Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A 'Fantasea'? (Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

Before I do this review, let me start with this statement...
Swing and a miss.
I say this not because Azealia Banks is untalented. Far from it. From what I hear on her debut mixtape Fantasea there is an amazing level of talent and creativity in to make the collection of sounds present here.

Speaking for me, I'm not truly feeling this one
But to be fair I'll quote the Wikipedia article here for a more balance stare at the other side of the issue.

Buzzinemusic.com said "Fantasea does perhaps fall short of a classic release, it’s a mix and match affair that Banks herself states 'sort of happened by accident'. But for all of its loose threads this is a mix that sounds exactly as it should; a launch pad constructed of energy, intention and unquestionably prolific ideology, where unbridled creativity, not commercial perfectionism is key. It is a mixtape, not an album – the clue is in the name – and the mix is as every bit as colorful and engaging as you’d hope from the talent."
Popcrush.com gave the mixtape a positive review saying "On the collection, Banks spits braggadocios and salacious rhymes together over soundscapes that seamlessly meshes hip-hop and dance genres together."
Other critics regarded the mixtape as a collection of songs that work to display the many facets of her personae, as well as the versatility of her delivery. They also felt "Esta Noche" was one of the highlights of the tape, praising Munchi's fusion of Montell Jordan's "Get It On Tonite" with electronic house music.
Maybe my intellect isn't there yet to fully accept the sound that Banks is making. Give me a month and I'll see if my mind has transcended to a level capable of fully understanding.

*Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for @RoyaltyMagazine

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