Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The King’s Speech

“The King’s back…!!!”

This is a line that every one of us who loves hip-hop has come to associate with one Clifford Harris, Jr., sometimes called Tip but more often called T.I. And usually his statement is met with a wonderful project that is quoted, sung, and repeated to grand reviews. This is the year of another such performance by T.I.

Right now we’re all waiting with bated breath for T.I. to release Trouble Man. Just based on the tracks we’ve heard, the hunger grows. Just off the strength of the Big K.R.I.T. assisted and produced “I’m Flexin’” I am so ready. But T.I. is a smart man. He’s intelligent enough to know that we need something to cut our teeth on in the meantime while we wait.

Thus F*ck Da City Up is born and released.

I know at the outset it may seem that I give T.I. too much ink. Maybe it’s because he from the South like me. Or maybe it’s because I am a fan. Despite that you cannot say the guy isn’t talented. The career he’s had proves that much. The mixtape is just another entry into that catalogue.

Here are the favorites:

-“On Purpose”-After about ten seconds of listening to this one your head has no choice but to shake along with the beat. T.I. shows that ability to pull you into whatever story he is telling you. This story about the happenings when he’s heading to club. The features include two rappers by the names of Trouble and Rich Kidd Shad. They do nothing but add perfectly to the vibe and the story here.

-“This Time Of Night”-Automatically this song puts me in the mind of other tracks from T.I. with similar themes (“Let’s Get Away”, “Hotel”, and “Why You Wanna” to name a few). I also loved hearing Nelly on the chorus. The last time these two collaborated was magical (“Get Loose”) and this time the same feeling seems to return. Plus it’s good to hear Nelly rhyme again.

-“I’ll Show You”-Pusha T…AND T.I.?! How can this be wrong? It isn’t. Quite the opposite. A wonderful beat as a backdrop punctuates the verses that the two amazing artists bring together. Hearing them together makes me silently wonder why they never teamed up before.

I could go on and on how amazing this mixtape is and how great each track is. Instead I will end much as I began because it’s succinct and rather fitting-Th

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