Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Listen...

Ha, ha.

On the day to day basis I am a funny guy. Not in the traditional sense. My humor lies more in my wit and my off kilter stories. But sometimes my sense of humor comes from borrowing jokes from some of the greats. That includes Richard Pryor, Dick Gregory, Robin Harris, and Bernie Mac. Mentioning him puts in the mind of something.

An old joke comes to mind before I write this review.

The Original Kings Of Comedy.

Cedric The Entertainer was speaking on the difference between R & B singers then and now. He noted that R & B crooners like Teddy Pendergrass told you what they wanted as opposed to begging like Keith Sweat does.

Turn off the lights/Light a candle…

Sometimes when someone tells you what they want it’s more agreeable than when they whine for something. Case in point, Runt Dawg. His mixtape title has a way of evoking that same sort of commanding presence.

The title?


Being good at following directions, even ones so forceful, I shut up and I listened. And I have to tell you that I am glad that I did. It is a collection of amazing sounds and words. Very nice, actually.

“If The Shoe Fits” is a street anthem without a doubt. When you hear it you feel like you’re on a show like The Wire. There is eloquence in the storytelling and the amazing way Runt delivers here. I feel my mind flying towards the scene his words paint. That is and has always been one of my favorite things about hip-hop.

“From The Horse’s Mouth” is a surprise to me. It’s a story of rags to riches. There is honesty in everything Runt Dawg tells you on this track. The drums act as punctuation to every verse, every hook. I can appreciate that he’s so transparent as a rapper that he’s willing to take the time to talk candidly about the way he came up. I also like that he takes time to shout out family, friends, and even his wife. I can really respect that.

Redman joins in to deliver the hometown anthem “Where I’m From”. Runt and Red speak with love over New Jersey, as much love as you heard in such songs as “Welcome To Atlanta” and “Empire State Of Mind”. Representing for the hometown is a must.

I have reviewed three artists from New Jersey and Runt Dawg adds to the growing love I am garnering for Brick City. I want more from the GillaHouse and hopefully I’ll get it soon.

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