Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The YMCMB Machine (Summer Grind Issue 2012)

Too much of a good thing has a habit of ruining that thing. For example, too much chocolate can cause an upset stomach and too much hot sauce has the tendency to burn your mouth as if you’d swallowed molten lava like it was an appetizer.

As of late I’ve seen that trend being displayed in one place over and over with increased regularity.

The epidemic of that particular phenomenon has centered on Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records.  It looks to me that they’re consuming every artist that they can get their hands on. One by one everyone seems to be taken in by this juggernaut.

At first I was of the mind that it only included up and coming artists. I was pleasantly (or oddly) shocked that even older artists are signing with Cash Money. Here is a short list:

>>B.G.-It actually makes sense for B.G. to sign to Cash Money given that he was once one of the Hot Boyz.

>>Bow Wow-No comment here. It’s an interesting jump from So So Def to Cash Money but…hey, good for you, Bow Wow.

>>Busta Rhymes-This was the BIGGEST shock for me. This man is a pioneer but I guess he’s of the mind that if you cannot beat them, you may as well join them.

>>Mystikal-Given that there’s no longer a No Limit Records I figured that going to another New Orleans based label was probably the best bet for the newly freed Mystikal.

>>Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins-I cannot say if there is another waterfall to chase but T-Boz is chasing something. At this point I can’t say what if anything we can expect but I am surely curious what the Grammy winner can do with Cash Money. (The label, not actual funds.)

Young Money Entertainment, an imprint of Cash Money, is a roster of young talents that we hear very little from. Sometimes I feel it’s just another vehicle for Lil’ Wayne’s career. I mostly hear from Drake, Nicki Minaj, or Tyga. Everyone else seems to be just cogs in the YMCMB machine that is rapidly picking up steam with no signs of slowing.

Look, I have no issues with Cash Money or Young Money.

Not one. I appreciate them for trying to carve their niche in the musical world. Kudos and good on them.

All that I am saying that at the rate they’re going, EVERYONE will be signed to Cash Money or Young Money. And if that happens, someone is going to get pushed to the back and forgotten.   

Courtesy of Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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