Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Soulja’s Story

I can admit things about myself, things that most people find it hard to say out loud. For the most part I can say I am a decent human being but, essentially, I am flawed. Despite being extremely patient about most things I have something of a short temper. I’ve been known to be inconsistent at times and generally sullen at certain occasions. But these character flaws aren’t the ones to which I refer.

I am a man of personal biases. As a writer you strive to move past those but more often than not they find their way into your writing or your thoughts. If you’ve been paying attention you’ve seen my general dislike for Beyonce Knowles as well as Future more recently. Yet there another who raises my ire in the music world.

That person is Soulja Boy.

I can be fair enough to say how impressed I was to see a young man come up from the nearly defunct MySpace, create a hit dance, and invade the hip-hop culture. After that I can’t say much else in the way of good things.

Granted I was in love with his song “Gucci Bandana” for a good expanse of time but that time has all but passed. I truly doubt that I could thank him for thrusting the phrase “Superman that ho” onto us but it was catchy and got repeated to exhaustion.

Three albums under his belt show me that despite whatever my insignificant opinion counts for people somewhere appreciate him and his music. His longevity is a bit impressive. That as well as twenty-nine mixtapes is quite the feat.

Hell, he’s already got two out right now: 50/13 and Mario & Domo vs. the World.

Then there’s the upcoming album entitled Promise. Who really knows to expect from it.

Despite my bias I am willing to try something out here.

Since this is a new year I think this would be the moment for a resolution. Given the fact that it is my job to report and tell you all about current, mainstream and underground hip-hop I resolve this: I will put my preconceived notions of Soulja Boy behind me and honestly give the new album a chance. After all I have nothing to lose but the time it takes me to listen to it and love it or throw it into oncoming traffic. So I’m going to wait and see how this Soulja’s story is going to play out.

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