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Loud Money Ent. (Town-Bizness) Summer Grind Issue 2012

When you think of Seattle, don’t think it’s all about the rain and grunge music. What lies within the streets of the 206…253…425 is a collective group of grinders, hustlers & dope music. Loud Money Ent. is part of this phenomenal town and is making major noise in the Northwest. With over 1 million downloads, they have already proven that they want this and they got next!
Royalty Magazine: Tell us about Loud Money Ent. How did yall hook up? What does the name Loud Money mean to you? 

Loud Money Ent: Loud Money Ent. Is an indie label based out of Seattle, WA. Est. 2010 it consists of 4 hip-hop artists and one R & B artist. Slick F.B., Plenty, Prospect, and SD are all solo hip-hop artists and Hunnid is a solo rnb artist. Even though each individual artist was doing his thing as far as music goes, we all came together late 2009 early 2010 to form Loud Money Ent (after collaborating on several project)s. The name is to convey that we are in this music industry no matter what. Whatever it may be money or music we in it to win it. 

Royalty Magazine: That’s wassup! What type of skills do you bring to the table? Describe your style in 5 words or less... 

Loud Money Ent: We are five different artists with very unique different styles of music and even genre of music. We each posses unique qualities that completes the recipe for Loud Money Ent. Consistence, versatile, different, and futuristic is some of the words that can describe our styles, and our vision of the hip-hop game. 

Royalty Magazine: How did you get your start in music? What pushed you to take that first step? What pushed you to try again? 

Loud Money Ent: Music has always being part of me. I was rhyming and word playing since I was 7 years old. Listening to old classics of rap songs, it did not matter what coast, I was listening to everything. However my first start came from my peers who were music lovers and were involved in hip-hop one way or another. Also by being a fan of hip-hop and believing in the fabric of hip-hop culture is what pushed me. It also helped linking up with the members of Loud Money Ent and learning about their different backgrounds of music. Ever since then I have not let up, my quest to be great in the game. 

Royalty Magazine: Take us back to that moment when you first heard yourself on cd, tape, record (however far back you got to go)...what was that feeling like? Can you remember what was going through your head at the time? 

Loud Money Ent: My first time hearing myself on a cd was an unbelievable feeling for me. Just to hear my talent and hard work that I put into my music was great. I had chills to hear people in my city listening to my tracks in their cars. I said to myself this is it; there is no coming back or stopping. I just got to go on now and believe in myself to be better at the art that I love so much. 

Royalty Magazine: That’s real…You currently have 800k+ download on your Slick F.B. - New Era Mix tape. That is an amazing accomplishment! How did you accomplish such a goal? What has your fan response been? What has the industry been saying? 

Loud Money Ent: It is actually over one million downloads now, and yes it has been a remarkable accomplishment for Loud Money Ent.’s first debut mix tape to gather so much downloads. I accomplished this through all the hard work that my team has put in to, to promote this mix tape. I mean we had one of the best Dj’s from Cali to host it Dj KingAssassin who worked with great ones like Pac, Ice T, South Central Cartel, Wyclef, and Rap 4 Tay just to name a few. We also had collaborations from two of the hottest young rappers out now (Nipsey Hussle and French Montana). It also helped that they were both representing two huge coasts the West and the East. We also had everyone on Loud Money Ent to contribute to the mix tape. It took a group effort to make it happen. It also helped that our background is East African and we did garner a huge international following for our music. We flooded the social networking sites to promote our music as well. 

Royalty Magazine: That’s wassup! I am definitely feeling that. For those that think Seattle is all about rain and grunge music, how would you set the record straight? What is one thing that you want the world to know about Seattle hip-hop music that they may not know? 

Loud Money Ent: Seattle is like a quite storm when it comes to hip hop, I feel there is so many talents in Seattle and it just needs that one push to have the storm take over the nation. I feel if we did had more opportunities to collaborate and work with each other to form a strong hip-hop community like other states we would accomplish our goals of putting the city on the map. The idea of dong it yourself is a big thing in Seattle, I mean we are not waiting for labels’ or A&R’s to recognize our talents, but are working hard to self promote our work and reach our fans. Great example is Loud Money Ent and “New Era” mix tape which has over one million downloads and counting. 

Royalty Magazine: True that! Seattle has a lot of talent, but at times there is a huge lack of support & unity. What advice can you give to the town? What would you say to a local artist who has no support? In your opinion, what will it take to bring the town together as a movement? 

Loud Money Ent: First of all I agree that there is lots of talent in Seattle, but the lack of support for the local music is a NW phenomenon. I mean people listen to everyone else music, but their own local stuff. It’s a mystery to me…I however think we need to have more functions that bring us the local artists together. Every huge city has some sort of events or festivals geared towards local and indie musicians, Seattle does not have that, especially in the hip-hop game. In terms of local artists with no support I would say just keep grinding and believing in yourself. Also network and get involved in the digital game, because you can reach lots of audiences that would listen to your music that way.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming artists trying to take their music to the next level? What are some Do's and Don'ts that you have learned in this industry? 

Loud Money Ent: Stay away from those that are less committed in what you’re doing, because they only bring you down. Stay focused to improve your music and business side of the game. Don’t wait for anyone to put your stuff out go and get it. If you have the opportunity to work with other artists, especially those that have been in the game before you, make the most out of it. Keep bringing new music be innovative and creative. 

Royalty Magazine: Good advice! So what's next for Loud Money? What are some upcoming tracks or projects to look out for? Any upcoming shows/performances? 

Loud Money Ent: Yes we are performing at 88keys on May 25th part of E’s way radio “Shute the Stage Down” We are going to five city tour in the west coast starting June. We have two new mix tapes coming soon one for Prospect called the “The Proposal” hosted by Dj. SMallz and Southern Smoke Crew. We have new projects now we’re working on with Wyclef, and Dj Nu “Papoose” Dj. You can always follow us on twitter @B_Plenty @prospectlm @slickfb @IAmLOudMOney also on our web page www.loudmoneyent.com 

Royalty Magazine: If you had one chance to change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why? 

Loud Money Ent: Big record labels hip-hop standards or guidelines. I would change this, because big labels take advantage of artist’s music and creativity, and don’t recognize the versatility of what an artist should be. They only focus on what sells and this is not the general consensus of hip-hop musicians that believe in their work and do it truly for their fans. 

Royalty Magazine: I can dig it! Thanks for your time and keep holding down the town! 

Loud Money Ent: Thank you and God bless for the opportunity! 

Interview courtesy of Tazzy for Royalty Magazine.

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