Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Squikee (Below the Radar) Stand Up or Fall Back Issue

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi – Squikee (pronounced like squeaky) – embodies the five traits necessary to be a great emcee – versatility, creativity, vocab, wordplay, and charisma. Along with a distinctive southern delivery, she proves to be a rising star in her own right.
Rapping and writing songs since age 12, creative expression has long been a passion of the artist.“I was always writing, drawing, or doing something different to distinguish myself from everyone else. I always seem to stand out. Not because I try to but because I’m just different. ”Her difference from other emcees is what adds to her appeal. Squikee initially appears as your typical female, but her music shows her to be much more.
Now residing in Nashville, TN; Squik's unique artistry, mindset, and flow are sure to add a new flavor to the great performers already in the area. “I want to represent for females and for the South to show that whether you’re both or just one, talent is talent and it can’t be denied.” And Squikee definitely cannot be denied!

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