turn you away in the long run. Cutting off what comes natural is a lot easier said than done.

So you keep track of your boyfriend’s post and look at the female pages he comments on and refer to them as half naked hoes? Here is my suggestion to you, log off. Listen, if your biggest concern is Facebook then you probably have a half decent man. If a man wants to cheat, he will! Running behind him and making up your own versions of what cheating is will only drive him away. Calm down, show him that you are secure and that you trust him even if you have your doubts and I promise you your life will be much easier with this guy. Remember communication and lecturing is not the same thing. Guys do not want a second mother. Explain to him once very clearly what is upsetting you and why it is upsetting you. Let him write his own check to your heart or out the door. I hope this helped

Sincerely, Love Doctor

Dear Love Doctor,
What is it that men really want from a woman? Do they want a freak in the sheets or a girl next door type? Do they want a woman who waits around for her man or one who is independent & goes out and gets her own? Or does he just want all the above, plus a faithful woman, but wants the flexibility to still hump around or do what he pleases?
I am confused and need your help doctor love. Why is it that you can give a man the world but all you get back in return is lies?
Yours truly,
Confused & Tired

Dear Ms. Confused & Tired,

The key to understanding men is very simple, you can’t! Men and Women are not only different because of their sex organs, our brains work differently.  We must also remember that Needs and Wants are two totally different things. Men need basically the same across the board. Good Food, Good Sex and Faithfulness. Everything else is a want and can be compromised. Focus on his keeping his needs met and the wants will fall in place.

~News Flash ladies, if you were really that great, he would be with you!~

You mentioned as most women do about giving a man the world and he only gives you lies. You can take any random 100 females ask them if they are a good woman and all of them will say YES without hesitation. You all are quick to give out your resume on what makes you so good to your man and quite frankly we are tired of hearing it. If everybody is good, where are all the hoes and no good women? Stop assuming that your definition of “giving him the world” is the same as his. As I stated previously, our brains work differently.  It is very hard for women to really look in the mirror. Instead of pointing out all your great qualities, ask yourself what can I approve upon. Maybe I am a great girlfriend but my mommy skills lack. Nothing turns me off more than a woman who hair n nails stays fresh but their kids look like crap. Or maybe you don’t keep a clean house or do not treat you family as well as he treats his. Trust me all of these things I have factored in with a woman and it caused me to not take that finally step. “yea she a good girlfriend but as a wife, mother of my kids, nope” . Remember the ultimate goal is to become a wife for a lifetime. Stop looking at these at the moment things you do well. You not going to be able to ride his dick backwards forever or have that nice ass. Men can be deeper than we appear. So to answer your question, men want a lot of things. Stop focusing on what you give/gave him and reminding him every 10 minutes and you will be alright.

With your best interest at heart, Love Doctor

Dear Doctor Love,
Here is my situation. I am a good looking man, tall, nice build, have a good paying, go to church regularly and know how to treat my lady like a queen. The problem is that I am lacking a little in that department (if you catch my drift). I know that some women say that size doesn't matter and that it's the motion in the ocean that does, but if that is the case, I don't understand why I am still single. I mean I have never had a women tell me directly that she was dissatisfied by my package, but I guess with me being so self conscious about it, it causes issues when it's time to get down to business. I mean I know how to please the hell out of a woman when it comes to foreplay, but when it comes time for the grand finale I tend to get nervous. It's like I suddenly lose all my confidence and I become a shy little boy going through puberty again.
I don't know what to do doctor love. I am at the point where I am willing to try extenze or one of those male enhancing pills. What should I do?
The little engine that couldn't 

Man Up little engine!

Your problem is not your penis size, it’s your balls! If you are everything you say you are then you should be a confident young man and women should be lining up to go out with you. Women are willing to work with small brothers but you at least have to keep the little guy erect.  Little pp + softness will always equal singleness. Get your confidence up in the bed room, work on your oral sex, do whatever it takes to make sure you can perform when that time comes. With the shortages of good men out here, trust me most women would be happy if your package was your ONLY problem. Women reach orgasms mentally 95% of the time. Get in her head and you have her for life. Keep going little engine, I believe in you.

Love Doctor

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