Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buck And The Drumma (Summer Grind Issue 2012)

I ain’t dead/ I ain’t done

This is a snippet form T.I.’s “No Matter What” from the amazing Paper Trail album. I merely reference it as a way to segue into the topic at hand.

Here it is.

Due to contract issues with G-Unit Records and a feud with the label head 50 Cent , Memphis rapper Young Buck could not release a new album. So with help from hip-hop producer Drumma Boy, Buck released an official mixtape through his label Cashville Records and Drumma Boy’s label Drum Squad Records. The mixtape, Live Loyal, Die Rich, is the first mixtape released from Young Buck since dropping Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change Of Plans back in 2010.

Live Loyal, Die Rich, hosted by DJ Crisis and Drumma Boy, was released for digital download on January 24, 2012. The mixtape features exclusive freestyles from Young Buck with appearances by The Outlawz, All Star Cashville Prince, and more.

Here is a track listing for your perusal:
  • “2nd Chance”
  • “Shit Head”
  • “Something’s Got Me On It”
  • “Go Loco” (featuring City Paper)
  • “No Place For Me”
  • “Money In The Walls”
  • “Drug Related”
  • “Death Of Me”
  • “Touch The Ceilings” (featuring All Star Cashville Prince)
  • “Personal” (featuring Cruna)
  • “Car Cloudy” (featuring The Outlawz)
  • “Think They Know”
  • “Closer To My Dreams” (featuring Goapele and Hambino)
  • “Hate On Me”
  • “No Smiles”
  • “Touchdown” (featuring CTN)
  • “21 And Up”
  • “Get It All”
  • “Dusted” (featuring Bezzeled Gang)
  • “I’m Ready” (featuring Shannon Sanders)

As it currently stands I haven’t heard this newest  effort from Young Buck. By virtue of his Southern roots I was first drawn to him and his music, despite his associations with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, or even Tony Yayo. Straight Outta Cashville was a favorite of mine for quite a while. Although I was a bit disappointed to hear that contracts and personal beefs were keeping good music from being made I am glad to see him back at it. Please expect a review in the near future.

To be completely honest I am unsure what to expect from Buck. For some rappers there is a certain level of ring rust or uneasiness about rhyming again. Until I hear the mixtape I cannot say or even speculate as to Young Buck’s skill level. If he has stayed in shape and kept to his fighting weight this should be one for the ages as far as mixtapes go.

If not…well, the review will be short. Only time will tell here.

Courtesy of Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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