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DJ Logo - EMG

Royalty Magazine: What's good? How's life treating you?

DJ LogoLife is good all the time! I have no complaints, man. I'm blessed.

Royalty Magazine: Before we talk about the new year, let's reflect back a little on 2012. What do you think you will remember most about 2012 as an artist? What were some of your greatest moments or accomplishments?

DJ Logo: As a DJ, 2012 was an eye opener. I made a lot of sacrifices in my life and I lost a lot but gained more. It pushed me to limits that I didn't even know that I could reach. It also introduced me to a new market out in Buffalo, NY. Now I'm one of their most knowledgeable up and coming DJs out here. 

A few great moments of 2012 were DJing for Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, linking up with Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan, moving to a new town, and making a name for myself so fast. I was in the club the second week I lived in Buffalo. Now I'm booked six nights a week out here. It feels surreal but I prayed for this blessing.

Royalty Magazine: What will you remember most about the world in 2012?

DJ Logo: I'm not up on the world politically. But one thing I will remember most about 2012 is Hurricane Sandy. Just to see my city and my people witness such a tragedy cut me deep inside. You never know what to expect because life is so unpredictable.

Royalty Magazine: As a country, how do you think we can prevent some of the same that happened in 2012 from happening again? What will you do as an individual or artist to help with that change or stand up for what you believe in?

DJ Logo: We have to be more responsible with the decisions we make as individuals and as a people. We have to commit ourselves to more long term goals and less half ass short term goals. I believe in building more schools, supplying more jobs, more hands-on training, and after school programs. If you ask me, it's all about the youth. That's who I'm worried about.

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of the world, a lot of people are lost, making bad decisions, going crazy, hooked on drugs, and just confused about what's right and what's wrong. If you had a chance to speak with someone who was on the verge of snapping or just being consumed by the wicked ways of the world, what would you say?

DJ Logo: You only live once. Seek help but be willing to help yourself. Life is beautiful but you've got to take the good with the bad. Be a critical thinker and analyze everything that you do If I doesn't feel right then detach yourself from it. It's easy to do wrong but the hardest thing to do in life is the right thing and not being judged or criticized by others for it. Do what makes you happy as long as it doesn't harm others.

Royalty Magazine: How would you use your voice to try to breakthrough?

DJ Logo: Breakthrough what, exactly? Music? Corrupted people? The world? Not sure what you mean by this question.

Royalty Magazine: Have you yourself ever struggled with any of these issues? If so, what was the end result and/or what was your breakthrough point?

DJ Logo: I wouldn't say it was a bad decision because everything is a learning experience in my eyes but I had a tough time last summer. I ended up evicted from the apartment I was raised in since birth. I was homeless  sleeping in the streets and from house to house for twenty-eight days before I moved to Buffalo. All because of having a good heart and trusting what others say, not to mention no help from the city, left me assed out. Thank God I still had gigs going. I ended up linking up with a good friend of mine and decided to Buffalo. Now I'm here. Life is what you make it. That's that rebound.

Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing that you will do differently this year than previous years before.

DJ Logo: Not a damn thing. Everything that happens in my life is a lesson and as long I learn something from it, I can call it an experience.

Royalty Magazine: What can we expect to hear or see from you in 2013? Any upcoming projects, tours, or tracks that we should be looking out for? Anything that you are promoting now?

DJ Logo: Nonstop parties, more shows on the road, more vlogs, unlimited mixes monthly/weekly, making more of a transition to Top 40/EMD/Dupstep music. Also you can expect more publicity on websites (first big public prom of 2013 was my debut on an article that was headlining MSN.com titled "Jobs With Paychecks That Will Surprise You"). In addition I'm aiming for a few things that I won't talk on too much just yet. But you'll see it...

Royalty Magazine: So what is the focus for the new year and your music?

DJ Logo: Breaking new records to the public, building up more contacts, and networking with a lot more mainstream artists as well as the unsigned hype. I'd also like to expand my horizons when it comes to being a versatile DJ. I want to travel more this year and experience new ventures worldwide. There is also a desire t I have to expand my affiliated brands (EMG, Top 20 Team, Crazy Mob Squad DJs, and DJ Logo Live). I'm also gonna need a one page article in Royalty Magazine this year. What's goody?

Royalty Magazine: As we speak of a new year and new things, is there any subject matter that you'd like to touch on?

DJ Logo: Nothing particular except EMG is taking over!! It's our year!!

Royalty Magazine: Who are some other artists that have worked with and/or would like to work with?

DJ Logo: I have opened up and closed out parties for DJs such as DJ Prostyle, DJ Clue, DJ Envy, DJ Suss One, DJ Red Alert, DJ SNS, DJ Bobby Trends, DJ Mell Starr, DJ Brucie B., DJ Noodles, DJ Self, and DJ Spin King just to name a few. I also have been entertaining with celebrities and artists such as Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Fred The Godson, Trina, French Montana, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Estelle, Mr. Cheeks of the group Lost Boyz, Twista, Lloyd Banks, John Salley (former NBA star), KRS-ONE, T.I., Doug E. Fresh, Bun B, and Green Day. I also worked with video/magazine vixens plus XXX stars such as Pinky XXX, Candace Von, Mizz DR, Gloria Velez, Cherokee D'Ass, Kakey, Pebblez Da Model, Roxy Reynolds, Yaris Sanchez, and Tahiry. I would personally love to work with Snoop Lion, Shaq, Lil Wayne, David Guetta, DJ Camilo, DJ Enuff, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ke$ha, Nick Cannon, and Swizz Beatz.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to appear in the BET Cypha, what artists would you team up with? What beat would you want to rock to?

DJ Logo: I would have to say my EMG crew hands down! We'd rock to either Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents", Nas' "It Ain't Hard To Tell", or Gang Starr's "Mass Appeal". Industry wise I would have to go with Big Sean, Fred The Godson, The Lox, Pusha T, Vado, and Jay-Z. The beat? I would have to say either Notorious B.I.G.'s "Respect", 50 Cent's "Patiently Waiting", or Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones".

Royalty Magazine: There is a lot of controversy behind Free Masons and artists being affiliated or products of the Illuminati? How do you feel about this and do you believe that the Illuminati exists?

DJ Logo: I'm aware of it. That's all that really matters.

Royalty Magazine: Having industry connections, have you yourself seen or heard anything that can confirm any of these controversies?

DJ Logo: No.

Royalty Magazine: Major label or independent? What would your choice be and why?

DJ LogoI would start off independent and build up my own buzz from there until a major label really needs me. Once they need you then you have more leeway and you can basically call the shots because you know that with or without them you're still going to sell out shows, tours, albums, etc.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming artists trying to break into the industry but don't have the support of a label or major backing?

DJ Logo: Use the Internet to your best ability, invest in yourself (studio time and marketing), even if you have to get a job/side hustle to pay for it. Put in the footwork as well. You have to be the face that everybody knows wherever you go. Make yourself relevant and use the social networks. They're great marketing tools.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments, or shout outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already? Any misconceptions that you would like to clear up?

DJ Logo: First and foremost, I gotta thank the man up above. I was given a gift that no man on God's green Earth can physically, mentally, or verbally take away from me. I want to shout out my entire EMG crew, Top 20 Team, Crazy Mob Squads DJs, and the city of Buffalo for accepting me into their nightlife with open arms. Now I'm the life of the party out here. Life is good. Always!

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and/or check out your music? What sites or radio stations can people catch you on?

DJ Logo: Every Friday catch me on latinmix.com from 8-10 pm on the Press Pass Show. Also here are a few links:
Facebook: DJ Logo
Twitter: @WhoIs DJLogo
Instagram: DJLogo
For all booking: djlogobx@gmail.com

Royalty Magazine: Much love and respect. Thank you for your time!

DJ Logo: Yessir. Likewise. SALUTE!

written by
TazDatMC & Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine


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